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  1. Habakkuk and Zephaniah
    Habakkuk and Zephaniah
    ISBN: 9781839739767

    The books of Habakkuk and Zephaniah are God’s word to his people Israel at the lowest point in their history – the time of the Babylonian captivity. These two powerful books demonstrate that faith without faithfulness is an infantile fantasy. Written in accessible language, this volume speaks to all those who continue to desire God in life’s dark places and dark times, revealing Scripture’s...

  2. Good News from Latin America
    Good News from Latin America
    ISBN: 9781839739286

    On the 100th anniversary of John Stott’s birth, Langham scholars honor this legacy and Stott’s holistic understanding of the gospel, as they bear witness to the good news of the kingdom of God and its justice in Latin America. Structured around the historical development and impact of the Reformation throughout the continent, this collection of essays addresses fundamental questions that stem...

  3. Job
    ISBN: 9781839739590

    The book of Job engages with the issue of pain and suffering. Job asked the same question that we have probably asked a hundred times – why do the righteous suffer? In his pain, he decided to file a case against God, but he rescinded in a moment of truth. He realized God’s purpose for allowing pain was to have a deeper experience of the living God. This commentary expounds and explains how one...

  4. Africa Bears Witness
    Africa Bears Witness
    ISBN: 9781839738920

    This remarkable collection of essays explores the role of African Christianity in God’s mission around the world. Engaging such wide-ranging topics as gender violence, globalization, Westernization, peacebuilding, development, Pentecostalism, urban missiology, theological education, and African Christianity in Europe, this volume ambitiously bridges the gap between academic and practitioner...

  5. Called to Discipleship
    Called to Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839738616

    Drawing on Jesus’s example in the Gospel of Mark, this book offers an in-depth exploration of the nature of discipleship. A tool to help readers draw close to Jesus, it presents discipleship as a way of life centred on the journey back to God. At a time when secular culture is rediscovering the benefits of discipleship, this book invites readers into a powerful experience of identity formation...

  6. Building the Whole Church
    Building the Whole Church
    ISBN: 9781839738593

    Engaging qualitative research from South Asia, Dr. Jessy Jaison demonstrates that both formal and non-formal approaches to theological training can support the church’s missional calling. Not only will readers be introduced to theological education in the the South Asian context, they will also benefit from the practical and collaborative model demonstrated and how they can revitalize the...

  7. The Priesthood of All Students
    The Priesthood of All Students
    ISBN: 9781839738326

    Drawing on archival records and firsthand accounts, this work explores the history, theology, and missiology of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). It examines how IFES’s commitment to immediacy, mediation, and participation are grounded upon a firm belief in the priesthood of all believers and a missional ecclesiology that presupposes God’s involvement in all aspects...

  8. Le sacerdoce de tous les étudiants
    Le sacerdoce de tous les étudiants
    ISBN: 9781839738685

    S’appuyant sur des archives et des témoignages de première main, cet ouvrage explore l’histoire, la théologie et la missiologie de l’International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). L’auteur examine comment l’engagement de l’IFES, en faveur de l’immédiateté, de la médiation et de la participation, est fondé sur une croyance ferme dans le sacerdoce de tous les croyants et sur une...

  9. In the Midst of Much-Doing
    In the Midst of Much-Doing
    ISBN: 9781839732430

    How are we to sustain activism and compassion amidst the never-ending crises of the twenty-first century? To effectively serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, the church must attend to the revitalization of its inner life through the spiritual practices which feed, support, and sustain the work of the kingdom. This book inspires us to integrate spiritual renewal and prophetic witness for the...

  10. Spectacular Atonement
    Spectacular Atonement
    ISBN: 9781839737367

    There are many books about the cross of Christ, but few are written from an African perspective or with an African context in mind. In this book, Dr. Falconer offers the reader a holistic understanding of Jesus’s atoning work that powerfully addresses African realities and concerns. Presenting a biblical perspective of the cross – one rooted in penal substitution and Christus Victor theology –...

  11. 1 Timothy
    1 Timothy
    ISBN: 9781839738135

    1 Timothy shows how Christians can live in harmony and with integrity in a society of people with differing religious and cultural beliefs and values. This commentary provides an exposition of 1 Timothy’s message, which is relevant to many theological and pastoral situations faced by Asian church communities today. Along with the detailed commentary, the authors provide cultural reflections on...

  12. Tackling Trauma – Ukrainian Edition
    Tackling Trauma – Ukrainian Edition
    ISBN: 9781839738715

    Травма – це загальнолюдське явище, спричинене як міжнародними катастрофами, так і індивідуальними, особистими трагедіями. Водночас, тема травми дуже занедбана в християнській літературі, що є великою лакуною. Адже хоча травма може похитнути чиюсь віру у Христа, Бог і служіння Його Слова відіграють основну роль у подоланні емоційного та психологічного впливу травми. Своїм Духом, Своїм Словом і...

  13. Ama Namin
    Ama Namin
    ISBN: 9781839732676

    Ama Namin brings together the voices of Filipino evangelical scholars in a profound work of contextual and biblical theology. Each chapter explores a portion of the Lord’s Prayer against the backdrop of Scripture and the foreground of Philippine life and spirituality. Contributors examine the rich history of the Lord’s Prayer in the Philippines as well as its implications for the Philippines’...

  14. God, I’m Angry!
    God, I’m Angry!
    ISBN: 9781839736858

    Rev. Dr. Maggie Low debunks unhealthy assumptions about anger and forgiveness, laying the groundwork for a biblical understanding of righteous anger, conditional forgiveness, and unconditional love. Alongside profound theological insight, this book provides a step-by-step guide for application in pastoral counselling contexts and includes real life examples from Low’s extensive ministry...

  15. Transforming Church
    Transforming Church
    ISBN: 9781839737305

    The area of community development provides a unique opportunity for the church to partner with God in his mission to see the world transformed. In Transforming Church, Tim Monger draws from over a decade of experience working in integral mission alongside local congregations in East Africa. Providing an overview of the current landscape of African community development, he engages the question...

  16. Ethnic Diversity and Reconciliation
    Ethnic Diversity and Reconciliation
    ISBN: 9781839736506

    Ethnic Diversity and Reconciliation explores the implications of the church’s radical call to inclusive community in the context of Myanmar’s long history of ethnic conflict. Dr. Arend van Dorp outlines the theological foundations for understanding the church’s mandate as a diverse and unified missional body, while also engaging the very real challenges posed to this mandate by the cultural,...

  17. Faith That Indigenizes
    Faith That Indigenizes
    ISBN: 9781839735875

    In this important work, Dr. Vargas explores the interplay between Neo-Pentecostalism and Aimaran indigenous identity in La Paz, Bolivia, identifying how the integration of the two has led to social, political, and economic transformation. This study offers insight into the growing impact of the Neo-Pentecostal movement, both in Latin America and beyond, as well as the significant role of...

  18. God’s Heart for Children
    God’s Heart for Children
    ISBN: 9781839732751
    Special Price £15.19 Regular Price £18.99

    This book explores the theological implications and practical realities of ministry with children in a globalized world. Affirming eight core beliefs regarding the place of children in creation, this book traces the impact of issues as displacement, climate change, human trafficking, persecution, and gender discrimination on childhood development. Written by over twenty contributors from...

  19. Psalms 73–150
    Psalms 73–150
    ISBN: 9781839732645

    This commentary on Psalms 73–150 provides an exposition that the reader can engage with in their own community of faith in the Asian cultural context. Along with a commentary on each Psalm, Dr. Federico G. Villanueva provides cultural reflections on a wide variety of relevant topics that include, “The Challenge of Lament to Asian Christians” and “Psalm 109 and the Filipino Concept of...

  20. Islam on Trial
    Islam on Trial
    ISBN: 9781839735813

    As an Arab Christian from the Middle East, Dr. Chawkat Moucarry has spent his life engaging with Islam both personally and academically. In this book, he provides non-Muslims with a foundation for understanding Muslim faith and practice, while offering insight into the complex relationship between Islam, culture, and politics. He challenges members of both religions to engage in genuine...

  21. La gestion d’une bibliothèque
    La gestion d’une bibliothèque
    ISBN: 9781839730702

    Ce guide pratique contient toutes les étapes des tâches quotidiennes des bibliothécaires : le catalogage, le traitement des documents, l’organisation de la bibliothèque, pour ne citer que celles-ci. Il est destiné aux bibliothécaires débutants, en particulier ceux qui n’ont pas eu l’occasion de poursuivre des études supérieures en bibliothéconomie. L’objectif a en effet été de créer un manuel...

  22. Integration
    ISBN: 9781839735899

    The call for integration in theological education is a call for theological training that reverberates through the whole person: from the head, to the heart, to the hands. In this book, Dr. David C. Wright provides a powerful biblical and pedagogical framework for holistic learning, exploring current approaches to integration through the lens of Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus.

  23. The God That the Poor Seek
    The God That the Poor Seek
    ISBN: 9781839732737

    The assumption that conversion looks the same regardless of culture or religious context is challenged by a growing number of missiologists, both in the Majority World and in the West. In this book, Rupen Das explores the particularities of conversion for some of the world’s poorest populations. Sharing the stories of Syrian refugees and Indian slum dwellers, Das positions their voices within...

  24. 1 & 2 Kings
    1 & 2 Kings
    ISBN: 9781839730696

    1 & 2 Kings provide a history of the kings of Judah and Israel. They detail the engagements between priests and prophets, prophets and kings, and royal court and military commanders on issues such as justice, power, and seeking divine and human guidance in times of war and peace. The narratives in these books tell of God’s activities in the history of the Israelites fulfilling his promises and...

  25. How Am I Going to Grow Up?
    How Am I Going to Grow Up?
    ISBN: 9781839732263

    In this study, Dr. Enoch Wong explores the “silent exodus” of Canadian-born Chinese from their parents’ churches, tracing their journeys to negotiate their cultural, ethnic, and faith identities for themselves. This multi-case inquiry offers insight into the concerns of Canadian-born Chinese evangelicals and the cultural and generational conflicts that prompt them to search for new communities...

  26. Kwame Bediako
    Kwame Bediako
    ISBN: 9781839730733

    Kwame Bediako was one of the great African theologians of his generation. Challenging the assumption that Christianity is a Western religion, he presented a non-Western foundation for theological reflection, expanded the Christian theological imagination, and offered a path forward for post-Christendom theologies. Kwame Bediako: African Theology for a World Christianity is the first...

  27. Liderança Cristã Africana
    Liderança Cristã Africana
    ISBN: 9781839734397

    Desejas ter melhor entendimento dos desafios e situações que os Cristãos Africanos infrentam enquanto procuram viver a fé nos seus contextos culturais? Este exclusivo livro, produto de muitos anos de estudo e pesquisa, patrocinado pela Tyndale House Foundation, proporciona entendimentos sobre todas estas questões e muito mais. Com uma pesquisa que alcançou a participação de mais de 8.000...

  28. Inclus et valorisés
    Inclus et valorisés
    ISBN: 9781783687657

    Sans une compréhension de base des handicaps courants, comment les Églises peuvent-elles accompagner les personnes handicapées et encourager leur inclusion dans la vie de l’Église et de la communauté ? Axé sur le contexte africain, ce guide complet sur le handicap et l’Église donnera aux étudiants en théologie, aux pasteurs et aux dirigeants d’églises l’initiation dont ils ont besoin pour...

  29. Joel, Nahum, and Malachi
    Joel, Nahum, and Malachi
    ISBN: 9781839732652

    The three prophets – Joel, Nahum, and Malachi – speak to the challenges of their own day. Joel, following a locust plague, confronts the people of a bigger impending catastrophe that they could avoid if they return to God with prayers. Nahum depicts the wrath of God against an oppressive country. Malachi calls the people to honor the unchanging God who continues to care for them, even if they...

  30. The Five Phases of Leadership
    The Five Phases of Leadership
    ISBN: 9781839730689

    The Five Phases of Leadership is a book written by a practitioner for practitioners. Organized around five stages of leadership – establishing trust, cultivating leaders, discerning vision, implementing plans and transitioning out – this book offers an overview of the leadership life cycle from a distinctively Christian perspective. Dr. Justyn Terry draws on over twenty years of leadership...

  31. Integrity in Nigerian Politics
    Integrity in Nigerian Politics
    ISBN: 9781839730573

    Secular humanism has taken the world by storm – including the realm of African politics. Rooted specifically in Nigeria’s political history, and the social, religious, and economic challenges it has faced, this study explores the role of integrity in practical politics and the implications of its neglect. Dr Aghawenu demonstrates that it is ineffective, impractical, and ultimately dangerous to...

  32. Living Radical Discipleship
    Living Radical Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839730719

    John Stott’s legacy of faithful Christian discipleship continues to impact Christians on every continent and in every sphere of life. This book pays homage to that legacy and to Stott’s unwavering commitment to Christ’s transformative Lordship over all facets of existence, especially those we may find particularly convenient to ignore. Living Radical Discipleship calls us to repentance, to...

  33. The Religious Other
    The Religious Other
    ISBN: 9781783687909

    Christian engagement with Muslims remains complex, complicated by fear, misunderstanding and a history fraught with political and cultural tensions. Weaving together the work of Christian scholars of Islam, the Bible, theology and missiology, along with the insights of ministry practitioners, this book combines scholarly exploration with pertinent ministry practice, offering a rich framework...

  34. Getting to Grips with Biblical Hebrew
    Getting to Grips with Biblical Hebrew
    ISBN: 9781839730610

    Revised Edition now available:

    Getting to Grips with Biblical Hebrew provides a simple introduction to biblical Hebrew for beginners. Consisting of thirty lessons, the book focuses on the basic grammar and vocabulary necessary for reading and understanding the biblical text. Exercises are taken directly...

  35. Journey through the Storm
    Journey through the Storm
    ISBN: 9781839730238

    Journey through the Storm unpacks Musalaha’s thirty years of practical experience building bridges, healing division, and following Christ in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Composed of essays, curriculum excerpts, interviews, and real-life testimonies, this collection offers insight into the theory, theology, and application of Musalaha’s six stages of reconciliation. It is a...

  36. Blessing the Curse?
    Blessing the Curse?
    ISBN: 9781783687923

    When it comes to women, the church has chosen often to live according to the structures of sin and death, offering them not the good news of Christ, but the curse of Genesis, as their inheritance.Ksenija Magda traces the impact of the curse and the temptation to choose the world and its power over the servant-hearted humility of Christ. The question of how we view, treat, oppress or empower...

  37. Ephesians
    ISBN: 9781839730559

    In his letter to the Ephesian church, the apostle Paul draws out the practical implications of God’s purpose for the body of Christ, showing how the unity of a new humanity is revealed within it as a foretaste of the ultimate unity of all things in the Son of God. This commentary shows the relevance of Ephesians for the church in Asia today seeking to understand God’s eternal purposes in...

  38. Vulnerable Love
    Vulnerable Love
    ISBN: 9781839730009

    Bernhard Reitsma invites the church to rediscover a Christ-like approach to Islam – an approach that roots itself in love, vulnerability, and fearless embrace. Far from ignoring the complex challenges faced by Christians living in Muslim-majority nations – or in Western countries where Islam is on the rise – Reitsma addresses practical concerns such as persecution, political power, the nation...

  39. Scattered and Gathered
    Scattered and Gathered
    ISBN: 9781783687640

    Massive population movements of the last century have radically challenged our study and practice of mission. Where the church once rallied to go out into “the regions beyond,” Christian mission is currently required to respond and adapt to “missions around.” In this volume, experts in diaspora missiology from across the globe analyze the development of missions to migrants and add to our...

  40. Sarah’s Laughter
    Sarah’s Laughter
    ISBN: 9781783688579

    Ramachandra draws on his distinctive positioning as a Sri Lankan Christian theologian – having lived and ministered in contexts shaped by the destruction of natural disasters and the violence of human evil – to confront the intellectual, moral, and political challenges posed to faith in our increasingly broken world. Sharing his own ongoing journey with suffering and a questing faith,...

  41. A Theology of Suffering
    A Theology of Suffering
    ISBN: 9781783687824

    Contemplating the suffering of Christ and other biblical figures, J. Bryson Arthur investigates a theology of suffering that testifies to its necessity within the plan of God. Bryson reminds us that the nature of suffering is to share fellowship with Christ – to take up one’s cross and follow him. Thus, suffering is not arbitrary but intrinsic to the path God has laid before our feet: a path...

  42. Stumbling toward Zion
    Stumbling toward Zion
    ISBN: 9781783687770

    World Christianity has a crucial role to play in recovering an understanding of God’s love for a suffering creation capable of restoring the credibility of Christian witness in the midst of our brokenness. Containing practical application for church life and mission, David W. Smith reclaims the importance of lament throughout Scripture and offers an opportunity to reengage with biblical...

  43. Authentic Forgiveness
    Authentic Forgiveness
    ISBN: 9781783687732

    Authentic, biblically based forgiveness is a gift that God offers to humanity so that hurt can be healed, the cycle of retaliation broken, a painful past soothed, and estranged relationships reconciled and restored. Dr John Tran explains how forgiveness in both Western and Chinese cultures differs from the practice outlined in God’s word. Combining biblical and theological understanding with...

  44. God and Creation
    God and Creation
    ISBN: 9781783687565

    This collection of essays – the product of the 8th annual conference of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology – wrestles with the topics of God and creation from distinctly African perspectives. Touching on topics from environmentalism, to ethnic conflict, to childlessness, the contributors present a powerful and timely reflection on the nature of God as creator and the implications of...

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