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ISBN: 9781839735325
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 24
Publication Date: 31/10/2021
Pages: 478
Series: Africa Society of Evangelical Theology Series
Language: English

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Christology in Africa


For the church, there can be no more significant question than Christ’s Who do you say that I am? It is the cornerstone upon which all of Christian faith and praxis must stand.

In this volume, the sixth from the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology, contributors explore the question of Christ’s identity – and its implications for the global church – from a distinctly African perspective. Engaging biblical studies, church history, and applications for missions, discipleship, and inter-religious dialogue, these essays utilize African hermeneutics and rich cultural perspectives to shed light on Christ’s contextual relevance for Africa and for the world. The final section is dedicated to the memory of John S. Mbiti, the father of modern African theology, who passed away in 2019.

Author Bios

Rodney L. Reed
(Edited By)

RODNEY L. REED is a missionary educator who has been serving at Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya, since 2001. Currently, he is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, a position he has held since 2010. Prior to that, he served as the Chair of the Department of Religion for nine years. He holds a PhD in Theological Ethics from Drew University and is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene.

David K. Ngaruiya
(Edited By)

DAVID K. NGARUIYA is an Associate Professor and former Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Director of PhD in Theological Studies Program at International Leadership University. He holds a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He served as chair of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology (2015–2016). He has published journal and book articles and served as co-editor and contributor to Communities of Faith in Africa and African Diaspora (Pickwick Publications, 2013) and was a director of the research study that produced African Christian Leadership (Langham Global Library, 2019).


Navigating the labyrinth of African christological narratives that present Christ inter-alia as revealer, mediator, emancipator and finally judge, the writers, with consummate hermeneutical dexterity provide a biblical African narrative of who Christ is – a narrative that is not revealed by “flesh or blood.Consequently, this book connects the experiential narratives of Christ to his wholistic divine description as “Christ, the Son of the Living God.” The added portion relating to Mbiti’s life, times and work provides a succinct model of African scholarship for emerging African theologians and for the many who want to remain and live as authentic Christian Africans. This is a clear approach to the muddy waters of African Christology and a must-read for all who care about the Christian African faith.

John Jusu, PhD
Regional Director for Anglophone Africa,
Overseas Council International

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Part One: Christ in the Bible
    1. 1 Marital Infidelity through an African Women’s Christological Hermeneutic
      1. A Dramatized Rereading of the Narrative of the Woman Caught in Adultery (John 7:53 – 8:11)
        1. Telesia K. Musili
    2. 2 An East African Perspective on Jesus as Revealer of the Father through His Use of the Friend at Midnight Parable as a Means for Teaching Powerful Prayer (Luke 11:1–13)
        1. Timothy J. Monger
    3. 3 Embracing Hybridity in Imaging Christ for Egalitarian Church Leadership through a Rereading of John 4:1–42
        1. Lydia Chemei
    4. 4 Exploring the Multidimensional Nature of Christology in Galatians through the Lens of an African Hermeneutic
        1. Elizabeth W. Mburu
    5. 5 The Crucified and Cursed Christ as the Ultimate Curse-Remover in Galatians 3:1–14 and Its Implications
        1. Elkanah Kiprop Cheboi
    6. 6 The Benefaction of the Messiah as the Supreme King in the Context of the Greco-Roman Ethic of Reciprocity
      1. An Exegetical Analysis of Romans 5:6–8
        1. Enoch O. Okode
    7. 7 Paul’s Use of Μιμηταί and Its Relationship to His Christology
        1. Gift Mtukwa
    8. 8 A Christological Reading of Ephesians 5:21–33
      1. Christ as a Model for Married Men in Africa
        1. Moses Iliya Ogidis
  4. Part Two: Christ in Theology and Church History
    1. 9 Christology in Africa En Route
      1. Encounter between Biblical and Indigenous African Concepts
        1. Daniel Mwailu
    2. 10 Jewish Messianism of the Intertestamental Period and Christological Confessions of the Early Church and Their Implications for African Christology
        1. Juliana Nzuki and Elkanah Kiprop Cheboi
    3. 11 The Unitive Understanding of the Person of Christ in Cyril of Alexandria’s Christology and Its Relevance for Contemporary African Christianity
        1. Henry Marcus Garba
    4. 12 Who Are You for Us, Yesu Kristo? Christological Confessions of the Early Church in Contemporary Africa
      1. A Methodological Question
        1. John Michael Kiboi
    5. 13 Jesus Christ as Ker
      1. Toward an African High Priest Christology
        1. E. Okelloh Ogera
    6. 14 The Forgiven and Forgiving Body of Christ
      1. Musekura’s Communal Perspective on Forgiveness in Dialogue with African Wisdom
        1. Stephanie A. Lowery
    7. 15 African Images of Christ
      1. “Jesus as Healer”: Narratives and Treatable but as Yet Incurable Illness
        1. Thandi Soko-de Jong
  5. Part Three: Christ in Praxis
    1. 16 Who Do You See and Say That I Am?
      1. Responses of Thirty-Seven St. Paul’s University Staff and Students after Viewing Drawings of Jesus from African Posters to Teach the Bible and Vie de Jésus Mafa
        1. Rowland D. Van Es Jr.
    2. 17 “Missionaries Did Not Bring Christ to Africa – Christ Brought Them” (Bediako/Mbiti)
      1. Christ’s Lordship in Mission in African Theology
        1. Alistair I. Wilson
    3. 18 Jesus in Islam
      1. A Theological Argument with a Missional Response
        1. Lawrence Oseje
    4. 19 Jesus in Islam
      1. Meaning and Theological Implications for Christian–Muslim Engagement
        1. Billy Chilongo Sichone
  6. Part Four: Tributes to the Late Professor John S. Mbiti
    1. 20 John Mbiti’s Perspective on Theological and Missiological Issues with Respect to Christianity and African Traditional Religion
        1. David K. Ngaruiya
    2. 21 Reflection on John S. Mbiti
        1. Esther Mombo
    3. 22 The Life and Legacy of the Late John S. Mbiti
      1. A Tribute
        1. James Nkansah-Obrempong
    4. 23 A Tribute to John S. Mbiti
        1. Jesse N. K. Mugambi
    5. 24 A Tribute to John S. Mbiti
        1. Samuel Ngewa
  7. List of Contributors
  8. Subject Index
  9. Scripture Index

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