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  1. Vers un modèle africain de dialogue interreligieux
    Vers un modèle africain de dialogue interreligieux
    ISBN: 9781839738692

    Dans cette étude, l’auteur a développé une méthodologie de recherche africaine de dialogue interreligieux, basée sur une expérience au pays Maxi au Bénin. Cette expérience a été réalisée chez un peuple verbomoteur, dans un contexte de vodun, pour la résolution de conflits impliquant des communautés chrétiennes. Cet ouvrage est pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent à la résolution de conflits...

  2. Religion, Leadership and Development
    Religion, Leadership and Development
    ISBN: 9781839737923

    Drawing on empirical research and utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that engages bothdevelopment and theology, this study explores the church’s role – both spiritual and pragmatic – infacilitating societal transformation in African countries, specifically Nigeria. Highlighting the importance of ecclesiastical leadership in mobilizing religious communities to partner with sociopolitical...

  3. Called to Discipleship
    Called to Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839738616

    Drawing on Jesus’s example in the Gospel of Mark, this book offers an in-depth exploration of the nature of discipleship. A tool to help readers draw close to Jesus, it presents discipleship as a way of life centred on the journey back to God. At a time when secular culture is rediscovering the benefits of discipleship, this book invites readers into a powerful experience of identity formation...

  4. Development as Peace
    Development as Peace
    ISBN: 9781839736452

    The colonial definition of development has not served Africa well. While Western assessments have generally revolved around a nation’s GDP, infrastructure, and the like, African cultures, and the Yoruba people in particular, have traditionally measured development in relation to the amount of peace experienced in a society and the wellbeing of its people. In this study, Dr. Adegbile examines...

  5. Byang Kato
    Byang Kato
    ISBN: 9781839736674

    In this in-depth study of the legacy of Byang Kato, Dr. Foday-Khabenje traces his extraordinary life from a boyhood immersed in African traditional religion to his conversion to Christianity as a young man, his global leadership within the evangelical church, and the long-lasting impact of his prophetic voice. In an age that seeks to de-emphasize the uniqueness of Christ, Kato’s testimony of...

  6. Building the Whole Church
    Building the Whole Church
    ISBN: 9781839738593

    Engaging qualitative research from South Asia, Dr. Jessy Jaison demonstrates that both formal and non-formal approaches to theological training can support the church’s missional calling. Not only will readers be introduced to theological education in the the South Asian context, they will also benefit from the practical and collaborative model demonstrated and how they can revitalize the...

  7. Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839736636

    Today’s youth grow up immersed in digital technology. This presents a unique challenge to the church as it seeks to faithfully make disciples of the next generation. What does it look like – theologically and practically – to minister contextually to those whose lives are permeated by social media and digital culture? In this in-depth study, Dr. Vo Huong Nam offers both social and theological...

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