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ISBN: 9781839730856
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Edition: 2nd
Dimensions (mm): 244 x 170 x 20
Publication Date: 31/01/2022
Pages: 382
Language: English

Transforming Theological Education, 2nd Edition

A Practical Handbook for Integrated Learning


For several decades concern has been expressed about the need for greater integration and contextual significance in the curricular design of theological education. In addition, there has been a growing awareness of the role theological schools should play in strengthening the missional vision and practice of local churches. Drawing on Dr. Perry Shaw’s experience as faculty member, educational engineer, and acting academic dean for Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Transforming Theological Education provides theoretical foundations and practical principles for purposeful curriculum design, as well as tools for facilitating integrated and contextually significant learning in the classroom.

This updated second edition has been reorganized for thematic clarity and expanded to provide a stronger foundation for thinking theologically – rather than just educationally – about theological education. It also contains a wider range of curricular examples from innovative theological programs around the world, along with practical advice for implementing change in change- resistant environments. This handbook continues to be a one-of-a-kind resource for theological educators and all those involved in Christian leadership training.

Author Bios

Perry Shaw

Perry Shaw is Researcher in Residence at Morling College, Sydney, Australia, and author of Transforming Theological Education. Prior to moving to Australia, Perry and his family served from 1990 to 2019 in the Middle East. During the 1990s, he helped to establish extension centres in Syria for the PTEE (the Programme for Theological Education by Extension). He then taught at the Near East School of Theology (Beirut) during the early years of the millennium, joining the Faculty of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS, Beirut) in 2007, where he served as Professor of Education. While at ABTS, Perry was closely involved in the development of their highly innovative curriculum, while also becoming increasingly involved in international consultancy for theological education. Perry has authored two TEE texts, The Acts of the Apostles and The Art of Teaching and co-edited the collection Challenging Tradition: Innovation in Advanced Theological Education. He has also published numerous articles in the fields of theological education, intercultural studies, and Christian leadership.


I strongly commend this book to every seminary – from the senior leadership to the most junior faculty member. Read it and learn. Read it and change!

Langham Partnership International

What I find most useful is Shaw’s steadfast and unapologetic focus on the church and praxis as key components of a healthy theological education. Scholars and students of Christian theological education will find this expanded edition a gem and a resource to behold.

Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa

In the revised and expanded edition, Perry Shaw envisions theological education that effectively serves churches in fulfilling God’s mission in the world. I highly recommend this book as a guide in rethinking, revising, and revitalizing theological education for its crucial task of developing missional leaders!

Asia Theological Association

Academic leaders and faculty serving in institutions of theological education will find this an inspiring resource for remaining relevant in a rapidly changing and convulsing world.

International Council for Evangelical Theological Education

Transforming Theological Education provides an approach that integrates and values authentic worship, missional vitality, Christ-like leadership, discipleship, empowerment, reflective practice, community cohesion, and personal and spiritual development. This book should be read and treasured by all theological educators and leaders of Christian churches and movements.

Stirling Theological College, Victoria, Australia

Table of Contents

  1. Preface to the Second Edition
  2. Preface to the First Edition
  3. Introduction: The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary Pilgrimage
  4. Part 1: Intentionality in Institutional Language and Culture
  5. Towards a Theology of Theological Education
  6. Asking the Right Questions (1)
    1. Appendix 2.1: ABTS Profile of the Ideal Christian Leader
  7. Asking the Right Questions (2)
    1. Appendix 3.1: Saïd and Mariam
    2. Appendix 3.2: The Right Question
  8. Models of Missional Curricula
    1. Appendix 4.1: Foundational Questions for Effective Theological Education
    2. Appendix 4.2: China Graduate School of Theology: Master of Divinity
    3. Appendix 4.3: Theological College of Zimbabwe: Transforming Worldviews
    4. Appendix 4.4: TEACH/LEARN “Curriculum”
  9. Outcomes-Based Assessment of the Curriculum
    1. Appendix 5.1: Reciprocal Student Evaluation of Self and Faculty at ABTS
  10. The Hidden and Null Curricula
  11. Beyond Fragmentation in the Curriculum
    1. Appendix 7.1: 2065 Empowering Servant Leaders Integrative Project
    2. Appendix 7.2: Project Shapes at ABTS
  12. Curricular Elements outside the Classroom
    1. Appendix 8.1: Public Speaking at ABTS Chapel: Syllabus
    2. Appendix 8.2: ABTS Theological Reflection Questions
    3. Appendix 8.3: Independent Learning Plan
  13. Promoting Change
  14. Part 2: Integrative and Transformative Learning
  15. Multidimensional Learning in Theological Education
  16. Deep Learning
  17. Culture, Gender and Learning in Theological Education
  18. Part 3: Intentionality in Class Instruction
  19. Course Design for Multidimensional Learning
    1. Appendix 13.1: Steps in Course Syllabus Design
    2. Appendix 13.2: Sample Syllabus: Biblical Theology
    3. Appendix 13.3: Verbs to Consider When Writing Aims
    4. Appendix 13.4: Creative Possibilities for Learning Tasks
  20. Lesson Planning for Deep Learning
    1. Appendix 14.1: Steps in Lesson Design
  21. Instructional Methods: Lecture and Discussion
  22. Instructional Methods: Creative Possibilities
  23. Question Design for Deep Learning
  24. Case Studies in Theological Education
  25. The Grading and Assessment of Students
    1. Appendix 19.1: ABTS Bachelor of Theology (BTh) Grade Descriptors
    2. Appendix 19.2: Rubric for the Assessment of Integrative Project
  26. Excellence in Teaching
  27. Epilogue: Steps on the Path
  28. Works Cited
  29. Author Index
  30. Subject Index
  31. Scripture Index

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