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ISBN: 9781783683253
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 9
Publication Date: 30/09/2017
Pages: 162
Series: Asia Bible Commentary Series
Language: English


A Pastoral and Contextual Commentary


The Asia Bible Commentary Series empowers Christian believers in Asia to read the Bible from within their respective contexts. Holistic in its approach to the text, each exposition of the biblical books combines exegesis and application. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the Body of Christ in Asia by providing pastoral and contextual exposition of every book of the Bible.

Micah contains a provocative message: God has a problem with his people and is sending judgment. However, Micah’s message is not only one of impending judgment, it also contains grace and hope. Ferreira shows how Micah provides hope that Christians, especially Asian preachers and teachers, will become courageous messengers of the Lord Jesus Christ. This commentary is based on a careful reading of the Hebrew text within its historical and canonical context. It not only provides a detailed analysis of the book of Micah but also serves as an introduction to the message of Old Testament prophetic literature.

Author Bios

Johan Ferreira

JOHAN FERREIRA is Professor of Oriental Studies at Minzu University, Beijing, China. He has a PhD in New Testament from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. His extensive studies also include an MTh in Biblical Studies from Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey. He is the former principal of Brisbane School of Theology, Queensland, Australia, where he taught for eighteen years. He is married to DeGuang and they have two adult children.


This commentary is indeed a brilliant contribution to the study of the sacred Scriptures from an Asian perspective. It does a great job of applying Micah’s oracles of judgement to contemporary ills and injustices in the Asian Church. I recommend this volume to anyone who is seeking to understand this much-needed perspective.
Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, North Park University, Illinois, USA

A lucid exposition of a much-studied book of the Bible. It is both timely and relevant to the Asian churches of the twenty-first century … bringing both strong warning to the whole church, and distinctive hope to her ongoing message of peace and salvation, while never wavering from the prophetic aspirations of Scripture. Preachers and students will find this book very helpful indeed.
Rev. Justin Tan, PhD
Director, Centre for the Study of Chinese Christianity, Melbourne School of Theology, Australia

I particularly like the balance between exegesis and application. The final contextual application is excellent, highlighting the world’s problem, its solution in the gospel, and the optimism for the growth of the kingdom. This is a most-needed message for today’s church.
Ivan Bowden, DMin
Former Vice-Principal, Bible College of Queensland, Australia

Table of Contents

  1. Commentary
    1. Series Preface
    2. Authors’ Preface
    3. List of Abbreviations
    4. Introduction
    5. Micah 1-3: The Message of Destruction
    6. Micah 4-5: The Message of Restoration
    7. Micah 6-7: The Message of Reconciliation
    8. Selected Bibliography
  2. Topics
    1. The Role of Israel with Respect to the Nations
    2. Impending Judgment upon the Church
    3. Injustices within the Church Today
    4. Worldly Values among Christians
    5. The Remnant
    6. Worldliness among Christian Leaders
    7. Deceitful Preachers
    8. False and True Prophets
    9. A Bright Future for Asia
    10. Christianity and Peace
    11. Bethlehem as the Birthplace of Jesus
    12. Christian Revival and Church Renewal
    13. Genuine Repentance Is Required
    14. Micah and Preaching
    15. Micah as a Model for Today

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