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ISBN: 9781839730658
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 16
Publication Date: 28/02/2021
Pages: 302
Series: ICETE Series
Language: English

TEE in Asia

Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples


The church in Asia is growing with unprecedented speed, raising new challenges in the realm of effective, contextualized discipleship. Can this growing church nurture biblical training that is relevant to the contexts, communities, and livelihoods of its believers?

In this immensely relevant book, the Increase Association shares its practical wisdom on how to utilize Theological Education by Extension as “Tools to Equip and Empower” all believers for kingdom work. TEE in Asia provides a foundational understanding of TEE’s history, theological underpinnings, and methodology, while casting a vision for the expanding role of TEE in the twenty-first century. Filled with testimonies from church communities throughout Asia, this book provides concrete examples of TEE’s effectiveness in a wide variety of contexts and the innovative work of the Increase Association which connects, strengthens, and represents the national TEE movements. It invites the reader to partner with God’s work through prayer and tangible action.

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TEE exemplifies a model of theological education that is intentionally missional in its purpose and design. Thus it truly equips disciples and empowers churches to serve God’s mission in the world. This book not only explains the TEE philosophy and methodology but also demonstrates the impact of TEE training on learners, their churches, and their communities through the testimonies it contains. What an encouragement it is to read stories of the rapid growth of churches, especially in the difficult places, through TEE groups. TEE is definitely a gift to us in Asia!

Theresa Roco-Lua, EdD
General Secretary, Asia Theological Association

We live in exciting times, with unprecedented growth of the church across Asia. The need for quality leadership calls for approaches that not only provide solid biblical training but also holistic development. TEE in Asia: Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples presents us with both theological and theoretical foundations for quality, church-based training with practical examples and stories that bring to life what God is doing in the region through the ministry of TEE. A must read for anyone serious about furthering a strong and growing church in Asia and beyond.

Perry Shaw, EdD
Former Professor of Education,
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon
Author of Transforming Theological Education

I wholeheartedly endorse this much-needed book. It is easy to read, accurate, and has a useful reference bibliography. The book gives a basic but comprehensive understanding of how TEE works. But more importantly, it shares the thrilling results through personal testimonies of how the lives of thousands of individuals and churches have been transformed and empowered by studying and living God’s word through TEE. My hope and prayer is that this book will inspire many more churches to consider and use Tools to Equip and Empower in their ministries.

Rev Terrick J. Barratt
International Director, Study by Extension for All Nations (SEAN)

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface: About Increase
  3. To the Reader
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Abbreviations
  6. Part A: Explaining TEE
    1. God’s Mission and Ours
    2. Intentional Discipleship
    3. Equipping Disciples and Leaders through TEE
      1. What Excites Us about TEE
    4. Intelligent TEE Course Design
    5. The Worldwide Spread of TEE
      1. What Is the Increase Association?
  7. Part B: TEE In and Around Asia
    1. TEE in Asia Today
    2. First-Generation Christians
    3. Thailand: Growing Together in Christ
    4. Bangladesh: Life Building Course
    5. Mongolia: A New Identity in Christ
      1. Zaya’s Story (with Penelope Vinden)
    6. Central Asia 1: The Parched Land Will Be Glad
    7. Central Asia 2: Investing in Young Believers
      1. Adil’s Story (with ML Low)
    8. Discipling the Diaspora
    9. Central Asia 3: Migrant Mission
    10. Hmong: Scattered in Diaspora
    11. Malaysia: One Nation, Many Languages
    12. Diaspora: Discipling the Nations
    13. Christians under Pressure
    14. Nepal: Moving Mountains
      1. Binaya’s Story (with Penelope Vinden)
    15. Vietnam: God Can Work in Any Circumstance
    16. Indonesia: Shine Your Light
    17. Pakistan: Thriving under Pressure
      1. Rahila’s Story (with Penelope Vinden)
    18. Building Stronger Churches
    19. Philippines: Inspiring and Supporting Believers
    20. Papua New Guinea: Contextualized Training for Church Leaders
    21. India: Training Believers of All Levels
    22. China: Equipping Leaders to Train More Leaders
    23. Arab World: Developing Leaders for Church Growth
    24. Channels of Transformation
    25. Cambodia: Holistic Mission
      1. Jack’s Story (with ML Low)
    26. Russia: Hope in the Midst of Challenges
    27. South Korea: Transformation Through Discipleship
  8. Part C: Innovation in TEE
    1. Exploring New Horizons: The Increase Association
    2. Equipping and Supporting TEE Group Leaders
      1. Training Group Leaders Effectively
    3. Creating Twenty-First Century TEE Courses
    4. Exploring Digital Opportunities
    5. Integrated Learning Pathways
    6. Partnership with Residential Institutions
    7. Expanding the Reach of Diaspora TEE
      1. Increase Conference Diaspora Statement
    8. TEE: Looking to the Future
      1. Suggested Next Steps for You
  9. Bibliography
  10. TEE for the Twenty-First Century – A List of Recent Works
  11. The Editors and Authors


David Ball

Claire Boxall

Penny Vinden

Mei Ling Low

Bo Teoh

David Burke

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