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  1. Tackling Trauma – Ukrainian Edition
    Tackling Trauma – Ukrainian Edition
    ISBN: 9781839738715

    Травма – це загальнолюдське явище, спричинене як міжнародними катастрофами, так і індивідуальними, особистими трагедіями. Водночас, тема травми дуже занедбана в християнській літературі, що є великою лакуною. Адже хоча травма може похитнути чиюсь віру у Христа, Бог і служіння Його Слова відіграють основну роль у подоланні емоційного та психологічного впливу травми. Своїм Духом, Своїм Словом і...

  2. In the Midst of Much-Doing
    In the Midst of Much-Doing
    ISBN: 9781839732430

    How are we to sustain activism and compassion amidst the never-ending crises of the twenty-first century? To effectively serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, the church must attend to the revitalization of its inner life through the spiritual practices which feed, support, and sustain the work of the kingdom. This book inspires us to integrate spiritual renewal and prophetic witness for the...

  3. Spectacular Atonement
    Spectacular Atonement
    ISBN: 9781839737367

    There are many books about the cross of Christ, but few are written from an African perspective or with an African context in mind. In this book, Dr. Falconer offers the reader a holistic understanding of Jesus’s atoning work that powerfully addresses African realities and concerns. Presenting a biblical perspective of the cross – one rooted in penal substitution and Christus Victor theology –...

  4. 1 Timothy
    1 Timothy
    ISBN: 9781839738135

    1 Timothy shows how Christians can live in harmony and with integrity in a society of people with differing religious and cultural beliefs and values. This commentary provides an exposition of 1 Timothy’s message, which is relevant to many theological and pastoral situations faced by Asian church communities today. Along with the detailed commentary, the authors provide cultural reflections on...

  5. The Priesthood of All Students
    The Priesthood of All Students
    ISBN: 9781839738326

    Drawing on archival records and firsthand accounts, this work explores the history, theology, and missiology of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). It examines how IFES’s commitment to immediacy, mediation, and participation are grounded upon a firm belief in the priesthood of all believers and a missional ecclesiology that presupposes God’s involvement in all aspects...

  6. Le sacerdoce de tous les étudiants
    Le sacerdoce de tous les étudiants
    ISBN: 9781839738685

    S’appuyant sur des archives et des témoignages de première main, cet ouvrage explore l’histoire, la théologie et la missiologie de l’International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). L’auteur examine comment l’engagement de l’IFES, en faveur de l’immédiateté, de la médiation et de la participation, est fondé sur une croyance ferme dans le sacerdoce de tous les croyants et sur une...

  7. Building the Whole Church
    Building the Whole Church
    ISBN: 9781839738593

    Engaging qualitative research from South Asia, Dr. Jessy Jaison demonstrates that both formal and non-formal approaches to theological training can support the church’s missional calling. Not only will readers be introduced to theological education in the the South Asian context, they will also benefit from the practical and collaborative model demonstrated and how they can revitalize the...

  8. Called to Discipleship
    Called to Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839738616

    Drawing on Jesus’s example in the Gospel of Mark, this book offers an in-depth exploration of the nature of discipleship. A tool to help readers draw close to Jesus, it presents discipleship as a way of life centred on the journey back to God. At a time when secular culture is rediscovering the benefits of discipleship, this book invites readers into a powerful experience of identity formation...

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