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  1. To Die in Africa’s Dust
    To Die in Africa’s Dust
    ISBN: 9781839735332

    Christian mission in the modern era has generally been conceptualized as a Western endeavor: “from the West to the rest.” The rise and explosive growth of world Christianity has challenged this narrative, emphasizing Christian mission as “from everywhere to everywhere.” Dr. Las Newman contributes to this revitalized perspective, interrogating our understanding of modern missions history by...

  2. Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839736636

    Today’s youth grow up immersed in digital technology. This presents a unique challenge to the church as it seeks to faithfully make disciples of the next generation. What does it look like – theologically and practically – to minister contextually to those whose lives are permeated by social media and digital culture? In this in-depth study, Dr. Vo Huong Nam offers both social and theological...

  3. Bonne Nouvelle pour les Peuls
    Bonne Nouvelle pour les Peuls
    ISBN: 9781839737565

    Ce travail de recherche missiologique revient sur l’histoire de l’évangélisation des Peuls musulmans du Fouta-Djallon en République de Guinée et réévalue les approches utilisées. Il met en lumière des pistes concrètes pour l’évangélisation et l’implantation d’Églises parmi les Peuls aujourd’hui et intègre la vision peule du monde (le pulaaku) dans la réflexion sur la communication de...

  4. A Cry For Help
    A Cry For Help
    ISBN: 9781839735721

    With tensions between Christians and non-Christians on the rise in many areas of the world, the question of how the church is to respond to religious violence is a pressing one, encompassing issues of ecclesiology, theology, and missiology. Dr. Dadang explores the contextual realities that have led some believers in Northern Nigeria to embrace violence as a justifiable response to persecution.

  5. Women in Mission
    Women in Mission
    ISBN: 9781839732096

    Women in Mission explores the powerful legacy of women in SIM (formerly, Sudan Interior Mission) and the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), demonstrating that from the beginning women have been active and essential participants in the work of God in Nigeria. Dr. Lami Rikwe Ibrahim Bakari examines various theological and cultural frameworks for understanding the role of women in society...

  6. Dialogue of Life
    Dialogue of Life
    ISBN: 9781839732171

    The status of the global church is often that of a sociopolitical minority, at odds politically, religiously, and socially with the nations that encompass it. In such contexts, how is the church to faithfully uphold its missional calling?

    In this in-depth study of Chinese Christians living in Sabah, Malaysia, Dr. Khee-Vun Lin engages missiology and political theology to address the practical...

  7. Transforming Missiology
    Transforming Missiology
    ISBN: 9781783683642

    Dr Lygunda provides a thorough analysis of missiological teaching in theological education institutes in Africa, with special reference to three Christian universities in Democratic Republic of Congo. His detailed examination of current teaching of mission theory and praxis forms the solid foundation for his articulation of a new paradigm of missiological education. In this study Lygunda...

  8. Mission through Diaspora
    Mission through Diaspora
    ISBN: 9781783681099

    Surveying 652 US Chinese churches about their mission activities, along with interviews of a sub-set of respondents, Dr Wu provides analysis and explanation of mission activities using diaspora theories. The trend for Chinese diaspora church mission to take a “Chinese first” approach capitalizes on shared language, culture and transnational networks to advance the gospel. In this era of...

  9. Missions amidst Pagodas
    Missions amidst Pagodas
    ISBN: 9781783689842

    For almost 200 years Protestant missionaries have endeavoured to communicate the gospel to Burmese Buddhists in Myanmar. However, Christianity among this people group is still regarded as a ‘potted plant’ with former Buddhists being separated from their community and culture. In this publication Peter Thein Nyunt, a former Buddhist monk, examines past and current approaches of the Protestant...

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