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ISBN: 9781783683789
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 11
Publication Date: 30/10/2017
Pages: 202
Series: Majority World Theology Series
Language: English

So Great a Salvation

Soteriology in the Majority World


In So Great a Salvation nine scholars from the global church reflect on soteriology in the Majority World. The doctrine of salvation is not a mere theological construct but, rather, a matter of eternal life and death that should not be treated lightly, as is often the case. Taking African, Asian, Latin American, and First Nations cultural contexts into account, this book allows readers to see God’s creative deliverance in a fresh light.

Author Bios

Gene L. Green
(Edited By)

Gene L. GreeN (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) is Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Wheaton College in Illinois. Previously he taught New Testament and served as Academic Dean and Rector of the Seminario ESEPA in San José, Costa Rica. He is the author of four biblical commentaries written in Spanish and English and Vox Petri: A Theology of Peter (Cascade, 2019), coauthor of The New Testament in Antiquity (Zondervan, 2009), and coeditor of Global Theology in Evangelical Perspective (InterVarsity Academic, 2012). His current research focuses on the intersection of the Christian faith and cultures, both ancient and contemporary.

Stephen T. Pardue
(Edited By)

Steve Pardue (PhD, Wheaton College) is Associate Professor of Theology at the Asia Graduate School of Theology, Manila, Philippines. He is the author of The Mind of Christ: Humility and the Intellect in Early Christian Theology (London/New York: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2012) and co-editor of Asian Christian Theology (Carlisle, UK: Langham Global Library). He grew up in the Philippines and moved back there after finishing his doctoral work. His areas of research include virtue theory, contextual theology, and the doctrine of providence.

K. K. Yeo
(Edited By)

K. K. YEO is Harry R. Kendall Professor of New Testament at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: So Great a Salvation: Soteriology in the Majority World
    1. K. K. Yeo
  2. 1. The New Covenant and New Creation: Western Soteriologies and the Fullness of the Gospel
    1. Daniel J. Treier
  3. 2. Telling Our Stories: Salvation in the African Context
    1. Emily J. Choge Kerama
  4. 3. Luke 4:18–19 and Salvation: Marginalization of Women in the Pentecostal Church in Botswana
    1. Rosinah Mmannana Gabaitse
  5. 4. Con Las Venas Abiertas: The Hope of Life and Salvation in Latin American Theologies
    1. Jules A. Martínez-­Olivieri
  6. 5. From What Do We Need to Be Saved? Reflections on God’s Justice and Material Salvation
    1. Milton Acosta
  7. 6. An Indigenous Reinterpretation of Repentance: A Step on the Journey to Reconciliation
    1. Ray Aldred
  8. 7. Salvation as Reconciliation: Toward a Theology of Reconciliation in the Division of the Korean Peninsula
    1. Sung Wook Chung
  9. 8. Qohelet’s Gospel in Ecclesiastes: Ecclesiastes 3:1–15, 7:15–22, and 11:1–6
    1. Elaine W. F. Goh

  10. Contributors
  11. Index of Names
  12. Index of Subjects
  13. Index of Scripture References


Milton Acosta Benítez

MILTON ACOSTA BENÍTEZ (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is an Old Tes- tament professor at the Seminario Bíblico de Colombia in Medellín. He is the author of El humor en el Antiguo Testamento (Puma, 2009) and Old Testament editor of the forthcoming Comentario Bíblico Contemporáneo. His areas of research include rhetorical patterns in the Hebrew Bible, forced migration, and violence in the Bible. He also leads a small group of pastors and academics in Medellín who explore the issue of worship and liturgy in evangelical churches.

Ray Aldred

RAY ALDRED (ThD Candidate, Wycliffe College) is the director of the Indigenous Studies Program at the Vancouver School of Theology. He is a Cree from Northern Alberta, Canada. He has written chapters in Prophetic Evangelicals (Eerdmans, 2012), Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations (IVP Academic, 2014), and Strangers in This World (Fortress, 2015). He is also a storyteller and grandfather.

Emily J. Choge

EMILY J. CHOGE KERAMA (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is an associate professor at Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya. She has written many essays, among which are “Social Ethics” in The Global Dictionary of Theology and “Hospitality in Africa” in the Africa Bible Commentary.

Sung Wook Chung

SUNG WOOK CHUNG (DPhil, Oxford University) is a professor of Christian theology at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado. He is a native Korean and the author and editor of twenty-five books published in English and Korean. Among them are Admiration and Challenge: Karl Barth’s Theological Relationship with John Calvin (Peter Lang, 2002), >em>Christ the One and Only: A Global Affirmation of the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ (Baker Academic, 2003), and Diverse and Creative Voices: Theological Essays from the Majority World (Wipf & Stock, 2015). His current research focuses on Trinitarian theology, eschatology, and Christian systematic theology in conversation with other religions.

Rosinah Mmannana Gabaitse

ROSINAH MMANNANA GABAITSE (PhD, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal) is a lecturer in biblical studies at the University of Botswana within the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. She is also a post-doctoral fellow in Germany sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation. She re- searches and publishes in the field of feminist biblical hermeneutics, Luke-Acts, and Pentecostalism. Her research focuses on establishing a link between teaching and researching in a university and grassroots communities, hence some of her publications on the spread of HIV and AIDS, gender-based violence, and masculinities.

Elaine W. F. Goh

ELAINE W. F. GOH (ThD, South East Asia Graduate School of Theology) is currently a lecturer in Old Testament studies at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (Malaysia Theological Seminary). She has published a book on Ecclesiastes entitled Wisdom of Living in a Changing World: Readings from Ecclesiastes (Genesis, 2013). Her areas of research are in Old Testament studies and biblical wisdom literature. In her dissertation research, she worked on cross-textual hermeneutics between Ecclesiastes and the Analects. Her published essays include one on intertextual reading in Reading Ruth in Asia (Society of Biblical Literature, 2015).

Jules A. Martínez-Olivieri

JULES A. MARTÍNEZ-OLIVIERI (Ph.D. candidate, Trinity Evangelical Di- vinity School) is Assistant Professor of Theology at Seminario Teológico de Puerto Rico. His blog is available at He is completing his doctoral dissertation in Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. A Puerto Rican, he serves as an academic and minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Daniel J. Treier

Daniel J. Treier (M.Div. and Th.M., Grand Rapids Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is associate professor of theology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He has also taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He is associate editor of the Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible (Baker Academic, 2005), and he has written articles published in Trinity Journal, Books & Culture, Christian Education Journal and Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. In addition, since 2003 he has served as co-coordinator of the annual Wheaton Theology Conference.

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