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  1. Seeing and Showing the Unseen
    Seeing and Showing the Unseen
    ISBN: 9781839737930

    Exploring how the God of Scripture reveals himself through metaphor and imagery, Dr. Adam Szumorek utilizes Cognitive Linguistics to help students, teachers, and preachers understand how meaning is communicated in Scripture and conceptualized within the human brain. He provides a theological framework for applying Cognitive Linguistics in biblical exegesis, demonstrating its value in aiding...

  2. Religion, Leadership and Development
    Religion, Leadership and Development
    ISBN: 9781839737923

    Drawing on empirical research and utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that engages bothdevelopment and theology, this study explores the church’s role – both spiritual and pragmatic – infacilitating societal transformation in African countries, specifically Nigeria. Highlighting the importance of ecclesiastical leadership in mobilizing religious communities to partner with sociopolitical...

  3. Called to Discipleship
    Called to Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839738616

    Drawing on Jesus’s example in the Gospel of Mark, this book offers an in-depth exploration of the nature of discipleship. A tool to help readers draw close to Jesus, it presents discipleship as a way of life centred on the journey back to God. At a time when secular culture is rediscovering the benefits of discipleship, this book invites readers into a powerful experience of identity formation...

  4. Development as Peace
    Development as Peace
    ISBN: 9781839736452

    The colonial definition of development has not served Africa well. While Western assessments have generally revolved around a nation’s GDP, infrastructure, and the like, African cultures, and the Yoruba people in particular, have traditionally measured development in relation to the amount of peace experienced in a society and the wellbeing of its people. In this study, Dr. Adegbile examines...

  5. Byang Kato
    Byang Kato
    ISBN: 9781839736674

    In this in-depth study of the legacy of Byang Kato, Dr. Foday-Khabenje traces his extraordinary life from a boyhood immersed in African traditional religion to his conversion to Christianity as a young man, his global leadership within the evangelical church, and the long-lasting impact of his prophetic voice. In an age that seeks to de-emphasize the uniqueness of Christ, Kato’s testimony of...

  6. Building the Whole Church
    Building the Whole Church
    ISBN: 9781839738593

    Engaging qualitative research from South Asia, Dr. Jessy Jaison demonstrates that both formal and non-formal approaches to theological training can support the church’s missional calling. Not only will readers be introduced to theological education in the the South Asian context, they will also benefit from the practical and collaborative model demonstrated and how they can revitalize the...

  7. Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    Digital Media and Youth Discipleship
    ISBN: 9781839736636

    Today’s youth grow up immersed in digital technology. This presents a unique challenge to the church as it seeks to faithfully make disciples of the next generation. What does it look like – theologically and practically – to minister contextually to those whose lives are permeated by social media and digital culture? In this in-depth study, Dr. Vo Huong Nam offers both social and theological...

  8. A Free Church in a Free State
    A Free Church in a Free State
    ISBN: 9781839736520

    How does Christ call his people to engage the societies, cultures, and politics of the nations they call home? Bridging cultures and time periods, Dr. Surya Harefa brings Abraham’s Kuyper’s ecclesiology to bear on questions of Japanese Christian engagement within the political sphere. Harefa offers a contextually robust exploration of evangelical Japanese approaches to ecclesiology and...

  9. The Priesthood of All Students
    The Priesthood of All Students
    ISBN: 9781839738326

    Drawing on archival records and firsthand accounts, this work explores the history, theology, and missiology of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). It examines how IFES’s commitment to immediacy, mediation, and participation are grounded upon a firm belief in the priesthood of all believers and a missional ecclesiology that presupposes God’s involvement in all aspects...

  10. In the Midst of Much-Doing
    In the Midst of Much-Doing
    ISBN: 9781839732430

    How are we to sustain activism and compassion amidst the never-ending crises of the twenty-first century? To effectively serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, the church must attend to the revitalization of its inner life through the spiritual practices which feed, support, and sustain the work of the kingdom. This book inspires us to integrate spiritual renewal and prophetic witness for the...

  11. Spectacular Atonement
    Spectacular Atonement
    ISBN: 9781839737367

    There are many books about the cross of Christ, but few are written from an African perspective or with an African context in mind. In this book, Dr. Falconer offers the reader a holistic understanding of Jesus’s atoning work that powerfully addresses African realities and concerns. Presenting a biblical perspective of the cross – one rooted in penal substitution and Christus Victor theology –...

  12. 1 Timothy
    1 Timothy
    ISBN: 9781839738135

    1 Timothy shows how Christians can live in harmony and with integrity in a society of people with differing religious and cultural beliefs and values. This commentary provides an exposition of 1 Timothy’s message, which is relevant to many theological and pastoral situations faced by Asian church communities today. Along with the detailed commentary, the authors provide cultural reflections on...

  13. Ama Namin
    Ama Namin
    ISBN: 9781839732676

    Ama Namin brings together the voices of Filipino evangelical scholars in a profound work of contextual and biblical theology. Each chapter explores a portion of the Lord’s Prayer against the backdrop of Scripture and the foreground of Philippine life and spirituality. Contributors examine the rich history of the Lord’s Prayer in the Philippines as well as its implications for the Philippines’...

  14. Can a Christian Be Cursed?
    Can a Christian Be Cursed?
    ISBN: 9781839738265

    The belief in curses is widespread in Africa, impacting the lived reality of both Christians and non-Christians alike. In this book, Godwin Adeboye provides practical, biblical, and contextual guidelines for addressing the African conception of cursing, and for ministering to the fear and confusion such cursing elicits. This is an excellent resource to empower believers to confront their fear...

  15. Drums of Redemption
    Drums of Redemption
    ISBN: 9781839732317

    Across the African continent, nations are grappling with issues of genocide, terrorism, political instability, ethnic division, abject poverty, environmental degradation, and the rapid erosion of community life and values. Addressing every book of the New Testament, Drums of Redemption is contextually relevant, biblically rooted, and radically hope-filled as it casts a vision for how Christ’s...

  16. God, I’m Angry!
    God, I’m Angry!
    ISBN: 9781839736858

    Rev. Dr. Maggie Low debunks unhealthy assumptions about anger and forgiveness, laying the groundwork for a biblical understanding of righteous anger, conditional forgiveness, and unconditional love. Alongside profound theological insight, this book provides a step-by-step guide for application in pastoral counselling contexts and includes real life examples from Low’s extensive ministry...

  17. Transforming Church
    Transforming Church
    ISBN: 9781839737305

    The area of community development provides a unique opportunity for the church to partner with God in his mission to see the world transformed. In Transforming Church, Tim Monger draws from over a decade of experience working in integral mission alongside local congregations in East Africa. Providing an overview of the current landscape of African community development, he engages the question...

  18. A Tapestry of Global Christology
    A Tapestry of Global Christology
    ISBN: 9781839732362

    Who is Jesus Christ in a context of violence and bloodshed? This is the question at the heart of Dr. Isuwa Atsen’s study of global Christology. Dr. Isuwa Atsen weaves together three diverse christological approaches, examining the intersection of contextual theology, analytic theology, and the theological interpretation of Scripture. This is an excellent resource for theologians, students, and...

  19. Honor and Shame in 1 Samuel 1–7
    Honor and Shame in 1 Samuel 1–7
    ISBN: 9781839736032

    For many cultures throughout history, honor and shame have been foundational concepts for understanding and evaluating reality. In this study of the first seven chapters of 1 Samuel, Dr. Bin Kang establishes that ancient Israel was such a culture. He demonstrates the narrator’s intentional juxtaposition of honor and shame at the beginning of Samuel’s narrative, and its role in establishing a...

  20. “Silence” in Translation
    “Silence” in Translation
    ISBN: 9781839732164

    The role of women in the church has long been a contentious topic for Christians. In this groundbreaking study, Dr. Anna Sui Hluan critically examines the understanding of “silence” within the Myanmar context, specifically as it impacts the church’s interpretation of 1 Corinthians 14:34–35. This interdisciplinary study combines cultural and linguistic awareness, a critical analysis of...

  21. Ethnic Diversity and Reconciliation
    Ethnic Diversity and Reconciliation
    ISBN: 9781839736506

    Ethnic Diversity and Reconciliation explores the implications of the church’s radical call to inclusive community in the context of Myanmar’s long history of ethnic conflict. Dr. Arend van Dorp outlines the theological foundations for understanding the church’s mandate as a diverse and unified missional body, while also engaging the very real challenges posed to this mandate by the cultural,...

  22. Stories That Serve
    Stories That Serve
    ISBN: 9781839736544

    Stories are a powerful tool in the hands of a preacher. This concise book serves as an excellent introduction to the role of storytelling in expository preaching. Ed Moll, a seasoned preacher and preaching trainer, offers readers a comprehensive guide to the types of stories that can support biblical teaching, from simple images and metaphors to full-fledged narratives, illustrating how each...

  23. Faith That Indigenizes
    Faith That Indigenizes
    ISBN: 9781839735875

    In this important work, Dr. Vargas explores the interplay between Neo-Pentecostalism and Aimaran indigenous identity in La Paz, Bolivia, identifying how the integration of the two has led to social, political, and economic transformation. This study offers insight into the growing impact of the Neo-Pentecostal movement, both in Latin America and beyond, as well as the significant role of...

  24. Endangered Moral Values
    Endangered Moral Values
    ISBN: 9781839732102

    The erosion of moral values on a global scale has left nations vulnerable to greed, power, and violence as the shaping forces of culture. In the absence of an ethical foundation, corruption reverberates through public life, destabilizing countries and undermining human flourishing. Examining the many challenges facing Nigeria in the twenty-first century, Dr. Agang suggests that his homeland is...

  25. God Is in the House
    God Is in the House
    ISBN: 9781839732720

    Good preaching is not simply a matter of communicating the gospel message - it is an invitation to encounter the living God who dwells within that message. Distilling forty years of preaching experience into a single book, God Is in the House is a highly practical tool for all those seeking to strengthen their preaching ministry. It offers a fresh, imaginative model for thinking about the...

  26. Psalms 73–150
    Psalms 73–150
    ISBN: 9781839732645

    This commentary on Psalms 73–150 provides an exposition that the reader can engage with in their own community of faith in the Asian cultural context. Along with a commentary on each Psalm, Dr. Federico G. Villanueva provides cultural reflections on a wide variety of relevant topics that include, “The Challenge of Lament to Asian Christians” and “Psalm 109 and the Filipino Concept of...

  27. The Cross or Prosperity Gospel
    The Cross or Prosperity Gospel
    ISBN: 9781839735356

    Are Christians meant to experience suffering? Christ is risen, the kingdom of heaven is at hand, yet sickness, poverty, and persecution continue to be daily realities for Christians around the world. In this study of martyrdom and persecution in the early church, Rev. Dr. Boamah reminds us that there is no Christianity without a cross and that suffering has played a prominent role in church...

  28. A Cry For Help
    A Cry For Help
    ISBN: 9781839735721

    With tensions between Christians and non-Christians on the rise in many areas of the world, the question of how the church is to respond to religious violence is a pressing one, encompassing issues of ecclesiology, theology, and missiology. Dr. Dadang explores the contextual realities that have led some believers in Northern Nigeria to embrace violence as a justifiable response to persecution.

  29. Islam on Trial
    Islam on Trial
    ISBN: 9781839735813

    As an Arab Christian from the Middle East, Dr. Chawkat Moucarry has spent his life engaging with Islam both personally and academically. In this book, he provides non-Muslims with a foundation for understanding Muslim faith and practice, while offering insight into the complex relationship between Islam, culture, and politics. He challenges members of both religions to engage in genuine...

  30. Spirit-Empowered Witness
    Spirit-Empowered Witness
    ISBN: 9781839735868

    The witness of Jesus Christ and his disciples was accompanied by mighty words and mighty works. Drawing on the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Gambo demonstrates that this power came from the anointing of the Holy Spirit, without which neither Jesus nor his disciples would have been able to fulfil their ministry. Gambo utilizes an exegetical analysis to develop a theology of...

  31. Integration
    ISBN: 9781839735899

    The call for integration in theological education is a call for theological training that reverberates through the whole person: from the head, to the heart, to the hands. In this book, Dr. David C. Wright provides a powerful biblical and pedagogical framework for holistic learning, exploring current approaches to integration through the lens of Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus.

  32. The God That the Poor Seek
    The God That the Poor Seek
    ISBN: 9781839732737

    The assumption that conversion looks the same regardless of culture or religious context is challenged by a growing number of missiologists, both in the Majority World and in the West. In this book, Rupen Das explores the particularities of conversion for some of the world’s poorest populations. Sharing the stories of Syrian refugees and Indian slum dwellers, Das positions their voices within...

  33. 1 & 2 Kings
    1 & 2 Kings
    ISBN: 9781839730696

    1 & 2 Kings provide a history of the kings of Judah and Israel. They detail the engagements between priests and prophets, prophets and kings, and royal court and military commanders on issues such as justice, power, and seeking divine and human guidance in times of war and peace. The narratives in these books tell of God’s activities in the history of the Israelites fulfilling his promises and...

  34. How Am I Going to Grow Up?
    How Am I Going to Grow Up?
    ISBN: 9781839732263

    In this study, Dr. Enoch Wong explores the “silent exodus” of Canadian-born Chinese from their parents’ churches, tracing their journeys to negotiate their cultural, ethnic, and faith identities for themselves. This multi-case inquiry offers insight into the concerns of Canadian-born Chinese evangelicals and the cultural and generational conflicts that prompt them to search for new communities...

  35. Blessed New Humanity in Christ
    Blessed New Humanity in Christ
    ISBN: 9781839732300

    When surrounded by ethnic and tribal divides, fear of demonic forces, and the threat of poverty, war, and disease, how are Christians to resist despair in the face of suffering – their own and that of their communities? In Blessed New Humanity in Christ, Rev. Prof. Bitrus A. Sarma offers a contextualized reading of the book of Ephesians that provides a theology of hope for the African church.

  36. Kwame Bediako
    Kwame Bediako
    ISBN: 9781839730733

    Kwame Bediako was one of the great African theologians of his generation. Challenging the assumption that Christianity is a Western religion, he presented a non-Western foundation for theological reflection, expanded the Christian theological imagination, and offered a path forward for post-Christendom theologies. Kwame Bediako: African Theology for a World Christianity is the first...

  37. Women in Mission
    Women in Mission
    ISBN: 9781839732096

    Women in Mission explores the powerful legacy of women in SIM (formerly, Sudan Interior Mission) and the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), demonstrating that from the beginning women have been active and essential participants in the work of God in Nigeria. Dr. Lami Rikwe Ibrahim Bakari examines various theological and cultural frameworks for understanding the role of women in society...

  38. The Wayfarer
    The Wayfarer
    ISBN: 9781839732256


    Scripture testifies to God’s care for displaced peoples. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is a narrative filled with migrants, with refugees, and with wayfarers. Even God himself is shown to be “on the move” – a God who does not stay on one side of the border but crosses over to save his people. In The Wayfarer, Dr. Barnabé Anzuruni Msabah...

  39. Expository Preaching in Africa
    Expository Preaching in Africa
    ISBN: 9781839732140

    How can expository preaching, rooted in a textual analysis of Scripture, be effectively utilized in oral cultures? In Expository Preaching in Africa, Ezekiel A. Ajibade engages this challenge directly, offering practical techniques for integrating African oral elements into preaching that is both biblical and African. Alongside numerous examples and tools, Ajibade provides a rich overview of...

  40. Sermon Listening
    Sermon Listening
    ISBN: 9781839732218

    The purpose of preaching has always been to edify, encourage, and emphasize the positive effects of coming together as a people of God. Yet there remains an inconsistency between the intended goals of preaching and the subjective perception of the listeners. In this homiletical study, Dr. Enoh Šeba provides fresh insight into the “turn to the listener” model and offers a theologically...

  41. Joel, Nahum, and Malachi
    Joel, Nahum, and Malachi
    ISBN: 9781839732652

    The three prophets – Joel, Nahum, and Malachi – speak to the challenges of their own day. Joel, following a locust plague, confronts the people of a bigger impending catastrophe that they could avoid if they return to God with prayers. Nahum depicts the wrath of God against an oppressive country. Malachi calls the people to honor the unchanging God who continues to care for them, even if they...

  42. Revelation and Grace
    Revelation and Grace
    ISBN: 9781839732195

    Our globalized world, with its increasingly pluralistic societies, necessitates a theological framework that enables Christians to embrace their neighbors without compromising the essential components of their own faith. In this book, Dr. Djung explores the ways in which Hendrik Kraemer’s theology of religions offers the church such a framework. By placing Kraemer in conversation with other...

  43. God of the Remnant
    God of the Remnant
    ISBN: 9781839730580

    In this book, Dr. Agang addresses the discrimination, oppression, and violence facing minorities in Africa and the church’s calling to stand against such injustice. Drawing upon covenantal theology and the biblical motif of a remnant, Agang explores God’s heart for those commonly devalued, silenced, excluded, and ignored. This book is a powerful reminder of the source of true identity and the...

  44. The Five Phases of Leadership
    The Five Phases of Leadership
    ISBN: 9781839730689

    The Five Phases of Leadership is a book written by a practitioner for practitioners. Organized around five stages of leadership – establishing trust, cultivating leaders, discerning vision, implementing plans and transitioning out – this book offers an overview of the leadership life cycle from a distinctively Christian perspective. Dr. Justyn Terry draws on over twenty years of leadership...

  45. The Church and Politics
    The Church and Politics
    ISBN: 9781839734144

    The Church and Politics offers an introduction to African political theology that is thorough, practical, and deeply powerful. From traditional power structures to the political ramifications of colonialism, Dr. Bernard Boyo provides a foundation for understanding Africa’s contemporary political concerns in their cultural and historical context. Alongside this overview of African political...

  46. Reading Jeremiah in Africa
    Reading Jeremiah in Africa
    ISBN: 9781839732133

    Dr. Katho offers a study that is both accessible and deeply relevant to the particularities of an African context. In a series of ten selected passages, Dr. Katho demonstrates the many parallels between Jeremiah’s Judah and a continent that continues to experience the complex and devastating realities of poverty, injustice, and war. It is a book of hope, and Katho, like Jeremiah, dares to...

  47. Dialogue of Life
    Dialogue of Life
    ISBN: 9781839732171

    The status of the global church is often that of a sociopolitical minority, at odds politically, religiously, and socially with the nations that encompass it. In such contexts, how is the church to faithfully uphold its missional calling?

    In this in-depth study of Chinese Christians living in Sabah, Malaysia, Dr. Khee-Vun Lin engages missiology and political theology to address the practical...

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