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  1. The Church and Politics
    The Church and Politics
    ISBN: 9781839734144

    The Church and Politics offers an introduction to African political theology that is thorough, practical, and deeply powerful. From traditional power structures to the political ramifications of colonialism, Dr. Bernard Boyo provides a foundation for understanding Africa’s contemporary political concerns in their cultural and historical context. Alongside this overview of African political...

  2. Reading Jeremiah in Africa
    Reading Jeremiah in Africa
    ISBN: 9781839732133

    Dr. Katho offers a study that is both accessible and deeply relevant to the particularities of an African context. In a series of ten selected passages, Dr. Katho demonstrates the many parallels between Jeremiah’s Judah and a continent that continues to experience the complex and devastating realities of poverty, injustice, and war. It is a book of hope, and Katho, like Jeremiah, dares to...

  3. The Mystery of the Church
    The Mystery of the Church
    ISBN: 9781839730566

    In this powerful application of Paul’s teaching, Fabrice S. Katembo explores the mystery of the church in an African context, arguing that the greatest challenge facing God’s people is not external threat, but internal discord. Katembo draws his reader’s attention back to the unifying work of Christ, who died to abolish all walls of separation and in whom we are one, no matter the tongue,...

  4. God Speaks My Language
    God Speaks My Language
    ISBN: 9781783685448

    Aloo Osotsi Mojola traces the history of Bible translation in East Africa from 1844 to the present. He incorporates four decades of personal conversations and interviews, along with extensive research, to provide the first comprehensive account of the translations undertaken in East Africa. This book is a key contribution to the important and ongoing narrative of how God has met us, and...

  5. Against Principalities and Powers
    Against Principalities and Powers
    ISBN: 9781783687671

    In this exploration of Ephesians, Daniel K. Darko establishes the context of early Christians in Asia Minor, specifically in relation to their belief in spiritual beings and the role these beings play in human affairs. Drawing parallels with contemporary contexts across the globe, especially in Africa, Professor Darko critiques the limited lens of Western interpretation, encouraging the church...

  6. African Hermeneutics
    African Hermeneutics
    ISBN: 9781783684649

    Interpretation of Scripture occurs within one’s worldview and culture, which enhances our understanding and ability to apply Scripture in the world. However, few books address Bible interpretation from an African perspective and no other textbook uses the intercultural approach found here. This book brings both an awareness of how one’s African context gives a lens to hermeneutics, but also...

  7. 2 Peter and Jude
    2 Peter and Jude
    ISBN: 9781783684601

    Shorter books in the Bible like 2 Peter and Jude are often overlooked by believers as they flick through pages of Scripture. Furthermore these two books deal with the unpopular theme of God’s judgement. Yet the evils these authors speak about are still present in the church in Africa, and are no less deserving of judgement today. But these books also bear glorious testimony to God’s power to...

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