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ISBN: 9781783681716
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 16
Publication Date: 14/05/2017
Pages: 302
Series: Asia Bible Commentary Series
Language: English


A Pastoral and Contextual Commentary


The Asia Bible Commentary Series empowers Christian believers in Asia to read the Bible from within their respective contexts. Holistic in its approach to the text, each exposition of the biblical books combines exegesis and application. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the Body of Christ in Asia by providing pastoral and contextual exposition of every book of the Bible.

The Great Commission is yet to be fulfilled. Asian churches, like Matthew’s original audience, are encountering various challenges as they obey Jesus’ last command in the First Gospel. The promise of the presence of God accompanies Jesus’ command and in Matthew’s narrative God’s presence is seen powerfully in Jesus’ life. Believers today can hold to the same promise, and this promise should be an encouragement to continue preaching God’s kingdom.

Author Bios

Samson L. Uytanlet

SAMSON LIAO UYTANLET holds a PhD in New Testament from London School of Theology, UK. He is a faculty member of the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines and the Asia Graduate School of Theology, Philippines. He also serves as a pastor of the Gerizim Evangelical Church in Manila. He is the author of Luke–Acts and Jewish Historiography (Mohr Siebeck, 2014).

Kiem-Kiok Kwa

KIEM-KIOK KWA teaches in the areas of missions and interdisciplinary studies at Biblical Graduate School of Theology, Singapore. She is a lawyer by training and has a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA.


This highly insightful and useful commentary comes from a skillful and multicompetent scholar. . . [and] properly highlights relevant issues of honor, shame, kinship, colonial contexts, and so forth and provides insights on Matthew’s Gospel from which readers in many cultures, including Western ones, will learn much. All this in a work that is well-laid out and very understandably written!

Craig S. Keener, PhD
F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies,
Asbury Theological Seminary

This commentary is engagingly written, easy to read, and hard to put down. Lay readers, seminarians, preachers, and scholars will all find it informative and valuable. I highly recommend it.

Rev. John Y. H. Yieh, PhD
The Molly Laird Downs Chair, Professor of New Testament,
Virginia Theological Seminary

Samson Uytanlet and Kiem-Kwok Kwa admirably assist readers of the Gospel of Matthew with their faithful attention to the Gospel narrative and keen awareness of similarities between the first-century New Testament world and twenty-first century Asia. This splendid study serves well the aims of the Asia Bible Commentary.

Joel B. Green, PhD
Provost, Dean of the School of Theology,
Professor of New Testament Interpretation,
Fuller Theological Seminary

Samson Uytanlet has gifted us with a different kind of commentary on Matthew. Emphasizing a cyclical relation among the commentator’s tasks of “observation, interpretation, and application,” Uytanlet’s commentary not only acknowledges that readers come to Matthew with their present contexts but also addresses how Matthew may speak to the particularities of today’s Asia. is contextual-specific commentary will be a great resource to those who are interested in Matthew and committed to Asia.

Tat-siong Benny Liew, PhD
Professor, Religious Studies Department,
College of the Holy Cross

Table of Contents

  1. Commentary
    1. Series Preface
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. List of Abbreviations
    4. Introduction
    5. Commentary on Matthew
    6. Recommended Works
  2. Topics
    1. Family Matters
    2. Whose Golden Rule Has More Karats? Confucius’ or Jesus’?
    3. Following Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount
    4. Filial Piety and Some Asian Burial Practices
    5. The “Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” and Cessationism
    6. Use of Parables and Confrontations in a Shame-Based Culture
    7. The “Expansion” of God’s Kingdom: Does God’s Kingdom Really Need to Expand?
    8. Living Out the Kingdom
    9. Filial Respect and the Qorban
    10. Welcoming People in the Church
    11. Selling One’s Possession to Receive Eternal Life: A Theological Reflection on Evangelism
    12. Confrontation in Hierarchical and Shame-Based Cultures
    13. Church and Caesar
    14. Evangelism as a Means to Hasten Christ’s Return
    15. The Suffering of Jesus
    16. Resurrection, Authority, and Mission

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