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  1. African Voices
    African Voices
    ISBN: 9781783683031

    This publication explores the significant presence of African Christianity in Britain. It is a unique expression of theology from African Christians, contextualizing the gospel for a multicultural British society. Under three key areas of missiology, contextual constructive theology and transformative practical theology the contributors interact with topics such as reverse missiology, African...

  2. Leviticus
    ISBN: 9781783681693

    The book of Leviticus has a two-fold mission. Leviticus 1–16 symbolizes the order of the world through sacrifices, purity law, and sacred boundaries, so that God’s people can acknowledge his presence and lordship in their different aspects of life. The second part of the book, from Leviticus 17–27, extends the belief of holiness through moral laws of sex and social justice, so that God’s...

  3. Matthew
    ISBN: 9781783681716

    The Great Commission is yet to be fulfilled. Asian churches, like Matthew’s original audience, are encountering various challenges as they obey Jesus’ last command in the First Gospel. The promise of the presence of God accompanies Jesus’ command and in Matthew’s narrative God’s presence is seen powerfully in Jesus’ life. Believers today can hold to the same promise, and this promise should be...

  4. Lamentations
    ISBN: 9781783681914

    The book of Lamentations cannot be truly appreciated without knowing suffering and the agony that follows tragic experiences. In this commentary Dr. Federico Villanueva relates the experience of his fellow country men and women in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda to the experience of the Jewish people after the destruction of Judah and the city of Jerusalem by the Babylonians. By...

  5. Transformando la educación teológica, 1ra edición
    Transformando la educación teológica, 1ra edición
    ISBN: 9781783685417

    Durante varias décadas ha existido preocupación sobre la necesidad de una mayor integración y de un significado contextual en el diseño curricular de la educación teológica. Además, ha habido una creciente concientización acerca del papel que juegan las escuelas teológicas en el fortalecimiento de la visión y la práctica misionera en las iglesias locales. Transformando la educación teológica...

Items 41-50 of 224

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