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  1. The Human Condition
    The Human Condition
    ISBN: 9781907713040

    Responding to the challenges of the human condition, Joe Kapolyo recognizes both the authority of the Bible, which teaches that people are created in the image of God but also corrupted by rebellion and sin, and the relevance of distinctly African perspectives on what it means to be human. Although he reads these perspectives critically, they lead him to reaffirm the biblical vision of...

  2. The Holy Spirit
    The Holy Spirit
    ISBN: 9781907713088

    It is impossible to love God and at the same time be dispassionate about the study of God. Deep devotion to Jesus and an all-consuming desire to see his glory fill the earth should fuel the passion of anyone who ventures to write about God and help illuminate other people’s understanding of God and his ways. Few themes call for as much of a blending of mind and heart as that of the Holy Spirit.

  3. The Bible and Other Faiths
    The Bible and Other Faiths
    ISBN: 9781907713057

    In today’s world, when Christians think about other religions, numerous questions and issues arise - and their convictions about Christ and about other religions can have a significant influence on their understanding of how God relates to people, and what their own conduct towards them should be. From her wealth of inter-cultural and inter-faith experience, Ida Glaser believes that the most...

  4. Evangelical Truth
    Evangelical Truth
    ISBN: 9781907713033

    John Stott’s masterly distillation of sixty years’ reflection on Christian discipleship ranges over the history of the church and its formative teachings, as well as the world-wide church today. This edition of Evangelical Truth contains The Cape Town Commitment, a document produced by The Lausanne Movement faithfully reflecting the proceedings of The Third Lausanne Congress on World...

  5. The Church
    The Church
    ISBN: 9781783689729

    Bishop Niringiye pleads as Jesus warned, we should not be in haste to conclude that any community who speaks the language of ‘Lord, Lord’ is authentic church. Taking his cue from Hebrews 11 and 12 he explores ‘the people of God’, looking at the people of Israel, beginning with Moses, then the new Israel and the covenant in Christ, born through the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the life of the...

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