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ISBN: 9781839730757
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 17
Publication Date: 31/10/2021
Pages: 322
Series: ICETE Series
Language: English

Teaching across Cultures

A Global Christian Perspective


The growth of the church around the world has led to an increased need for qualified theological educators, both locally and from the global community. Yet teaching cross-culturally is fraught with overlooked challenges, and lack of cultural sensitivity can undermine educators’ credibility, distort their message, and threaten the fruit of their ministry.

Teaching across Cultures is a deeply practical guidebook for teaching theology beyond one’s own cultural context. The first section of the book provides a rich theoretical framework for cross-cultural engagement, exploring the intersections of theology, anthropology, and pedagogy. It is followed by over thirty country-specific reflections as local contributors provide practical guidelines for living, teaching, and ministering within their contexts. The only resource of its kind, this book is straightforward and easy-to-use while providing a powerful reminder that transformative teaching has humility and careful listening at its core. It is a must-read for anyone embarking on the joyful journey of cross-cultural ministry.

Author Bios

Perry Shaw
(Edited By)

Perry Shaw is Researcher in Residence at Morling College, Sydney, Australia, and author of Transforming Theological Education. Prior to moving to Australia, Perry and his family served from 1990 to 2019 in the Middle East. During the 1990s, he helped to establish extension centres in Syria for the PTEE (the Programme for Theological Education by Extension). He then taught at the Near East School of Theology (Beirut) during the early years of the millennium, joining the Faculty of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS, Beirut) in 2007, where he served as Professor of Education. While at ABTS, Perry was closely involved in the development of their highly innovative curriculum, while also becoming increasingly involved in international consultancy for theological education. Perry has authored two TEE texts, The Acts of the Apostles and The Art of Teaching and co-edited the collection Challenging Tradition: Innovation in Advanced Theological Education. He has also published numerous articles in the fields of theological education, intercultural studies, and Christian leadership.

César Lopes
(Edited By)

CÉSAR LOPES has been working in theological education in Brazil since 2000. He was among the first students of South American Theological Seminary (SATS, Brazil), joining the faculty after graduation, and in 2013 completed the PhD in Education Studies program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he received support from both Langham Partnership and ScholarLeaders International. César is married to Amanda and they have two daughters, Giovana and Luiza. He currently serves as Academic Dean for an online program of pastor formation for the Independent Presbyterian Church in Brazil and on the Board of Directors of CETI (Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies), an organization based in Costa Rica offering certificate and master’s programs that cater to Latin America in general.

Joanna Feliciano-Soberano
(Edited By)

JOANNA FELICIANO-SOBERANO is Academic Dean and Chair of the Christian Education Department at Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) in Manila, Philippines. She earned her ThM degree in Spirituality from Regent College in Vancouver, BC, and a PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. She is married to Fernando and they have a grown-up son. Joanna has worked as a full-time faculty member at ATS since 1998. She has been a GATE Associate (Global Associates for Transformational Education) since 2012. Her ministry involvement with ATS and with GATE has provided her with opportunities for growth in leadership and in teaching. These learning experiences have also strengthened her resolve to be a high- impact teacher.

Bob Heaton
(Edited By)

BOB HEATON has served at the Theological College of Zimbabwe for thirty-one years, first as acting principal, then as academic dean and registrar. He is head of the practical theology department, where he also lectures.


An exciting and valuable resource that will help cross-cultural teachers hear what Majority World educators say they need to know.

Theologians Without Borders

More than a book about theological education or simply about education. It is a necessary resourcefor everyone who undertakes a cross-cultural task, whether teaching, missions, or business.

Facultad Interamericana de Estudios Teológicos (FIET Theological Institute)

Any given chapter in this book is worth the price of the book. Such is the quality throughout.

Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois, USA

For those willing to learn with humility as they serve and equip others, this book will prove to bean invaluable resource and insightful guide for effective cross-cultural teaching ministry.

SETECA (Central American Theological Seminary)

A must-have resource for all serious educators.

Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa

Here – at last! – is a gently instructive “manual” for teaching with the mind of Christ: with humility.

South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, India

This book is timely planned, thoroughly researched, and concisely written to fill a huge gap in theological education.

Torch Trinity Graduate University, Seoul, South Korea

The authors have given us a treasure and I recommend it for any aspiring cross-cultural teacher.

Evangelical Theological College, Ethiopia

What a resource for every global theological educator! I wish I had read this volume before I taught my first cross-cultural theological class – I had to learn these lessons the hard way.

Overseas Council

This book will be useful for anyone who wants to serve across cultures, both in the field of education and in other forms of ministries.

Bandung Theological Seminary, Indonesia

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part One Teaching Cross-Culturally: Some Foundational Principles
    1. 1 Teaching Cross-Culturally . . . Did I Learn More Than My Students? Bob Heaton
    2. 2 Thinking Theologically about Teaching and Culture Bob Heaton
    3. 3 Three Key Cultural Parameters Perry Shaw
    4. 4 Communication, Language, and Cross-Cultural Teaching Perry Shaw
    5. 5 Challenges of Doing Student Assessment in Cross-Cultural Contexts Joanna Feliciano-Soberano
    6. 6 Gender Issues in Cross-Cultural Teaching Joanna Feliciano-Soberano and Perry Shaw
    7. 7 Emancipating Cross-Cultural Teaching Nicolás Panotto and César Lopes
    8. 8 Theological Humility in Cross-Cultural Teaching César Lopes
  3. Part Two Listening to Local Voices: Introduction
  4. Teaching Cross-Culturally in:
    1. Aotearoa New Zealand
    2. Singapore
    3. Indonesia
    4. Philippines
    5. Taiwan
    6. Korea
    7. India
    8. North-East India
    9. Sri Lanka
    10. Pakistan
    11. Bangladesh
    12. Lebanon
    13. Africa
    14. Kenya
    15. Ethiopia
    16. Francophone Africa
    17. Benin and Togo
    18. Nigeria
    19. Zambia
    20. Zimbabwe
    21. Mozambique
    22. Guatemala
    23. Costa Rica
    24. Caribbean
    25. Colombia
    26. Andean Peru
    27. Brazil
    28. Paraguay
    29. Greece
    30. Czech Republic
    31. Ukraine
  5. Afterword
  6. For Further Reading
  7. Author Biographies

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