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  1. Stories That Serve
    Stories That Serve
    ISBN: 9781839736544

    Stories are a powerful tool in the hands of a preacher. This concise book serves as an excellent introduction to the role of storytelling in expository preaching. Ed Moll, a seasoned preacher and preaching trainer, offers readers a comprehensive guide to the types of stories that can support biblical teaching, from simple images and metaphors to full-fledged narratives, illustrating how each...

  2. God Is in the House
    God Is in the House
    ISBN: 9781839732720

    Good preaching is not simply a matter of communicating the gospel message - it is an invitation to encounter the living God who dwells within that message. Distilling forty years of preaching experience into a single book, God Is in the House is a highly practical tool for all those seeking to strengthen their preaching ministry. It offers a fresh, imaginative model for thinking about the...

  3. Breakfast on the Beach
    Breakfast on the Beach
    ISBN: 9781839732072
    Special Price £15.19 Regular Price £18.99

    Breakfast on the Beach is a harmonized, chronological retelling of the four Gospels that explores Jesus’s fourfold method of discipleship through its impact on his followers, especially Simon Peter. Harnessing the power of story, Johannes brings the gospel to life in new ways, emphasizing the relational nature of faith, discipleship, and what it means to follow Christ – whether in...

  4. Strength in Weakness
    Strength in Weakness
    ISBN: 9781839730412

    2 Corinthians remains one of our most vital and significant reminders that it is not human strength but God’s power that paves the way for victory in the spiritual realm. In this accessible and relevant book, Jonathan Lamb explores key lessons for authentic Christian ministry, including the role of suffering in strengthening our dependence on God, the necessity of both discipline and...

  5. What Christ Thinks of the Church
    What Christ Thinks of the Church
    ISBN: 9781783687022

    Christ’s letters to the seven churches still resonate today. Like those ancient churches, most churches today lie somewhere on the continuum between flourishing and withering, between faithfulness and faithlessness, between comfort and persecution. Using seven key themes, John Stott illustrates the timeless relevance of Christ’s exhortations and warnings to the universal church, while pointing...

  6. Godliness from Head to Toe
    Godliness from Head to Toe
    ISBN: 9781783688937

    One of the biggest questions facing Christians today is, ‘How can I live wisely?’. Given all that we say about the Christian faith, is it possible to live an authentic, credible Christian life that demonstrates faith that works? Covering a wide range of practical challenges - whether trial and temptation, or poverty and riches, or our use of words, or our patience in suffering, or our...

  7. From Why to Worship
    From Why to Worship
    ISBN: 9781783688920

    In a world which often seems out of control, Christians today need to make a vital spiritual journey through the book of Habakkuk.
    From Why to Worship is structured with sections and subsections that provide a clear set of preaching units that will serve preachers in building a sermon series but this is also an ideal book for individual or group use with questions, discussion points, ideas for...

  8. Pastoral Preaching
    Pastoral Preaching
    ISBN: 9781783681808

    Church congregations are not being given a comprehensive, biblical understanding of the faith. Drawing on his own experience as a pastor in Zambia, Conrad Mbewe tackles issues such as the content of pastoral preaching, how pastoral preaching relates to church life, finding the time to prepare pastoral sermons, and dealing with discouragement. Throughout the book, it is clear that the author’s...

  9. Live, Listen, Tell
    Live, Listen, Tell
    ISBN: 9781783681624

    New guides readers through sermon preparation and hearing God through the Scriptures. By drawing on life and Scripture, especially the road to Emmaus narrative, he illustrates that preachers are living, listening and telling a story. New shows how to prayerfully listen to the Scriptures in preaching preparation and how the fruit of this leads to a sermon – and impacts the way we live, listen...

  10. Deuteronomy
    ISBN: 9781783681228

    In this clear introduction to Deuteronomy aimed for preachers, pastors and Bible students, Barker covers the major themes and issues. Helpful study questions at the end of each chapter provide opportunity for discussion in groups. This integral Old Testament book comes alive in this very useful guide. In Deuteronomy we discover the rich theology of the God who keeps promises, for Deuteronomy...

  11. Relational Preaching
    Relational Preaching
    ISBN: 9781783682140

    Relational Preaching is a guide to help achieve greater depth in your preaching through developing a stronger relationship with the Lord, with Scripture, and with your listeners. Its message is direct and down to earth. Its style is devotional and prayerful. Preachers around the world will be blessed as they join the author in soaking themselves in Scripture and reflecting on what these...

  12. The Dynamics of Biblical Preaching
    The Dynamics of Biblical Preaching
    ISBN: 9781907713774

    Jonathan Lamb illustrates the power of God’s Word by focusing our attention on the heart, task and purpose of preaching by leading us through Nehemiah 8:1-12. Reworked to benefit from the authors’ years of experience working alongside indigenous preaching movements around the world, this book includes excellent resources for group studies, preaching preparation and running a preachers’ group.

  13. Sweeter than Honey
    Sweeter than Honey
    ISBN: 9781783689347

    Many preachers ignore preaching from the Old Testament because they feel it is outdated and difficult to expound. Other preachers preach from the Old Testament frequently but fail to ‘handle’ it correctly, turning it into moralistic rules or symbolic lessons for our spiritual life. Wright proclaims preachers must not ignore the Old Testament. It is the Word of God! The Old Testament lays the...

  14. God’s Word for Today’s World
    God’s Word for Today’s World
    ISBN: 9781783689378

    Nothing is more important than hearing, understanding and obeying God’s Word. Our Christian lives and local churches depend on this for their life, health and growth. John Stott was well known worldwide for his commitment to the Bible, both in his preaching and in his living. In this brief but persuasive book, he demonstrates the power, authority and relevance of the Bible for every Christian...

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