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ISBN: 9781907713989
Imprint: Langham Preaching Resources
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152
Publication Date: 30/09/2017
Pages: 160
Language: English

It’s OK to Be Not OK

This book challenges us to confront our struggles and questions instead of denying them. Most importantly the author invites us to bring all of ourselves into God's presence and the community of faith. It is through our experiences and sharing them with God and his church that we grow in intimacy with God and our relationship with one another.

Author Bios

Federico G. Villanueva

FEDERICO G. VILLANUEVA holds a PhD from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. He is the Publications Secretary of the Asia Theological Association and General Editor of the Asia Bible Commentary Series. Dr Villanueva teaches part-time in several institutions in the Philippines, including the Asia Graduate School of Theology, Loyola School of Theology in Ateneo Manila, and Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay.


Federico Villanueva writes about one of the most difficult tasks any pastor has in the face of tragedy. It is often not possible during such times to rationally or theologically explain why such events occur. This book is not about giving an answer as to why bad things happen. It is a resource for pastors as it addresses the various issues and feelings that a tragedy evokes and then points to a Psalm that deals with it. What then is most helpful is that he provides sermon outlines that a pastor can use.

Rev Rupen Das
Research Professor
Tyndale University College and Seminary

This book is a gem, containing both rich and sensitive pastoral wisdom as well as deep biblical reflection. Dr Villanueva brings his academic expertise as well as his pastoral heart to make this an accessible and useful book that pastors and preachers will benefit from enormously.

Rev Paul Barker
Assitant Bishop,
Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Australia

Too often, our meetings inhabit a different world from the real one, a world of constant joy and easy life. But the Bible is not like that, as Rico’s faithful expositions make so clear. This is food for the mind and balm for the soul, and will restore much needed realism to many churches.

Mark Meynell
Associate Director - Europe & Caribbean,
Preaching Programme, Langham Partnership

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface

  3. 1 - Introduction
  4. 2 - Learning from the Lament Psalms
  5. 3 - It’s OK to Be Down
  6. 4 - It’s OK to Be Sad
  7. 5 - It’s OK to Cry
  8. 6 - It’s OK to Be Afraid
  9. 7 - It’s OK to Struggle
  10. 8 - It’s OK to Be Angry
  11. 9 - It’s OK to Question God
  12. 10 - It’s OK to Fail
  13. 11 - Conclusion

  14. Appendix: Sample Sermons on Lament Psalms
  15. Further Reading

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