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  1. Crucified and Cursed Christ
    Crucified and Cursed Christ
    ISBN: 9781839738357

    Offering powerful insight into aspects of contemporary African culture not always fully understood, Dr. Elkanah K. Cheboi examines the meaning and implications of the Pauline statement in Galatians that “Christ became a curse for us.” Drawing from biblical passages referencing judicial curses, and the widespread practice of cursing and blessing within the Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman...

  2. Religion, Leadership and Development
    Religion, Leadership and Development
    ISBN: 9781839737923

    Drawing on empirical research and utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that engages bothdevelopment and theology, this study explores the church’s role – both spiritual and pragmatic – infacilitating societal transformation in African countries, specifically Nigeria. Highlighting the importance of ecclesiastical leadership in mobilizing religious communities to partner with sociopolitical...

  3. A Tapestry of Global Christology
    A Tapestry of Global Christology
    ISBN: 9781839732362

    Who is Jesus Christ in a context of violence and bloodshed? This is the question at the heart of Dr. Isuwa Atsen’s study of global Christology. Dr. Isuwa Atsen weaves together three diverse christological approaches, examining the intersection of contextual theology, analytic theology, and the theological interpretation of Scripture. This is an excellent resource for theologians, students, and...

  4. Revelation and Grace
    Revelation and Grace
    ISBN: 9781839732195

    Our globalized world, with its increasingly pluralistic societies, necessitates a theological framework that enables Christians to embrace their neighbors without compromising the essential components of their own faith. In this book, Dr. Djung explores the ways in which Hendrik Kraemer’s theology of religions offers the church such a framework. By placing Kraemer in conversation with other...

  5. Jesus Christ as Ancestor
    Jesus Christ as Ancestor
    ISBN: 9781783687169
    Dr Turbi Luka uses historical-theological methodology to engage in detail with Christologies of key African theologians and conventional theological sources for Christology, including the church fathers Tertullian and Athanasius as well as modern theologians. This crucial study highlights the need for biblically rooted Christology and for sound theological understanding and naming of Jesus at...
  6. Theology of Participation
    Theology of Participation
    ISBN: 9781783686384

    Dr Oprean explores how existing theological resources can be used to enhance theological discourse between Baptist and Orthodox traditions in Romania through in-depth analysis of the thought of British Baptist theologian, Professor Paul Fiddes, and Romanian Orthodox theologian, Father Dumitru Stăniloae. Presented as a conversation between the two traditions this study is a model for how...

  7. A Different Way of Being
    A Different Way of Being
    ISBN: 9781783685806

    David Tarus humbly yet boldly challenges Kenyans to pursue national unity and peace by interrogating their allegiances to their ethnic communities and political parties. Carefully arguing why it is only a Christian identity, commitment to humanity as bearing the divine image, and the triune God himself, that can heal the divisions in this land. Ethnopolitical conflict is not confined to one...

  8. Women and Pride
    Women and Pride
    ISBN: 9781783685301
    Dr Huang provides a thorough analysis and examination of both the Niebuhrian and feminist understandings of sin, highlighting the strengths and limitations of both arguments. Through her research and interaction with women’s testimonies, Huang’s argument bridges these two competing views of women and sin resulting in a more accurate understanding and application of the theology of sin,...
  9. Beginning from Man and Woman
    Beginning from Man and Woman
    ISBN: 9781783682706

    Engaging with contemporary thought on love and family, Wong argues our notion of love has been deeply influenced by modern technological culture and political ideologies, to the detriment of familial relationships. He presents a notion of Christ’s love bearing the characteristics of fraternal, incarnational, and unfolding love, pertinent to relationships between husbands and wives, parents and...

  10. The Church in the World
    The Church in the World
    ISBN: 9781783681198

    Niringiye examines several formative periods for the Church of Uganda during concurrent chronological political eras characterized by varying degrees of socio-political turbulence, highlighting how the social context impacted the church’s self-expression. This is an excellent reflection on the Ugandan church bringing global attention to topics that hold great value to society, the church, and...

  11. Concrete Time and Concrete Eternity
    Concrete Time and Concrete Eternity
    ISBN: 9781783689781

    This publication investigates how Karl Barth’s doctrine of time and eternity can contribute to the continued understanding of the relationship of divine eternity to time or temporality. Examining from a theological, philosophical and physical perspective, with emphasis on the Trinity, as well as Barth’s Christology and pneumatology, Lui helps us understand Barth’s doctrine. Barth’s...

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