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ISBN: 9781839737350
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 16
Publication Date: 31/03/2023
Pages: 290
Language: English

The Restoration of God’s Dwelling and Kingdom

A Biblical Theology


The church in Africa is thriving, both numerically and in its boldness and fervour. Yet the challenge of African folk Christianity – a Christianity shaped more by traditional beliefs than the Bible – continues to loom large, and there remains an acute need for life and faith to be biblically informed.

In this introduction to biblical theology, Prof. Peter Nyende draws from nearly two decades of experience teaching the next generation of African church leaders. Maintaining the vital importance of a holistic understanding of Scripture and its unified nature, he presents the central story of both Old and New Testaments as the restoration of God’s dwelling and kingdom in the world. He traces this narrative through its many stages of development — creation and fall, God’s covenants with Israel, exile — to its ultimate fulfilment in Jesus, the church and the new Jerusalem.

Though written with pastors and theological students in mind, this book is accessible to any who desire to increase their biblical literacy and partner more fully with the work of God and his kingdom.

Author Bios

Peter Nyende

PETER NYENDE (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is an associate professor of New Testament and the head of Biblical Studies at the School of Divinity of Uganda Christian University. He is also a priest and a Canon in the Anglican Church and a commissioned evangelist with the Church Army Society of Africa. His area of interest in scholarship is the interpretation of the Bible, with a special emphasis on the book of Hebrews, within various African contexts. To this end, he has published a number of articles in leading biblical journals, with the most recent in Expository Times (127, no. 17 [2016]) titled “Tested for Our Sake: The Temptations of Jesus in the Light of Hebrews.”


Peter Nyende has written here a stimulating, well-researched and clearly developed biblical theology of God’s kingdom and dwelling that has captured the heart and breadth of the biblical story. In line with Irenaeus and the early church’s first catechisms, Nyende faithfully presents the Christian faith in Scripture as one story of God’s purpose to restore his good creation to again be his kingdom where he can dwell among his people. This book will bring new insight but will also draw you to take your place in the biblical story. Highly recommended!

Michael W. Goheen, PhD
Professor of Missional Theology,
Mission Training Centre, Arizona, USA

Written out of passion for the well-being of the church and his students, Peter Nyende carefully unfolds a full Bible theology that shines a light on the central concern of Scripture – the kingdom of God. With clarity and precision, he draws the two testaments together to provide his readers with an overarching view of God’s plan for the world. This well-researched contribution to biblical theology centres Scripture and avoids overspecialization and technical jargon. Nyende is a rising star in African biblical studies whose work is a gift to the church around the globe.

Gene Green, PhD
Professor Emeritus of New Testament,
Wheaton College and Graduate School, Illinois, USA

This book is a significant contribution to academic and non-academic debates on the nature of biblical theology. Prof. Peter Nyende makes a painstaking effort to highlight the canonical, symbolic and typological interconnectivity of the Old and New Testaments. This is vividly illustrated through his passionate engagement with the thought-provoking theme of how God’s dwelling and kingdom are being restored. The subject of “Restoration of Fortunes” is of vital importance to the African biblical theologizing exercise at both scholarly and non-scholarly levels. Such an exercise takes due cognizance of issues of holistic salvation embracing the material as well as spiritual wellbeing of communities and individuals. The quest for divine intervention is a non-negotiable component of the African existential reality.

Prof. Nyende deserves commendation for guiding us through subject matter that is critically needed in our post-modern and increasingly secularized world. Those training for pastoral ministry will find it a priceless resource material.

John David Kwamena Ekem, PhD
Kwesi Dickson-Glibert Ansre Distinguished Professor of Biblical Exegesis and Mother Tongue Hermeneutics,
Trinity Theological Seminary, Accra, Ghana
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Methodist University Ghana

Peter Nyende embarks on a biblical theology that approaches the written word of God as a single coherent story in which God’s dwelling and kingdom constitute the main plot. The book substantiates this view with different types of exegesis, including symbolic, intertextual, typological, literary and canonical readings. This interpretation of the word of God represents a landmark work for evangelical audiences and others.

Jean-Claude Loba Mkole, PhD
Global Translation Consultant, United Bible Societies, Kenya
Research Associate, University of the Free State, South Africa

A story is sweeter when told at one sitting than in smaller pieces. Here Professor Nyende tells the Bible story in a unified manner focused on the theme of “the earth, God’s dwelling place,” and especially on its restoration. Professor Nyende does not limit this to the incarnate Christ but begins with God’s first relationship with humankind in Genesis and extends this to the eternal future in Revelation. Careful exegesis is brought alongside simplicity in expression of thought in a manner that means this book will bless both the theological scholar and the believer in the church. I highly recommend it for all of us.

Samuel Ngewa, PhD
Dean of the Graduate School,
Africa International University, Kenya

The Bible is a large and complicated book, and we can read particular books and isolated texts in the Scriptures and fail to understand the larger framework of all sixty-six books. Professor Peter Nyende has written an astute and accessible biblical theology, tracing the storyline of the scriptural narrative. Nyende also addresses matters that are sometimes missing from Western studies in biblical theology and his own contribution is warmly welcomed as part of the ongoing conversation. To sum up, this is a wonderful resource for pastors, teachers and for all who desire to understand the whole plan of God.

Thomas Schreiner, PhD
James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation,
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA

I greatly appreciate the holistic approach advanced by Dr. Nyende. The canonical relationship of Scripture favors a two-testament Bible. It is to be expected that there are many threads suggesting typological connections revealing the nature, plan, and love of Triune God. As God is One-in-Three, we must expect a great diversity revealing an organic unity. This book will encourage a theological and canonical integration much-needed in our churches. After all, the church and the word of God manifest the reality of God’s revelation in Jesus Christ.

Willem VanGermeren, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Semitic Languages,
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois, USA

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Abbreviations
    1. 1 Introduction
    2. 2 Dawn and Loss of God’s Dwelling and Kingdom
    3. 3 The Restoration of God’s Dwelling and Kingdom via Israel
    4. 4 The Restoration of God’s Kingdom through David’s Dynasty
    5. 5 Failure in the Restoration of God’s Dwelling and Kingdom
    6. 6 An Interlude: The Promises and Delay of Israel’s Restoration
    7. 7 The Restoration of God’s Kingdom via Jesus
    8. 8 Israel’s Restoration and the Restoration of God’s Kingdom
    9. 9 Restoration of God’s Dwelling via Jesus
    10. 10 Conclusion
  3. Bibliography
  4. Subject Index
  5. Scripture Index