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  1. Integrated Mission
    Integrated Mission
    ISBN: 9781839737626

    Dr. Sarah Nicholl asserts spirituality, now often seen as an individual rather than communal endeavour, has been disconnected from the missional practices in the Lausanne movement. In bringing together missiology, mission practice and spirituality, she joins a chorus of scholars calling for more integration between areas of theory and practice. This book defines this synergy as “integrated...

  2. The Laws of the Imperialized
    The Laws of the Imperialized
    ISBN: 9781839738807

    Using an integrated approach of postcolonial studies and historical-comparative analysis, this important study analyzes the relationship between the laws given to the Israelites on Mount Sinai and cuneiform law collections. Dr. Anna Lo skillfully integrates postcolonial understandings of the colonized people to explore how the similarities and differences reflect the imperialized authors’...

  3. Crucified and Cursed Christ
    Crucified and Cursed Christ
    ISBN: 9781839738357

    Offering powerful insight into aspects of contemporary African culture not always fully understood, Dr. Elkanah K. Cheboi examines the meaning and implications of the Pauline statement in Galatians that “Christ became a curse for us.” Drawing from biblical passages referencing judicial curses, and the widespread practice of cursing and blessing within the Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman...

  4. Seeing and Showing the Unseen
    Seeing and Showing the Unseen
    ISBN: 9781839737930

    Exploring how the God of Scripture reveals himself through metaphor and imagery, Dr. Adam Szumorek utilizes Cognitive Linguistics to help students, teachers, and preachers understand how meaning is communicated in Scripture and conceptualized within the human brain. He provides a theological framework for applying Cognitive Linguistics in biblical exegesis, demonstrating its value in aiding...

  5. Religion, Leadership and Development
    Religion, Leadership and Development
    ISBN: 9781839737923

    Drawing on empirical research and utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that engages bothdevelopment and theology, this study explores the church’s role – both spiritual and pragmatic – infacilitating societal transformation in African countries, specifically Nigeria. Highlighting the importance of ecclesiastical leadership in mobilizing religious communities to partner with sociopolitical...

  6. Vers un modèle africain de dialogue interreligieux
    Vers un modèle africain de dialogue interreligieux
    ISBN: 9781839738692

    Dans cette étude, l’auteur a développé une méthodologie de recherche africaine de dialogue interreligieux, basée sur une expérience au pays Maxi au Bénin. Cette expérience a été réalisée chez un peuple verbomoteur, dans un contexte de vodun, pour la résolution de conflits impliquant des communautés chrétiennes. Cet ouvrage est pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent à la résolution de conflits...

  7. Byang Kato
    Byang Kato
    ISBN: 9781839736674

    In this in-depth study of the legacy of Byang Kato, Dr. Foday-Khabenje traces his extraordinary life from a boyhood immersed in African traditional religion to his conversion to Christianity as a young man, his global leadership within the evangelical church, and the long-lasting impact of his prophetic voice. In an age that seeks to de-emphasize the uniqueness of Christ, Kato’s testimony of...

  8. Development as Peace
    Development as Peace
    ISBN: 9781839736452

    The colonial definition of development has not served Africa well. While Western assessments have generally revolved around a nation’s GDP, infrastructure, and the like, African cultures, and the Yoruba people in particular, have traditionally measured development in relation to the amount of peace experienced in a society and the wellbeing of its people. In this study, Dr. Adegbile examines...

  9. A Free Church in a Free State
    A Free Church in a Free State
    ISBN: 9781839736520

    How does Christ call his people to engage the societies, cultures, and politics of the nations they call home? Bridging cultures and time periods, Dr. Surya Harefa brings Abraham’s Kuyper’s ecclesiology to bear on questions of Japanese Christian engagement within the political sphere. Harefa offers a contextually robust exploration of evangelical Japanese approaches to ecclesiology and...

  10. Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839736636

    Today’s youth grow up immersed in digital technology. This presents a unique challenge to the church as it seeks to faithfully make disciples of the next generation. What does it look like – theologically and practically – to minister contextually to those whose lives are permeated by social media and digital culture? In this in-depth study, Dr. Vo Huong Nam offers both social and theological...

  11. Bonne Nouvelle pour les Peuls
    Bonne Nouvelle pour les Peuls
    ISBN: 9781839737565

    Ce travail de recherche missiologique revient sur l’histoire de l’évangélisation des Peuls musulmans du Fouta-Djallon en République de Guinée et réévalue les approches utilisées. Il met en lumière des pistes concrètes pour l’évangélisation et l’implantation d’Églises parmi les Peuls aujourd’hui et intègre la vision peule du monde (le pulaaku) dans la réflexion sur la communication de...

  12. Honor and Shame in 1 Samuel 1–7
    Honor and Shame in 1 Samuel 1–7
    ISBN: 9781839736032

    For many cultures throughout history, honor and shame have been foundational concepts for understanding and evaluating reality. In this study of the first seven chapters of 1 Samuel, Dr. Bin Kang establishes that ancient Israel was such a culture. He demonstrates the narrator’s intentional juxtaposition of honor and shame at the beginning of Samuel’s narrative, and its role in establishing a...

  13. A Tapestry of Global Christology
    A Tapestry of Global Christology
    ISBN: 9781839732362

    Who is Jesus Christ in a context of violence and bloodshed? This is the question at the heart of Dr. Isuwa Atsen’s study of global Christology. Dr. Isuwa Atsen weaves together three diverse christological approaches, examining the intersection of contextual theology, analytic theology, and the theological interpretation of Scripture. This is an excellent resource for theologians, students, and...

  14. “Silence” in Translation
    “Silence” in Translation
    ISBN: 9781839732164

    The role of women in the church has long been a contentious topic for Christians. In this groundbreaking study, Dr. Anna Sui Hluan critically examines the understanding of “silence” within the Myanmar context, specifically as it impacts the church’s interpretation of 1 Corinthians 14:34–35. This interdisciplinary study combines cultural and linguistic awareness, a critical analysis of...

  15. Faith That Indigenizes
    Faith That Indigenizes
    ISBN: 9781839735875

    In this important work, Dr. Vargas explores the interplay between Neo-Pentecostalism and Aimaran indigenous identity in La Paz, Bolivia, identifying how the integration of the two has led to social, political, and economic transformation. This study offers insight into the growing impact of the Neo-Pentecostal movement, both in Latin America and beyond, as well as the significant role of...

  16. A Cry For Help
    A Cry For Help
    ISBN: 9781839735721

    With tensions between Christians and non-Christians on the rise in many areas of the world, the question of how the church is to respond to religious violence is a pressing one, encompassing issues of ecclesiology, theology, and missiology. Dr. Dadang explores the contextual realities that have led some believers in Northern Nigeria to embrace violence as a justifiable response to persecution.

  17. The Cross or Prosperity Gospel
    The Cross or Prosperity Gospel
    ISBN: 9781839735356

    Are Christians meant to experience suffering? Christ is risen, the kingdom of heaven is at hand, yet sickness, poverty, and persecution continue to be daily realities for Christians around the world. In this study of martyrdom and persecution in the early church, Rev. Dr. Boamah reminds us that there is no Christianity without a cross and that suffering has played a prominent role in church...

  18. Spirit-Empowered Witness
    Spirit-Empowered Witness
    ISBN: 9781839735868

    The witness of Jesus Christ and his disciples was accompanied by mighty words and mighty works. Drawing on the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Gambo demonstrates that this power came from the anointing of the Holy Spirit, without which neither Jesus nor his disciples would have been able to fulfil their ministry. Gambo utilizes an exegetical analysis to develop a theology of...

  19. How Am I Going to Grow Up?
    How Am I Going to Grow Up?
    ISBN: 9781839732263

    In this study, Dr. Enoch Wong explores the “silent exodus” of Canadian-born Chinese from their parents’ churches, tracing their journeys to negotiate their cultural, ethnic, and faith identities for themselves. This multi-case inquiry offers insight into the concerns of Canadian-born Chinese evangelicals and the cultural and generational conflicts that prompt them to search for new communities...

  20. Women in Mission
    Women in Mission
    ISBN: 9781839732096

    Women in Mission explores the powerful legacy of women in SIM (formerly, Sudan Interior Mission) and the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), demonstrating that from the beginning women have been active and essential participants in the work of God in Nigeria. Dr. Lami Rikwe Ibrahim Bakari examines various theological and cultural frameworks for understanding the role of women in society...

  21. Sermon Listening
    Sermon Listening
    ISBN: 9781839732218

    The purpose of preaching has always been to edify, encourage, and emphasize the positive effects of coming together as a people of God. Yet there remains an inconsistency between the intended goals of preaching and the subjective perception of the listeners. In this homiletical study, Dr. Enoh Šeba provides fresh insight into the “turn to the listener” model and offers a theologically...

  22. Revelation and Grace
    Revelation and Grace
    ISBN: 9781839732195

    Our globalized world, with its increasingly pluralistic societies, necessitates a theological framework that enables Christians to embrace their neighbors without compromising the essential components of their own faith. In this book, Dr. Djung explores the ways in which Hendrik Kraemer’s theology of religions offers the church such a framework. By placing Kraemer in conversation with other...

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