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ISBN: 9788192464787
Imprint: One-Volume Commentaries
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 241 x 197 x 51
Publication Date: 14/10/2015
Pages: 1824
Language: English

South Asia Bible Commentary

A One-Volume Commentary on the Whole Bible


The Bible speaks to all cultures. But its message was first heard in the context of ancient cultures, and we hear it today with ears that are attuned to the language of our own cultures. In South Asia, we hear it in the context of a diverse region where many religions flourish. What does the Bible say to us?

This question prompted South Asian scholars to produce this unique book, the first one-volume Bible commentary produced in South Asia by South Asians for South Asians – and for the world.

Pastors, students and lay leaders serving the rapidly growing church in South Asia will find this an invaluable resource that helps them to interpret and apply the Bible in the light of South Asian culture and realities. Christians all around the world will also benefit from its powerful and relevant insights into the biblical text.

The South Asia Bible Commentary gives a section-by-section interpretation that provides a contextual, readable and immensely useful guide to the entire Bible. Special articles summarise biblical teaching on important issues. Readers will appreciate its fresh insights and direct style that engage both heart and mind.

Author Bios

Brian Wintle
(Edited By)

BRIAN WINTLE holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and has been principal of the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, as well as the first regional secretary of the Asia Theological Association (India chapter). He was the general editor of the South Asia Bible Commentary (2015) and is currently serving as the academic coordinator of the PhD degree programme in Christian Studies offered by the Centre for Advanced Theological Studies, Sam Higginbotham University of Agriculture, Technology and Science (SHUATS), Allahabad.


A. K. Lama

AJOY KUMAR LAMA was born and raised in a traditional Tibetan Buddhist family and came to Christ while studying veterinary science in Patna (India). He holds a BVSc from Rajendra Agriculture University, Pusa (India), an MDiv from AIT Bangalore, a DMin from Beeson Divinity School (Birmingham, AL) and a PhD in the Old Testament from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deer eld, IL). During his career he has served as a sta member of the Union of Evangelical Students of India, a senior pastor in India, a missions pastor in the USA, and is currently the General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India. Ajoy is married to Dr. Asangla Ao and they have three children.

Abraham Christdhas

Adrian de Visser

Ajith Fernando

Ajith Fernando, ThM, DD, is national director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka and a Bible expositor with a worldwide ministry. He studied at Asbury Theological Seminary and Fuller Seminary, and spends much time mentoring young workers and counseling Christian workers. He is active in Colombo Theological Seminary as chairman of the academic affairs committee.

Alexi E. George

Angukali Rotokha

ANGUKALI ROTOKHA has a PhD in Old Testament from the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, India. She has taught at Oriental Theological Seminary, Nagaland, India and South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore. She is a member of the executive committee of her local church in Bangalore, where she also serves with the teaching/preaching ministry, and she has been involved in Christian ministry for nearly twenty years.

Arthur James

Arthur Jeyakumar

John Arun Kumar

Ashish Chrispal

ASHISH CHRISPAL, PhD, is a pastor, grassroots missionaries’ trainer, and theological education facilitator. Ashish has served with Overseas Council for the last ten years equipping seminaries in Asia to rethink theological education through being missional and ministry-oriented with a scholarly focus for the Lord’s glory.

Augustin Gnanachezhian

Augustine Pagolu

B. Varghese

Babu Immanuel Venkataraman

Bal Krishna Sharma

Benson Oommen

Beulah Herbert

Blessen Mathew Sam

Charles Christian

Chris Gnanakan

Christina Manohar

Daniel Koti

David J. Clarence

Devender Verma

Dexter S. Maben

Ebenezer Joseph

Eliya Mohol

Ellen Alexander

Enoch Charles

Finny Philip

George Kutty

Godfrey Yogarajah

Havilah Dharamraj

HALIVAH DHARAMRAJ, PhD (Durham, UK), is the Academic Dean at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, where she teaches Old Testament. She is one of the editors of, and a contributor to, the South Asia Bible Commentary.

F. Hrangkhuma

Idicheria Ninan

Ivan M. Satyavrata

Ivan Satyavrata serves as Senior Pastor of the assembly of God Church in Kolkata, India. He has played an active role in Christian leadership training and ministerial education, and is currently Board Chair of the Centre for Global Leadership Development (formerly Southern Asia Bible College) in Bangalore, India.

Ivor Poobalan

Jesudason Baskar Jeyaraj

JESUDASON BASKAR JEYARAJ is a professor of Biblical Studies and taught in various seminaries. He is an ordained clergy of the Church of South India – Diocese of Madurai and Ramnad. He earned his PhD in Old Testament from the University of Sheffield, UK. He has published several books and articles in journals and is one of the Associate Editors of the South Asia Bible Commentary (ODP/Zondervan, 2015). Currently, he is the Honorary Director of Jubilee Institute in Madurai, organizing seminars for developing leaders and networking with Holistic Child Development educational programmes. He is a life member of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, fellow of Langham Scholars, and a member of the International Association of Mission Studies.

Jacob Cherian

Jacob Isaac

Jagat Santra

Jayapaul Azariah

Jesudas Athyal

Joel Joseph

John Samuel Raj

Joshua Kalapati

K. G. Jose

K. V. Abraham

Ken Gnanakan

KEN GNANAKAN (1940–2021) gained his PhD from Kings College London and engaged in education for over forty years. He founded the ACTS Group of Institutions in 1979, and he served as general secretary of the Asia Theological Association for fifteen years, later serving as chairman of the International Council for Higher Education.

Limasangla Lemtur Paul

M. Gnanavaram

Matthew K. Daniel

Merlin Jones

Monodeep Daniel

M. T. Cherian

N. G. Mathew

Narendra John

O. L. Snaitang

P. C. Mathew

P. G. George

P. S. Jacob

Pari Titus

Paul Joshua Bhakiaraj

Paul Cornelius

Paul Swarup

PAUL SWARUP is a Langham Scholar who holds a ThM from Princeton and a PhD from Cambridge. He is ordained in the Church of North India and is currently presbyter in charge of the Cathedral Church of the Redemption in the Diocese of Delhi. He was a major contributor to the South Asia Bible Commentary, and one of the Old Testament editors for that volume.

Paulson Pulikottil

Pervaiz Sultan

PERVAIZ SULTAN holds a PhD from Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK. He is Principal of St Thomas’ Theological College in Karachi, Pakistan.

Philip Ewan Yalla

Prabo Mihindukulasuriya

Prince Kumar

Ramesh Khatry

Ramylal Fernando

Ranjit De Silva

Richard Howell

Abraham Saggu

Salome Simeon

Samuel Jayakumar

Santha K. Mondithoka

Santosh V. Varghese

Sanyu Iralu

Shyam Shanker Winston V. G.

Bhaskar L. Sojwal

Solomon Kumar

Sudhakar Mondithoka

Sundar Daniel

Sunil M. Caleb


Varughese John

Vinoth Ramachandra

VINOTH RAMACHANDRA lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He holds both a B.S. (summa cum laude) and a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of London. An Anglican lay-theologian, writer, teacher and human rights advocate, he combines multiple interests in his international work with IFES, a global partnership of over 150 university-level Christian movements.

Walunila Ozukum

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