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  1. The Spirit over the Earth
    The Spirit over the Earth
    ISBN: 9781783682560

    The contributors to this volume reflect deeply on the role of the Holy Spirit in both the church and the world in dialogue with their respective contexts and cultures. Taking African, Asian, and Latin American cultural contexts into account gives rise to fresh questions and insights regarding the Spirit's work as witnessed in the world and demonstrates how the theological heritage of the West...

  2. The Church from Every Tribe and Tongue
    The Church from Every Tribe and Tongue
    ISBN: 9781783684489

    The Book of Revelation describes a church from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation glorifying the Lamb that was slain. As the church expands in the Majority World and Christianity becomes an increasingly global faith, this vision is an increasingly visible reality. Written by nine theologians and biblical scholars from Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America, each provide fresh...

  3. So Great a Salvation
    So Great a Salvation
    ISBN: 9781783683789

    In So Great a Salvation nine scholars from the global church reflect deeply on soteriology in the Majority World. For many Christians outside Europe and North America, the doctrine of salvation is not a mere theological construct but, rather, a matter of life and death. Taking African, Asian, Latin American, and First Nations cultural contexts into account, this book allows readers to see...

  4. Jesus without Borders
    Jesus without Borders
    ISBN: 9781783689170

    Offering an excellent glimpse of contemporary global, evangelical dialogue on the person and work of Jesus, this volume epitomizes the best Christian thinking from the Majority World in relation to Western Christian tradition and Scripture. The contributors engage throughout with historic Christian confessions — especially the Creed of Chalcedon — and unpack their continuing relevance for...

  5. The Trinity among the Nations
    The Trinity among the Nations
    ISBN: 9781783681051

    This publication focuses on Christian understandings of the character and work of God in various contexts. The contributors highlight global trends in trinitarian theology in relation to historic Christian confessions, especially the Nicene Creed, and draw out the rich implications of the doctrine of God for the church and Christian living today.

6 Items

6 Item(s)