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ISBN: 9781783680689
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 5
Publication Date: 14/10/2015
Pages: 90
Series: ICETE Series
Language: English

Connecting Curriculum with Context

A Handbook for Context Relevant Curriculum Development in Theological Education


Assessment of the impact of theological education has always been a challenge. In a pluralistic world where graduates are ministering in greatly varying contexts and cultures, theological education has to be context sensitive and relevant. It is no longer enough to ensure that students have mastered core theological concepts and truths, have biblical knowledge, and some basic ministry skills. The impact of a theological institution is measured by the effectiveness of their graduates in their specific ministry contexts. Therefore the theological curriculum has to be connected with the contexts of the graduates. Theological institutions need to be clear as to what they hope to accomplish and this will determine the model of theological training that they use. This book explores various models of theological education, as well as identifying steps in the logical sequence of connecting curriculum with context

Author Bios

Rupen Das

RUPEN DAS has been involved in missions and Christian international development for over forty years, partnering with the Navigators, World Vision, the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, and local NGOs, among others. He currently serves as President of the Canadian Bible Society and is a research professor at Tyndale University, Toronto, Canada. He writes on topics of global Christianity, missions, poverty, and ministries of compassion.


This book is one of a number of new publications that will help us break out of the Western hegemony in theological education. We will all be richer as each seminary diversities its curriculum to suit its particular context. Das provides a tool kit that can be adapted for that purpose in each place and so demonstrates the manifold greatness of our creative God.

Stuart Brooking
Executive Director
Overseas Council Australia

In the midst of a great process for global theological education transformation, this book comes to provide the material for those that want to see schools being agents in preparing leaders and churches for contextual impact. We receive this book with great appreciation.

Josue Fernandez
Overseas Council Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean,
Presbítero for Asociación Vida Abundante, Tucumán, Argentina

Rupen Das has deep understanding and extensive experience in organizational processes and theological training. In this book, he has done what few people have the requisite background to do – to bring clarity to the thinking about, and the practice of, theological training by using the process and evaluative tools of Results Based Management. This is a unique and very helpful contribution to theological training. All theological educators who read this book will wish it had been available to them much earlier.

Fong Choon Sam
Dean of Academic Studies
Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore

Succinctly, persuasively and practically this handbook presents various approaches to theological education and insists that the effectiveness of that education is evidenced by the graduate’s leadership ability in the ministry context. Every seminary president and academic dean would benefit from the assessment tools within.

Harry Gardner
President, Acadia Divinity College,
Dean of Theology, Acadia University

Failure to connect with context and to assess the impact of its graduates in churches and communities have been a serious weakness in theological education. Seminary leaders and faculty should take time to discuss it in faculty meetings and retreats and use it as a guide in making the much-needed change in their training programs.

Theresa Roco Lua
Secretary of Accreditation and Educational Development,
Asia Theological Association
Dean, Asia Graduate School of Theology

In this book, Dr Das has communicated both the urgency of the task to understand and embrace the richness of the contexts in which we teach and minister, and the mandate for education to be relevant in the place where our roots run deep.

Melody Mazuk
Global Theological Librarian

Rupen Das in this small book brilliantly unpacks the idea that theological education must be rooted in place. It calls us to take context seriously so that rigorous reflection emerging out of praxis can occur. This is a must read for the twenty-first-century theological institutions across the globe.

Gary V. Nelson
Tyndale University College & Seminary

Doesn’t everyone involved in leadership development desire to be more effective in their work? If our answer is, of course!, the next question is not so simple: HOW can we become more effective in this exalting but daunting task of training leaders? Dr Rupen Das has given us a foundational response, found in the title of his new book, Connecting Curriculum with Context. Do read this book. You will not regret it.

Paul Sanders
International Director Emeritus, ICETE

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