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  1. Unashamed Servant-Leadership
    Unashamed Servant-Leadership
    ISBN: 9781783683666

    Dr Rajagopal’s rigorous examination of the Asian social, cultural and theological context in relation to women in Christian leadership builds a strong platform for their stories from across Asia to resound off the pages of this book. This thorough study not only illuminates the Asian context but is eminently transferable to other parts of the Majority World and the West in pursuit of releasing...

  2. The Missiology Behind the Story
    The Missiology Behind the Story
    ISBN: 9781783685981

    This book provides a fresh look at the theology driving Christian mission and at emerging ministry models by addressing ten aspects of missio Dei in the Middle Eastern context. Subjects like church planting, discipleship, media, and peace building are introduced with their historical background, and contemporary stories and case studies of transformative work in the MENA region. All Christians...

  3. Philippians
    ISBN: 9781783685851

    Asian Christians will identify with the context of the epistle to the Philippians – a church hemmed in on every side. The internal struggles of the community, personality conflicts among leaders, division within the church, and challenges from false teachers coupled with the violent threat from outside the church parallels the situation in many parts of Asia. This commentary studies the text...

Items 91-100 of 214

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