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ISBN: 9781783685981
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152
Publication Date: 30/04/2019
Pages: 196
Series: Institute of Middle East Studies Series
Language: English

The Missiology behind the Story

This book provides a fresh look at the theology driving Christian mission and at emerging ministry models by addressing ten aspects of missio Dei in the Middle Eastern context. Subjects like church planting, discipleship, media, and peace building are introduced with their historical background, and contemporary stories and case studies of transformative work in the MENA region. All Christians will find in these contributions important biblical principles for their own context to follow Jesus Christ and bear witness to him.

Author Bios

Jonathan Andrews
(Edited by)

JONATHAN ANDREWS has been researching and writing about issues that underlie the day-to-day lives of Middle Eastern Christian communities since 2003. He is also the editor of the first book in the Institute of Middle East Studies Series, The Church in Disorienting Times, Langham Global Library, 2018.


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Table of Contents

1. Evangelism in the Mission of God
2. Church Planting in the Mission of God
3. Discipleship in the Mission of God
4. Relief and Development in the Mission of God
5. Engagement for Social Justice in the Mission of God
6. Christian-Muslim Dialogue in the Mission of God
7. Peacebuilding in the Mission of God
8. Media in the Mission of God
9. Children and Youth in the Mission of God
10. Leadership Formation in the Mission of God
Appendix: The Middle East from Christ to The Twenty-First Century – A Brief History


Martin Accad

DR MARTIN ACCAD is the Chief Academic Officer of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Mansourieh, Lebanon, and Director of the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) located at ABTS. He is also Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at ABTS and Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, USA. In addition, he is Director of Programs, Middle East, for the Centre on Religion and Global Affairs ( He gave the keynote paper on “Minoritization.”

Ashraf Bacheet

ASHRAF BACHEET is Egyptian. He has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Cairo University and a master’s degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from University of Maryland. He manages the family business and has started and managed several businesses in the fields of advertising, media and publishing. He teaches Digital Media and Marketing at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC). In 2010 he joined Christian Vision (CV) and launched the first ministry team solely focused on online evangelism in the Arab world. He is the Middle East Regional Director for CV.

Melanie Baggo

MELANIE BAGGO was born in Southern California and now lives in Beirut. She is a Global Servant with American Baptist Churches International Ministries and is a Masters of Religion (MREL) student at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS).

Donnie Bentley

DONNIE BENTLEY is the director of the Alliance English Program in Beirut, Lebanon. He has lived in the Middle East since 2005.

Rupen Das

RUPEN DAS is National Director of the Canadian Bible Society. He was Research Professor of Social Justice, Compassion and Development at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto, as well as on the faculty of the International Baptist Theological Study Center in Amsterdam. Dr Das has extensive global experience in relief and development and has worked with several organizations, including World Vision. This experience, along with his long-term involvement in educational administration and theological education allows him to bring a mix of practice and academia to his writing, research and teaching.

Samah Fakhreldein

SAMAH FAKHRELDEIN was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. She holds bachelors and masters degrees from ABTS. She moved to Brazil in 2017 together with her husband.

Ivan Fawzi

IVAN FAWZI is originally from Iraq, a former communist and atheist, born into a mixed Christian and Muslim family. He has lived in the former Czechoslovakia and Egypt. He has British nationality. At present, he lives with his wife and three children in Beirut and serves as the discipleship director in Resurrection Church, Beirut. He is the co-founder of al-Massira, an Arabic video-based resource for outreach and discipleship.

Nabil Habiby

NABIL HABIBY is a youth pastor who also works as a Dean of Students at the Nazarene School in Beirut. He is a lecturer in the New Testament at the Arab Nazarene Bible College and an adjunct faculty member and lecturer in the New Testament at ABTS. He is also a part-time doctoral student at the Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, UK, where he is doing research in evil spirits and impurity in Second Temple Judaism.

Robert Hamd

ROBERT HAMD is Lebanese and ethnically Druze. He has a doctorate in Intercultural Studies (DIS) from Fuller Theological Seminary, USA. In addition, he is ordained.

Brent Hamoud

BRENT HAMOUD lives with his family in Beirut, Lebanon, where he is a Projects Manager with Kids Alive International, a faith-based organization working with at-risk children. His work includes ministry to refugee, migrant, and stateless children and youth. He has a Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon.

Chaden Hani

CHADEN HANI is ethnically Druze and of Lebanese nationality. She is co- pastor of a Druze church. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Theology from ABTS, a graduate of the MReL programme and is involved in formulating a theology to help Durze believers remain with their community. She is active in peacebuilding programmes through the “Church-Mosque Network” for the IMES. Internationally, she is involved in When Women Speak (

Rabih Hasbany

RABIH HASBANY is Lebanese. Rabih was born and raised in Lebanon. He serves as the Lead Tutor for ABTS Online and General Editor for the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES). He is studying in the IMES M-Rel program and writing his final paper on Cross-cultural Model of Discipleship: A Way to Equip Syrian Followers of Christ to Lead Faith Communities in their Local Context.

Samar Khoury

SAMAR KHOURY is Lebanese. She committed her life to Christ aged twenty. She did a course in Christian Apologetics that made quite an impact on her faith; she views her calling and passion as sharing the love of Christ with others. She has master’s degrees in Theology and Psychology. She worked as a Bible teacher and a counsellor at a Christian school and was involved in discipleship, counselling and worship at her church. She moved to Germany in 2017 following her marriage to Tobias.

Suzie Lahoud

SUZIE LAHOUD is a second-year master’s candidate at Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Duke University graduating magna cum laude with a double major in Middle Eastern Studies and Russian. She additionally holds a Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies from IMES. Suzie lived in Lebanon for seven years, the last four of which were spent working as a programme officer at MERATH, the relief and community development branch of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD). At this time, she managed projects responding to the urgent needs of refugees, internally displaced people and at-risk populations in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. Boston-born, Suzie grew up in Central Asia, and speaks fluent Russian and Arabic. She currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband of six years, Marvin Lahoud. She wrote the case studies in chapter 6.

Salim J. Munayer

SALIM J. MUNAYER is executive director and founder of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation, which has been bringing Israelis and Palestinians together since 1990 and creating a forum for reconciliation. Salim is a Palestinian-Israeli born in Lod, and received his BA from Tel Aviv University in History and Geography, his MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his PhD from the Oxford Center of Mission Studies, UK. He also did graduate studies in New Testament at Pepperdine University. He has published books on reconciliation, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Christians in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. His most recent work is Through My Enemy’s Eyes: Envisioning Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine (Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2014) co-authored with Lisa Loden. Salim served as academic dean and professor at Bethlehem Bible College from 1989 to 2008. He is adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Chris Todd

CHRIS TODD is from Alabama, USA. He moved to Lebanon in January 2012 and worked among Syrian refugees with the National Evangelical Council. During 2017 and 2018 they opened two schools for Syrian refugee children inside refugee camps near Tyre. Chris, together with his wife and four children, have seen the good news that Jesus is building his kingdom in the region.

Jesse Wheeler

JESSE WHEELER is American and lives in Lebanon where he is chief project officer for the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) and lectures on their Masters of Religion (MRel) programme.

Walid Zailaa

WALID ZAILAA is a faculty member of ABTS, teaching in the area of Old Testament, biblical languages and biblical theology, and also serves as the Leader of Academic Programs and Head Librarian. In 2007, he started his MDiv at ABTS, followed by an MTh at IBTS, and recently completed his DMin at Acadia.

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