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ISBN: 9781907713774
Imprint: Langham Preaching Resources
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 9
Publication Date: 30/09/2016
Pages: 168
Language: English

The Dynamics of Biblical Preaching


The purpose of our lives is to know the God of the universe who made us and loves us. It is this purpose that biblical preaching meets through explaining God’s word. Biblical preaching centres around proclaiming God’s Word and preachers are to be mouthpieces for God as we encounter the living Christ through Scripture. Jonathan Lamb illustrates the power of God’s Word by focusing our attention on the heart, task and purpose of preaching by leading us through Nehemiah 8:1-12.

Reworked to benefit from the authors’ years of experience working alongside indigenous preaching movements around the world, this book includes excellent resources for group studies, preaching preparation and running a preachers’ group.

Author Bios

Jonathan Lamb

JONATHAN LAMB is an author and Bible teacher, and the minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries. For many years he served as Director of Langham Preaching and as a Vice President of IFES, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He frequently teaches and trains at events in different parts of the world, and is the author of several books, including a range of titles published by Langham Preaching Resources and IVP. Jonathan and his wife Margaret live in Oxford, and have three daughters and three grandchildren.


At last, a book on preaching for both preachers and listeners.

Tim Chester
The Porterbrook Network, UK

No reader can fail to be driven more deeply into the Word of God as the preacher’s source book and endless preoccupation, or to be renewed in determination to preach Jesus Christ as Lord. I feel personally very indebted to this book.

Alec Motyer
Author and Bible Expositor

Do not be deceived by this book’s simplicity of language. Take its instructions to heart, and you will soon be a person sent from God to your hearers.

Conrad Mbewe
Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church
Chancellor of the African Christian University, Lusaka, Zambia

Jonathan Lamb reminds us of the power of God’s Word to transform lives and the culture around us. He writes from his tremendous wealth of experience in pulpit ministry and training. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly.

Rebecca Manley Pippert
Author, Evangelist and Speaker

A fine book on biblical preaching from a master craftsman! Peppered with illustrations, worked examples and practical tools, The Dynamics of Biblical Preaching will challenge and help preachers and congregations alike.

John Risbridger
Chair of Keswick Ministries,
Minister and Team Leader of Above Bar Church, Southampton, UK

Jonathan Lamb has been a pioneer in training expository preaching movements in many countries around the world, including Latin America, and we are delighted that he is now sharing his experience with us. Through Nehemiah and Ezra’s journey, Jonathan shows us the essential elements of biblical preaching.

Igor Améstegui
Associate Director for Langham Preaching in Latin America

This is a refreshing, clear, helpful and accessible book which is the fruit of many years of faithful preaching and patient training of preachers. I particularly enjoyed the final section on the two-way dynamic with those who hear, and are shaped by, faithful expository preaching.

Christopher Ash
Director of the Proclamation Trust,
Cornhill Training Course, London

Jonathan Lamb is a rare combination: an exceptional preacher, a clear writer and an excellent coach. That’s what makes The Dynamics of Biblical Preaching such a treat: biblical, accessible, practical and quotable! Sell your shirt, extend the mortgage if necessary, but buy, read, mark and learn from this superb guide on the hows, whys and wherefores of preaching.

Steve Brady
Principal of Moorlands College, Christchurch, UK

This biblical and practical book is very timely because preaching really does matter! New preachers will find it an essential guide to laying good foundations for a lifetime of preaching. ‘Old hands’ will benefit enormously from this refreshing exploration of the preaching ministry.

Stephen Gaukroger
Author and Bible Teacher
Founder and Director of Clarion Trust International

As someone who rarely preaches, I wasn’t sure how helpful I would find this book. But it didn’t take me long before I realized the treasures it contained. [It] is great for the person setting out on a preaching ministry (actually, even if you have been preaching for many years this is brilliant revision!).

Clare Hendry
Assistant Minister, Grace Church, Muswell Hill, London
Assistant Tutor in Pastoral Theology at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, UK

I wish I could put this book, especially the foundational first three chapters, into the hands of every preacher. Forceful, true convictions married with godly practical advice make this one of the best books available on preaching.

Michael Raiter
Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching, Melbourne, Australia

Richly biblical, clearly written, owing from a life of pulpit ministry and ministry to others who preach, this volume deserves to be read. I hope that many – preachers and listeners to preaching alike – will take its insights to heart. When they do so, preaching will accomplish more of what God designed it to do.

Greg Scharf
Author and Professor of Pastoral Theology,
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Table of Contents

  1. Preface

  2. Introduction
  3. Part 1 - The Word of God and the Heart of Preaching
  4. Part 2 - The Teacher and the Work of Preaching
  5. Part 3 - The Congregation and the Purpose of Preaching

  6. Warm-Up

  7. Appendix 1
  8. Appendix 2
  9. Appendix 3
  10. Appendix 4
  11. Appendix 5
  12. Appendix 6
  13. Appendix 7

  14. Evaluating a Sermon
  15. Bibliography

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