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ISBN: 9781783688722
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 14
Publication Date: 14/06/2015
Pages: 258
Language: English

Every Believer a Disciple!

Joining in God’s Mission


The growth of Christianity in recent decades has been remarkable, but has it been growth with depth? Are our communities of faith, our churches, creating and nurturing deeply committed followers of Jesus? This book was born out of the realization that churches throughout the world, despite their numerous evangelization and spiritual development activities, are struggling to produce true disciples of Jesus.

How can we explain why so many of us in our churches are so unlike Jesus in the way we think and act? What can we change in our understanding and practices to facilitate life transformation and spiritual multiplication? And as Christians what are we called to do? In answering these questions the author proposes an alternative ecclesial and missional paradigm, that will enable us to better equip and mobilize believers in the mission that Christ gave to his disciples and gives to us all, to make disciples!

Author Bios

David E. Bjork

DAVID E. BJORK (MA, DEA, MDiv, PhD) works for World Partners in collaboration with Cooperative Studies (CS), a North American NGO that promotes collaboration between members of the international higher education community. He is a lecturer in Religious Sciences at l’Université de Yaoundé I, Cameroon. He is also the director of the doctoral program of Intercultural Studies at the Cameroon Faculty of Evangelical Theology (FACTEC) and professor of Missiology at the Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (BEST). Dr Bjork has published many articles and is the author of Unfamiliar Paths (William Carey Library, 1997) and co-author with Stephen March of As Pilgrims Progress (Aventine Press, 2006). David and his wife, Diane now live in Cameroon and continue to accompany others in discipleship, as they have done for the last forty years.


David E. Bjork’s book weaves the threads of biblical apologetics and prophetic judgment, showing how the ecclesia as institution has perverted the concept of discipleship. It is an afirmation of Christ-followers to be life-long learners, and their “playing coaches” to faithfully equip them for the daily journey of faith and witness. Read it with an open mind!

William R. O’Brien
Missionary in Indonesia for 10 years
Founding Director of the Global Center,
Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School

Dr David E. Bjork’s Every Believer a Disciple! is an essential addition to the library of all Christians who desire a clearer understanding of Jesus’ call to “make disciples of all nations” as a natural part of their everyday life in the twenty- first century.

Dr Thomas Jones
Chair of History, International Studies & Social Studies,
Taylor University

In this book Dr Bjork speaks from careful research and Biblical study to point out how today’s organized church has allowed institutional concerns to overshadow its primary mission of discipleship multiplication as outlined in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). e principles he shares are more than theory, Dr Bjork has been putting them into practice for over forty years.

David Mann
World Partners Director

Out of the wealth of his years of experience ministering in Europe, Africa and North America, David E. Bjork has written an honest book with a courageous look at the most fundamental assignment Christ gave the church – discipling. . . Read this book and be changed.

Daryl McCarthy
Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy
European Leadership Forum

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. 1 - Introduction
  3. 2 - Does Our Strategy of Church Planting Produce Disciples?
  4. 3 - Does Jesus Really Want Us to Make Disciples?
  5. 4 - What Does a Disciple of Jesus Look Like?
  6. 5 - The Way of Transformation
  7. 6 - Two Major Objections
  8. 7 - The Disciple of Jesus and the Glory of God
  9. 8 - How to Begin and Sustain a Disciple-Making Accompaniment
  10. 9 - The Disciple of Jesus, the Demon, and Deliverance
  11. 10 - The Disciple of Jesus and Ecclesia
  12. 11 - How to Help the Members of an Ecclesia-Institution Make Disciples of Jesus
  13. 12 - The Disciple of Jesus and Unity
  14. Bibliography
  15. Scripture Index