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ISBN: 9781783682669
Imprint: Langham Preaching Resources
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 14
Publication Date: 14/06/2017
Pages: 256
Language: English

What Angels Long to Read

Reading and Preaching the New Testament

‘Even angels long to look into these things’

Peter wrote to encourage and embolden isolated and vulnerable believers. His timeless words have consoled and challenged ever since and show how the eternal gospel is true even in the toughest circumstances. The last sentence in 1 Peter 1:12 profoundly illustrates that the experience we have each time we open up the Scriptures is nothing less than a heavenly privilege, a privilege that angels do not have but would love to!

Mark Meynell skilfully brings the New Testament to life. Guiding the reader through preaching the Gospels and Acts, the Parables, the Letters and Revelation, as well as using a host of worked examples, sample sermons and personal exercises, this book offers ideas and approaches to stretch even the most seasoned preachers. This preaching resource will make an excellent companion to Christopher Wright’s Sweeter than Honey: Preaching the Old Testament.

Author Bios

Mark Meynell

MARK MEYNELL is Associate Director (Europe & Caribbean) of Langham Preaching and part-time Whitehall Chaplain for HM Treasury, HMRC & the Cabinet Office. He is an ordained minister in the Church of England, and was previously on the senior ministry team of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, UK. He also has experience in theological education having taught at a small seminary in Kampala, Uganda for four years after being in student ministry for churches in the UK. Mark and his wife, Rachel, have two children.


I read a lot of books on preaching – some geared for rookies, some for veterans. Once in while a book is written that speaks to both, to rookies and veterans alike. And Mark Meynell has done this with much skill. His sample sermons are amazing: exposition that immediately connects with culture. What a joy to be called to proclaim with Mark what angels long to know!

Darrell Johnson
Teaching Fellow, Regent College
Professor of Preaching, Carey College,
Vancouver, Canada

After reading Mark Meynell’s book, one truly understands “what angels long to read” as he, in a pedagogical, passionate and pastoral way, helps preachers to see God as the master story-teller whose central figure, the incomparable Jesus, is unveiled for all through literary treasures crafted by the Holy Spirit. Mark makes these figures accessible so that we and the world are captivated by the Father´s story.

Jorge Atiencia
Langham Preaching, Colombia
Missionary, Latin America Mission (Canada)

What Angels Long to Read is designed for preachers, but will be of real benefit to all who read it as it explores different approaches to reading, teaching and preaching the Bible. With a readable and accessible style, Mark Meynell combines theological knowledge, powerful illustrations and practical wisdom to help equip ordinary Christians to prepare teaching materials and interpret the Scriptures.

Rev Elnur Jabiyev
Founder and CEO, Turkic Belt Ministries

This is an interesting, mind captivating, and spirit-inspiring piece of work. What Angels Long to Read is a relevant book that is a must-read by all serious thinkers and preachers. I highly commend it to all who base their preaching on the Word of God – the Bible.

Rt Rev Edward Muhima, PhD
Retired Bishop of North Kigezi, Uganda

Mark Meynell offers contemporary preachers a wonderfully readable guide for sermons on the New Testament that does justice to a biblical book, its genre, the geographical and historical context, as well as the individual angle of each writer.

Myrto Theocharous, PhD
Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament,
Greek Bible College, Athens

Mark Meynell does a favour for preachers at every level by making simple the macroscopic view of the Bible without sacrificing the microscopic details. The book serves to make simple many complex theological, hermeneutical and textual questions the conscientious preacher encounters. Every preacher can learn something from reading this useful book.

Sam Tsang, PhD
Faculty Member,
Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary
Ambrose University, Calgary, Alberta

Mark writes like a skilled friend and seasoned mentor. He knows the work ahead of you. He cares deeply about both you and the work. This book is practical, biblical, global, wise and helpful. As Mark teaches us to communicate Jesus from the Scriptures, our love for Jesus and the Bible that reveals him, deepens.

Zack Eswine, PhD
Author and Director of Homiletics,
Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, Missouri

Table of Contents


1 Understanding the Bible’s Big Picture

Section 1: Preaching the Gospels and Acts
2 The Challenges of Preaching the Gospels
3 The Nature of the Gospels
4 Following the Gospels’ Clues
5 Four Routes from Jesus to Us
6 Acts: Tracing Luke’s Second Journey

Section 2: Preaching the Parables
7 Preaching Jesus’s Stories

Section 3: Preaching the Letters
8 Understanding the Occasion of the Letters
9 Studying the Details of the Letters

Section 4: Preaching Revelation
10 Approaching the Book of Revelation
11 Getting to Grips with Apocalyptic Books
12 Applying the Book of Revelation


Appendix 1: Jesus’s Parables
Appendix 2: Constructing Preaching Series
Appendix 3: The Millennium
Appendix 4: New Testament Quotations of the Old Testament