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ISBN: 9781783684656
Imprint: Langham Monographs
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 12
Publication Date: 31/07/2018
Pages: 230
Language: English

The Development of Vocational Stewardship among Indonesian Christian Professionals

Spiritual Formation for Marketplace Ministry


Christian professionals, through their daily work, have important roles in God’s mission. However, little empirical research has been done to understand their journey to connect their daily work with God’s. If the church of Jesus Christ is to have the transformational impact that the world needs then we must better understand our vocations from a biblical and missional perspective.

In this thorough study, Dr Sutrisna Harjanto explores the formational elements of the integration of faith, work and mission among Indonesian Christian professionals. From detailed semi-structured interviews with twenty-eight participants, this study provides deeper insight into the development of vocational stewardship and the role of empowering relationships and communities. Through careful analysis and evaluation, the resulting book is an educational perspective on the theology of work and mission, beneficial for those in positions to equip and support Christian professionals as they work to fulfil God’s mission through daily work.

Author Bios

Sutrisna Harjanto

SUTRISNA HARJANTO has a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy, as well as an MDiv from Trinity Theological College, Singapore, and a PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, USA. He previously spent over twenty years in campus ministry among university students and graduates in Indonesia with Perkantas (a member of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). He currently is a program director of the Christian Education Master’s program at Bandung Theological Seminary, Indonesia.


Sutrisna Harjanto’s thoughtful exploration of the formation of vocation is timely because he not only addresses the significance of the college years but also distinctively sheds light on the transitional five–ten years post-college. Particularly those who are curious about what can be revealed through a Christian lens, this book sheds light on the experience of discerning “a calling” in ways that challenge easy assumptions about self, society, and the formation of faithfulness.

Sharon Daloz Parks
Senior Fellow, Whidbey Institute
Author of Big Questions, Worthy Dreams

Sutrisna Harjanto has thoughtfully addressed an increasingly important topic for the worldwide church – vocational stewardship. By exploring the experiences of Indonesian Christians in various occupations, he has also significantly broadened and thickened the overall discussion. I am very grateful to Sutrisna for extending our theoretical and contextual understanding of vocational stewardship.

Donald Guthrie
Director, PhD in Educational Studies Program,
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Harjanto has taken great care in clarifying the stages of developing vocational stewardship using adult developmental frameworks from psychological theories and spiritual formation practices, applying them towards cultivating meaning, calling and service at the workplace for the everyday Christian. . . this is a must-read, with globally applicable concepts with a unique Indonesian flavour.

Timothy Liu
Senior Associate, Marketplace Ministry,
Lausanne Movement

Vocation is integral, not incidental, to the mission of God, and in this book by Sutrisna Harjanto we are given a wonderfully rich study of what this means for the working world of Indonesia. Historically informed, theologically rooted, and sociologically attentive, he has offered an outstanding treatment of the challenges facing men and women with professional responsibilities in twentyfirst-century Jakarta and beyond.

Steven Garber
Professor of Marketplace Theology and Leadership,
Regent College, Vancouver
Author of Visions of Vocation

I praise God and welcome the publication of this very important book on vocational stewardship among Indonesian Christian professionals. It is my hope and prayer that the recommended stages relating to the development of vocational stewardship of Christian professionals presented in this book, will become important to all the groups who are participating in campus ministries and churches in general. I pray and hope that this book will be a blessing to many readers and the churches for the glory of God.

Jonathan Parapak
Rector, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia
A founder of Perkantas, International Fellowship ofEvangelical Students in Indonesia

Table of Contents

  1. List of Tables
  2. List of Figures
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Abstract
  5. Chapter 1
    1. Introduction
      1. Background of the Study
      2. Problem Statement
      3. Purpose of the Study
      4. Research Questions
      5. The Significance of the Study
      6. Definition of Terms
  6. Chapter 2
    1. Precedent Literature
      1. Theology of Work
      2. Work and Mission
      3. Formation for Vocational Stewardship
  7. Chapter 3
    1. Methods
      1. Research Design.
      2. Population and Sample Selection
      3. Description of Participants
      4. Social and Religious Context of Christian Professionals in Indonesia
      5. Data Collection
      6. Data Analysis
      7. Transferability
      8. Researcher Stance
  8. Chapter 4
    1. Research Findings
      1. Category-1: Dimensions of Vocational Stewardship
      2. Category-2: Development of Vocational Stewardship
      3. Category-3: Empowering Relationships
      4. Category-4: Empowering Communities
  9. Chapter 5
    1. Discussions and Implications
      1. Summary of the Findings
      2. Discussions
      3. Implications for Practice
      4. Suggestions for Further Research
      5. Conclusion
  10. Appendix 1
    1. Informed Consent Form
  11. Appendix 2
    1. Interview Questions
  12. Bibliography
  13. Index

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