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ISBN: 9781783680962
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 244 x 170 x 13
Publication Date: 30/10/2015
Pages: 242
Series: ICETE Series
Language: English

Handbook for Supervisors of Doctoral Students in Evangelical Theological Institutions


Theological education is a vital aspect of Christian mission. The training of evangelical doctoral students in theological subject areas is therefore an important part of the mission of God. This handbook presents doctoral supervision as a task involving both academic and spiritual formation. Designed to be practical and relevant, and to encourage self-reflection at both individual and institutional levels, it combines theological foundations with educational theory accompanied by questions, exercises and case studies to develop doctoral-level skills. Central to the theme of this handbook is the promotion of excellence in academic training combined with a strong focus on the spiritual and pastoral dynamics of supervision – a combination that evangelical students desperately need from their supervisors.

Author Bios

Ian J. Shaw

IAN SHAW is CEO of the Opal Trust, a Christian ministry which serves churches in the Majority World through resourcing them with Bibles, evangelical books, and literature. He has spent over twenty years in leadership positions in theological education, including as Provost of Union School of Theology, Bridgend, Wales, and Associate International Director of Langham Scholars.

Kevin E. Lawson

KEVIN E. LAWSON is Professor of Christian Education and Director of PhD and EdD programs in Educational Studies at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, USA.


I am delighted to see this text! It will be very, very helpful right across the Majority World and also useful for many supervisors in the West. I kept thinking back to my own time as a PhD student in Cambridge and how different things were then! . . . The integration of the evangelical, spiritual, pastoral, and ethical dimensions in with the academic, practical and technical ones, works very well. This is a good “Christian” read, as well as a good “academic” handbook.

Christopher J. H. Wright
International Ministry Director, Langham Partnership

I consider this handbook to be quite outstanding. . . I greatly appreciate the emphasis Ian Shaw places on spiritual formation and pastoral care. He faces up to evangelical challenges and offers solid and creative suggestions. The case studies and the questions are excellent. I commend this enthusiastically.

Ian Randall
Senior Research Fellow,
International Baptist Theological Study Centre, Amsterdam

This book is brilliant! I wish I had had something like this twenty years ago! If partner institutions can implement a good proportion of all the recommended good practice, I suspect that they will be doing better than many much better-known programmes around the world. I hope and pray this book will be warmly welcomed and widely used.

Stephen Travis
former Vice-Principal of St John’s College, Nottingham

Everything you need to know about doctoral supervision is in this handbook! It is both scholarly and practical, with emphasis on the holistic formation of evangelical scholars. This comprehensive guide is a valuable gift to global theological education.

Theresa Roco Lua
Secretary of Accreditation and Educational Development,
Asia Theological Association
Dean, Asia Graduate School of Theology, Philippines

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