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  1. Can a Christian Be Cursed?
    Can a Christian Be Cursed?
    ISBN: 9781839738265

    The belief in curses is widespread in Africa, impacting the lived reality of both Christians and non-Christians alike. In this book, Godwin Adeboye provides practical, biblical, and contextual guidelines for addressing the African conception of cursing, and for ministering to the fear and confusion such cursing elicits. This is an excellent resource to empower believers to confront their fear...

  2. Drums of Redemption
    Drums of Redemption
    ISBN: 9781839732317

    Across the African continent, nations are grappling with issues of genocide, terrorism, political instability, ethnic division, abject poverty, environmental degradation, and the rapid erosion of community life and values. Addressing every book of the New Testament, Drums of Redemption is contextually relevant, biblically rooted, and radically hope-filled as it casts a vision for how Christ’s...

  3. Endangered Moral Values
    Endangered Moral Values
    ISBN: 9781839732102

    The erosion of moral values on a global scale has left nations vulnerable to greed, power, and violence as the shaping forces of culture. In the absence of an ethical foundation, corruption reverberates through public life, destabilizing countries and undermining human flourishing. Examining the many challenges facing Nigeria in the twenty-first century, Dr. Agang suggests that his homeland is...

  4. Blessed New Humanity in Christ
    Blessed New Humanity in Christ
    ISBN: 9781839732300

    When surrounded by ethnic and tribal divides, fear of demonic forces, and the threat of poverty, war, and disease, how are Christians to resist despair in the face of suffering – their own and that of their communities? In Blessed New Humanity in Christ, Rev. Prof. Bitrus A. Sarma offers a contextualized reading of the book of Ephesians that provides a theology of hope for the African church.

  5. The Wayfarer
    The Wayfarer
    ISBN: 9781839732256


    Scripture testifies to God’s care for displaced peoples. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is a narrative filled with migrants, with refugees, and with wayfarers. Even God himself is shown to be “on the move” – a God who does not stay on one side of the border but crosses over to save his people. In The Wayfarer, Dr. Barnabé Anzuruni Msabah...

  6. Expository Preaching in Africa
    Expository Preaching in Africa
    ISBN: 9781839732140

    How can expository preaching, rooted in a textual analysis of Scripture, be effectively utilized in oral cultures? In Expository Preaching in Africa, Ezekiel A. Ajibade engages this challenge directly, offering practical techniques for integrating African oral elements into preaching that is both biblical and African. Alongside numerous examples and tools, Ajibade provides a rich overview of...

  7. God of the Remnant
    God of the Remnant
    ISBN: 9781839730580

    In this book, Dr. Agang addresses the discrimination, oppression, and violence facing minorities in Africa and the church’s calling to stand against such injustice. Drawing upon covenantal theology and the biblical motif of a remnant, Agang explores God’s heart for those commonly devalued, silenced, excluded, and ignored. This book is a powerful reminder of the source of true identity and the...

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