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ISBN: 9781839735813
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 13
Publication Date: 31/03/2022
Pages: 236
Language: English

Islam on Trial

Globalization, Islamism, and Christianity


In an age of increased globalization, Islam has found itself in crisis. Extremism, secularization, and ever-increasing encounters with the Christian gospel have raised fundamental questions about the nature of Islam, its development and the future of its relationship with the West.

Islam on Trial addresses these questions while avoiding the pitfalls of either hostility or naivety. As an Arab Christian from the Middle East, Dr. Chawkat Moucarry has spent his life engaging with Islam both personally and academically. In this book, he provides non-Muslims with a foundation for understanding Muslim faith and practice, while offering insight into the complex relationship between Islam, culture, and politics. The author addresses key controversial theological issues and highlights shared common ground between Christianity and Islam. He challenges members of both religions to engage in genuine dialogue, built on mutual understanding and respect, and to work together for the common good of their societies.

Author Bios

Chawkat Moucarry

CHAWKAT MOUCARRY was born and grew up in a Catholic home in Aleppo, Syria. He has an MA in Christian theology and a PhD in Islamics from Sorbonne University, Paris. He served for twelve years in France with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. In the UK, he taught Islamic and Middle-Eastern studies for twelve years at All Nations Christian College, Ware, England, and for over a decade he worked for World Vision International as director of interfaith relations. He is the author of several books including Faith to Faith: Islam and Christianity in Dialogue (IVP, 2001) and The Search for Forgiveness: Pardon and Punishment in Islam and Christianity (IVP, 2004).


Chawkat’s voice in the field of Muslim-Christian relations is more needed today than ever. He achieves the rare balance of a scholarly pursuit of truth and a Christ-like heart of empathy. This book can take us further down the road of incarnational living.

Michael Kuhn, PhD
International Theological Education Network (ITEN)

This is a mature reflection, based on long experience of inter-faith dialogue, on how to build bridges between Christians and Muslims in the West. Hopefully, this book will educate Christians and Muslims alike, addressing seriously the very real challenges that all of us share while also respecting the significant differences among us.

Vinoth Ramachandra, PhD
IFES Secretary for Dialogue & Social Engagement

Moucarry is a believing Christian, a seeker of peace between individuals and communities, and deeply concerned by violence and fanaticism – he has been personally affected by the terrible civil wars in his region and country. He seeks to shed light on what brings together, and what differentiates, Christianity and Islam.

Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi, PhD
From the Foreword

Fair exchange and inter-religious dialogue, based on mutual understanding and respect and the equal dignity of human beings, are the prerequisites for building social cohesion, reconciliation between peoples and peace between nations. Chawkat Moucarry contributes masterfully to this with heart intelligence. As a faithful Christian, he states in his conclusion that unconditional love is the only adequate response to Islamist violence and a secularized society. We are all grateful to him for this response which is also ours.

Ghaleb Bencheikh El Hocine
President of Fondation de l’Islam de France

Through doctoral studies at the Sorbonne and years of careful qur’anic and Hadith study, a thorough academic approach undergirds the whole book. Moucarry works brilliantly and relevantly through aspects of Islam in Part 1 and Christian-Muslim debate in Part 2. I strongly recommend this book and hope it will be widely distributed.

Martin Goldsmith
Former Lecturer and Overseas Representative,
All Nations Christian College, Ware, UK

Chawkat thinks widely, researches carefully, analyses deeply and then writes clearly. Not only was it clear that he knew what he was talking about, but the way he writes gave me a growing confidence to take seriously the challenges that Islam faces and the challenges we face as we engage with Muslims. I wholeheartedly welcome and recommend this book to all those who are building friendships with Muslims.

Bryan Knell
Former UK Director of Arab World Ministries

Moucarry is a powerful advocate for peace but knows that true peace is not appeasement of extremism. Because of his knowledge of Islam from the ‘inside’, he is an effective apologist of the Christian faith in his dialogue with Muslims in our world today, we need more Chawkat Moucarrys.

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali
President Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue, London, UK

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction: My Spiritual Journey
  4. Part One: Islam: A Religion with Many Faces
    1. Islam as Religion
    2. Islam as Community
    3. Islam as Law
    4. Radical Islam
    5. Islam: Current Issues
  5. Part Two: Islam and Christianity
    1. The Corruption of the Bible: Myth or Reality?
    2. Jesus Christ
    3. One God in Three Persons
    4. Forgiveness in Islam and Christianity
    5. Shared Beliefs and Values
  6. Conclusion: Unconditional Love as a Response to Islamist Violence and Secular Society
  7. Select Bibliography