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ISBN: 9781783682935
Imprint: Langham Global Library
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Publication Date: 14/08/2017
Pages: 232
Series: ICETE Series
Language: English

Towards Vital Wholeness in Theological Education

Framing Areas for Assessment


God’s interest in the entirety of our existence and the details of his creation is quite rightly lauded by professing Christians, including those involved in theological education. But what impact does this biblical truth have on the way in which theological education is conducted? Critics are increasingly bringing attention to the shortcomings of theological education in this regard. In this thorough examination of the issue of holistic practices throughout the operations of theological institutions, Dr Jessy Jaison provides sage and actionable solutions where others have merely observed systemic weaknesses. Jaison has applied her expertise and experience of twenty-five years in theological education in India to dissect the issues, diagnose the symptoms and prescribe a way forward that will lead to stronger leaders practicing healthier ministry in God’s Kingdom for those who have ears to hear.

Author Bios

Jessy Jaison

JESSY JAISON has been a theological educator and academic administrator in India for twenty-five years. She gained her Master of Theology from the University of Oxford and Doctor of Philosophy from Queen’s University, Belfast, with focused academic interests in Practical Theology and Qualitative Research. She is the Director of Research and Advancement at New India Bible Seminary (NIBS), Paipad, Kerala. Serving churches and theology schools as a speaker, writer and consultant, Jessy resides in Kerala with her husband, Dr Jaison Thomas (Principal, NIBS), and two sons, Abraham and Aquil.


God’s truth is holistic impacting all aspects of his creation. So also is his will and agenda for his world. Therefore his ministers in the world should be trained holistically through an integrated program in a wholesome community. That is the challenge that is posed before us in this masterful work by one of India’s most innovative theological teachers.

Saphir Athyal, PhD
Former Principal/President,
Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, Maharashtra, India

This book patiently surveys the entire landscape of higher education and, in the process, gives us a much needed call for spiritual awakening and for a dramatic reassessment of what has heretofore been called theological education.

Timothy C. Tennent, PhD
President, Asbury Theological Seminary

This will ensure that our efforts in this important vocation are continuously recalibrated according to the most important commitments that should drive our endeavors – for these matters Dr Jessy Jaison leaves no stone unturned and will repeatedly probe our work and prod us to educational excellence in light of our higher calling!

Amos Yong, PhD
Director of Center for Missiological Research,
Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, USA

Towards Vital Wholeness is a must-read for all linked with theological education in this twenty-first century who seek a comprehensive approach to the equipping of men and women for Christian ministry. Jessy writes with both a burden and a passion – to see lives changed and transformed as they walk through the portals of any theology school – so that the church might be strengthened in her witness and service at large. Absolutely well done!

Dr Alexander Philip, MBBS
Director, New India Evangelistic Association
South Asia Facilitator, Transform World Movement

Dr Jessy Jaison brings a breath of fresh air of wholeness to the very core of theological education. Her emphasis on the students’ learning, faculty’s involvement in formation and assessment of the community life of the seminary breaks new ground for integral theological education.

Ashish Chrispal, PhD
Regional Director, Asia, Overseas Council

Dr Jessy Jaison’s book touches on training philosophy, governance, curriculum, faculty formation, teaching and learning, community, assessment and much more, but it has a unified aim: to help theological schools understand and deliver wholeness in theological education. It pulses with a passion for a wholeness in theological education built around the goal of mission, the needs of the church and the transformation of students.Teachers, staff and governors, you need this book.

Graham Cheesman, PhD
Formerly Principal of Belfast Bible College, Northern Ireland
Council Member, European Evangelical Accrediting Association (EEAA)

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgments

  3. Introduction: The Vital Wholeness in Theological Education
  4. 1 - Wholeness in the Goal, Mission and Training Philosophy
  5. 2 - Wholeness in Theological Curriculum
  6. 3 - Wholeness in the Formation of Faculty
  7. 4 - Wholeness in the Overall Learning Experience
  8. 5 - Wholeness in the Community Life of the School
  9. 6 - Wholeness in the Interworking of Departments
  10. 7 - Wholeness in Quality Assessment
  11. 8 - Wholeness in the Governance of the School
  12. 9 - Transformative Methodological Trends in Teaching and Learning
  13. 10 - Treading the Path of Wholeness
  14. Conclusion

  15. Appendix 1:
    1. Detecting Points of Innovation through Needs Assessment
  16. Appendix 2:
    1. Mission Statement, Core Values and Value Definitions: A Model
  17. Appendix 3:
    1. Four Dynamics of Holistic Formation: ConneXions Model
  18. Appendix 4:
    1. Overseas Council International Program Values and Standards for Theological Education 2014

  19. Bibliography

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