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ISBN: 9781783683666
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 9
Publication Date: 14/12/2017
Pages: 168
Language: English

Unashamed Servant-Leadership


Asian Christian female servant-leaders have faced painful and humbling experiences in their leadership development – at every turn and at every corner. Asian women who are evangelical servant-leaders rarely have any real “voice” in their community. In this book, Rachel Rajagopal enrols ten servant-leaders who, speaking as one, seek to have their collective voice heard, recognized and valued. The testimonies of these women’s encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ and their personal obedience to God’s call, despite their challenges as female ministry leaders, are powerful examples of God using women in his sovereign plan. Many of the hindrances these servant-leaders encountered were simply because God made them women. Dr Rajagopal’s rigorous examination of the Asian social, cultural and theological context in relation to women in Christian leadership allows these stories to jump off the pages and into readers’ hearts. This thorough study not only illuminates the Asian context but is eminently transferable to other parts of the world in pursuit of releasing women into their gifting from God.

Author Bios

Rachel Rajagopal

RACHEL RAJAGOPAL has an MA in Education and Intercultural Studies from Singapore Bible College, and a DMin in Intercultural Studies from Tabor College, Adelaide, Australia. She is Founder and Executive Director of Faith Ablaze International Ministries (FAIM) and engages in intercultural and pastoral training in various nations. Rachel has been involved in missions for over twenty years. Her passion is to see others live honourable, Christ-centered lives.


This book is deeply insightful and has uncommon content with academic rigor. I am sure that this book will be a valuable asset to the Asian Christian community and, in particular, a great inspiration to the Christian women of Asia. It’s a must-read!

Sundar Sangma
Vice President,
International Ministry Development, Haggai Institute

I trust that many will read this book and that the stories of these daughters of Asia will bless men and women, and give courage especially to Asian women to rise up and let God use them for his kingdom work and his greater glory.

Violet James, PhD
Singapore Bible College, Singapore

It is about time that we heard the voices of Asian Christian women servant-leaders. We need to understand, be increasingly aware of, and recognize their contribution in national, regional, and global leadership contexts.This book is a must-read!

Sierry Tendero, EdD
Adviser, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) Women’s Commission
Missions Director, Kamuning Bible Christian Fellowship

As the Majority World church continues to swell, Unashamed Servant-Leadership is an important addition to leadership and missional libraries.

Karen Hatley, PhD
Author and Professor,
Missional Leadership, Missional University

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. List of Tables and Map
    1. Map

  4. Chapter 1 – Self-Retrospection: Being an Asian, Female and Servant-Leader in the Christian Environment
    1. Life Narratives with a Purpose
    2. Summary
  5. Chapter 2 – The Lack of Voice among Asian Christian Women Servant-Leaders
    1. Possible Negative Effects of Culture and Traditions
    2. Understanding Asian Society and Women
    3. Cultural and Religious Portraits of Asian Women
    4. Summary
  6. Chapter 3 – Understanding Asian Evangelical Christian Servant-Leaders
    1. An Evangelical Understanding of Being a Christian
    2. Evangelical Theology in the Asian Context
    3. Biblical Servant-Leadership
    4. Biblical Servant-Leadership Qualities
    5. Pandita Ramabai: Woman of the Millennium
    6. Summary
  7. Chapter 4 – The Complexities of Servant-Leadership in a Christian Environment
    1. Preparation of Christian Leaders
    2. Challenges Encountered by Christian Leaders
    3. Women in Christian Servant-Leadership: Ongoing Tensions
    4. Summary
  8. Chapter 5 – Re-narrating the Narratives
    1. Narrative Inquiry and Analysis
    2. Engaging with Ethical Issues
    3. Summary
  9. Chapter 6 – Daughters of Asia
    1. Daughters of Asia: Personal Information
    2. Daughters of Asia: Spiritual Life Information
    3. Testimony 1: Stepping into a Pastor’s Shoes (South Korea)
    4. Testimony 2: Embracing the Precious Self in Christ (South Korea)
    5. Testimony 3: Breaking Cultural Mindsets (India/Middle East)
    6. Testimony 4: Standing Up for Christ (India/Middle East)
    7. Testimony 5: Serving Christ Till the Last Breath (Singapore)
    8. Testimony 6: A Second Chance for Godly Excellence (Singapore)
    9. Testimony 7: Born to Lead (Singapore)
    10. Testimony 8: Motherhood Is Leadership (Singapore)
    11. Testimony 9: Being Faithful to the Call of God (Malaysia)
    12. Testimony 10: Fulfilling the Call (Middle East)
    13. Summary
  10. Chapter 7 – Christian Growth among Asian Christian Women Servant-Leaders According to the Narratives
    1. Saving the Women
    2. Growing as Christ-Centered Women
    3. Discussion
    4. Summary
  11. Chapter 8 – Call to Serve by Leading According to the Narratives
    1. Obeying the Call to Leadership
    2. Educational Opportunities and Lifelong Learning Attitudes
    3. Discussion
    4. Summary
  12. Chapter 9 – Christian Leadership According to the Narratives
    1. Definition of Christian Leadership According to Asian Christian Women Servant-Leaders
    2. Leadership Qualities of Asian Christian Women Leaders
    3. Challenges to Asian Christian Women’s Leadership Growth
    4. Management of Challenges Experienced by Asian Christian Women Servant-Leaders
    5. Discussion
    6. Summary
  13. Chapter 10 – Opinions
    1. The Responses
    2. The Influence of Culture and Theology
    3. Christian Leadership According to the Narratives
    4. Role Modeling and Mentoring
    5. The Asian Church’s Responsibility in Creatively Communicating the Gospel
    6. Conclusion

  14. References