Langham Partnership is a global fellowship working in pursuit of the vision God entrusted to its founder, John Stott, to strengthen the growth of the church in maturity and Christlikeness through raising the standards of biblical preaching and teaching. John Stott understood that in order for God’s people to grow and His church to mature, they need leaders who believe and live by God’s Word—and are equipped to teach it.

In the 1960s, John Stott was visiting various countries around the world and continually heard familiar requests from church and community leaders:

“Can you help us train our pastors to preach the Bible more effectively?”
“Can you provide our churches and schools with books to help us learn?”
“Can you help us train the leaders and seminary teachers who will guide the growth of the church in our country?”

He observed first-hand the rapid growth in numbers of believers, yet the lack of biblical resources needed for believers to grow in Christlikeness. Troubled by such need, he articulated what he called the Langham Logic, which led to the humble start of what has become a worldwide ministry. The Langham Logic contains three biblical convictions and one clear conclusion.

Conviction 1

God wants his church to grow up in maturity (not just in numbers)

Conviction 2

The church grows through God’s Word

Conviction 3

The Word of God comes to people primarily through preaching


All the ministry of Langham needs to work towards this vision and goal of raising the standards of biblical preaching to equip the global church 

As a result, Langham operates three main programmes to help the church grow to maturity in Christ:

Langham Preaching – providing expository preaching training through a grassroots, indigenous movement of local preachers to help them proclaim the Word of God.

Langham Literature – providing excellent evangelical books for Christians in the Majority World church to help them study and be good preachers and leaders.

Langham Scholars – providing PhD candidates with financial, pastoral and career support to help them make an impact in their field of expertise and to strengthen the church.

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