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ISBN: 9781839732119
Imprint: Langham Academic
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 16
Publication Date: 31/08/2021
Pages: 306
Series: Studies in Religion
Language: English

Journeys to New Life, Identity, and Community

Empowering Jesus Followers and Jamaats in Bangladesh


In Journeys to New Life, Identity, and Community, Dr. Peter K. Yun explores the complexities of identity for Muslim background believers (MBBs) in Bangladesh. Encompassing scholarship surrounding contextualization and the insider movement, as well as extensive personal interviews with Bangladeshi MBBs, this book offers insight into the lived reality of following Christ within a Muslim context. Yun identifies three primary approaches to negotiating social identity within MBB communities and examines the potential strengths and weaknesses of each, as well as the implications for believers navigating the gospel’s call to be within culture and simultaneously beyond it.

This book offers careful anthropological observation while speaking to missiological concerns and offering practical suggestions for local believers, practitioners, and future scholars. It is a powerful resource for anyone passionate about God’s work in Muslim contexts.

Author Bios

Peter Kwang-Hee Yun

PETER KWANG-HEE YUN has a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois, USA. Dr. Yun has lived in Bangladesh for almost a decade, focusing on leadership development, outreach, and the empowerment of Muslim background believers. He is the founder and chair of the Empowerers Foundation and has served as a visiting professor at Midwest University, Wentzville, Missouri, USA. His passion is to see MBBs form healthy, self-sustaining communities and to empower current and future leaders worldwide.


As a seasoned academic researcher and an experienced field practitioner, Dr. Yun is an outstanding Christian scholar to read.

Daniel Shinjong Baeq
Senior Pastor, Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church, USA
Former Director, Hiebert Global Center

I highly recommend this precious book for those who have a strong concern for planting a sound Christian community among Muslim countries.

Hark-Yoo Kim, PhD
Hapdong Theological Seminary, South Korea
Asia Theological Association, South Korea

I want to thank Dr. Yun for this work which focuses on the problems of Muslim Background Believers in Bangladesh.

Pastor Anwar Hossain
Chairman, Prime Evangelistic Church (PEC)

This book is a must-read for workers engaged with Muslims throughout the world. This groundbreakingwork by Dr. Peter Yun will be appreciated by researchers for decades to come.

Phil Parshall
Retired SIM Missionary to Bangladesh

Loving one another is a vital marker of Jesus’s disciples. Dr. Yun’s in-depth study takes us beyond previous research in Bangladesh and encourages us to truly love one another. A very significant contribution!

David Greenlee, PhD
Director, Missiological Research and Evaluation, OM

Dr. Yun’s research provides an important new contribution to our understanding of how Muslimbelievers in Jesus self-identify and the implications of that identity for their social life.

Craig Ott, PhD
Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies, TEDS, USA

Table of Contents

  1. List of Figures
  2. List of Tables
  3. Abstract
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Chapter 1 Introduction
    1. Research Problem
    2. Problem Statement
    3. Research Questions
    4. Methodology
    5. Contextualization among Muslims
    6. Social and Historical Context of Bangladeshi MBBs
    7. Significance of Research
    8. Delimitations
  6. Chapter 2 Research Methodology
    1. Research Questions Restated
    2. Research Methodology
    3. The Field Research
      1. The Researcher
      2. Place of Research
      3. Plan of Research
      4. Interviews
      5. Demographic Outline of the Interview Participants
      6. Length of Research
      7. Informal Observations
    4. Data Collection and Analysis Tool
  7. Chapter 3 Precedent Literature
    1. Dual Belonging and MBBs’ Insider Approach
      1. The Issue of Dual Identity (as a Muslim and a Follower of ‘Isa)
      2. Negative Effects of Muslims’ Conversion and the Insider Approach
    2. Insider Movement Discussions and Debates
      1. Introduction of C4 vs. C5 Debate
      2. Theological/Biblical Debate
      3. Missiological/Anthropological/Ethical Issues
      4. History of Recent Development of Discussions and Key Discussions
      5. Conclusion of the Insider Movement Debate
    3. MBBs’ Identity and Tim Green’s Research on Social Identity of MBBs
      1. MBBs’ Self-Identity
      2. Tim Green’s Research on Social Identity of MBBs
      3. Coping Strategies and Integration
    4. MBBs in Bangladesh Literature and Research Done in Bangladesh
      1. MBBs in Bangladeshi Literature
      2. Two MBB Studies in Bangladesh
      3. Four-Self Concept and Its Application to MBB Community
    5. Chapter Summary
  8. Chapter 4 Research Findings
    1. Restatement of Research Questions
    2. New Social Identity Formation and Identity Change (RQ1)
      1. Family and Society Background before Believing in ‘Isa
      2. Background of Faith in ‘Isa and Factors of MBBs’ Faith
      3. Others’ Responses and Changes
      4. Social Identity and Identity Change
    3. Social Integration of Activities and Participation of MBBs with the Majority (RQ 2)
      1. Social Integration in Marriage, Funerals, Education, and Finance
      2. Participation in Muslim Activities
      3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Social Identities
    4. Social Identity according to MBBs’ Perceptions and Four-Self Faith Communities (RQ 3)
      1. Comparison and Contrast of MBBs and General Muslim Views of Allah, ‘Isa, Muhammad, and the Qur’an
      2. Collective Level of Social Identity and Four-Self MBB Community
  9. Chapter 5 Research Analysis
    1. Summary of Findings in RQ 1
    2. Analysis of RQ 1
      1. Multiple Factors in MBBs’ Conversions
      2. Coping with Dual Belonging
      3. Social Identity vis-.-vis Travis’s C-Spectrum and Tim Green’s Research
      4. Christ-Centered Community
    3. Summary of Findings in RQ 2
    4. Analysis of RQ 2
      1. Engaging Parshall and Tennent’s Concerns about Syncretism
      2. Two Perspectives
      3. Analysis of Christian/Isai and Isai/Isai Muslim Social Identity
      4. A Crucial Point of Eid Namaz
      5. Three Types of Groups of Isai Muslim/Muslims
    5. Summary of Findings in RQ 3
    6. Analysis of RQ 3
      1. Analysis of Viewpoints of the Four Issues
      2. Process of MBBs’ Conversion and Negotiation of Social Identity
      3. Analysis of MBBs’ Views of Muhammad and His Prophethood
      4. Analysis of MBBs’ Views of the Qur’an
      5. Assessment of Insider Believers
      6. Analysis of Four-Self Community
    7. Comprehensive Analysis
  10. Chapter 6 Conclusion and Implications
    1. Summary of Chapters
    2. Implications for Bangladeshi Local Believers from Muslim Backgrounds
    3. Implications for Foreign Practitioners and Organizations in Bangladesh
    4. Recommendations for Further Research
  11. Glossary
  12. Appendix 1 Informed Consent Letters
  13. Appendix 2 Interview Questionnaire for MBBs
  14. Appendix 3 Interview Questionnaire for National/Foreign Leaders
  15. Appendix 4 Three Representative Cases of Social Identity for RQ 1
  16. Appendix 5 Three Representative Cases of Social Identity for RQ 2
  17. Appendix 6 Three Representative Cases of Social Identity for RQ 3
  18. Appendix 7 Two Paradigms of Contextualization through Various Lenses
  19. Bibliography