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ISBN: 9781783681808
Imprint: Langham Preaching Resources
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 11
Publication Date: 03/03/2017
Pages: 208
Language: English

Pastoral Preaching

Building a People for God


More and more pulpits are occupied by motivational speakers rather than preachers.

Church congregations are not being given a comprehensive, biblical understanding of the faith. Drawing on his own experience as a pastor in Zambia, Conrad Mbewe tackles issues such as the content of pastoral preaching, how pastoral preaching relates to church life, finding the time to prepare pastoral sermons, and dealing with discouragement. Throughout the book, it is clear that the author’s conviction is to see preachers grow strong churches, to build a people for God.

Author Bios

Conrad Mbewe

CONRAD MBEWE holds a PhD, MPhil and an MA in Pastoral Theology from the Univerity of Pretoria as well as a BSc in Mining Engineering from the University of Zambia. Having previously trained and worked as a mining engineer in the Zambian copper mines he answered God’s call and became pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in 1987. Since then he has continued to work in Lusaka as well as establishing twenty new churches in Zambia and surrounding countries. Dr Mbewe is a keen writer: he currently maintains a column in a weekly national Zambian newspaper, acts as editor for the magazine Reformation Zambia and has published several books. He is married to Felistas and they have five children.


Conrad Mbewe is, in my judgment, one of the finest biblical preachers anywhere, known for his clarity, accuracy, thoroughness, courage, keen insight, and uncompromising faithfulness to the text of Scripture. This excellent book embodies all those qualities. It will fill a gaping void on the list of essential pastoral resources.

John MacArthur
Pastor, Grace Community Church
President, The Master’s College and The Master’s Seminary

If all pastors and churches were to follow the teaching in this book, then surely the life of the church would grow in numbers and in the faith!

Rev Benjamin A. Kwashi, PhD
Anglican Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria

Pastoral Preaching is full of biblical insight to equip pastors for what must be one of the most crucial, and yet challenging, leadership callings in Africa today – the pastor in the local church. I heartily commend it to fellow labourers whose charge is to feed the Lord’s flock.

Rev Moss Ntlha
Pastor and General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements

  2. Introduction
  3. Section A - What Pastoral Preaching Is
  4. Section B - Where Pastoral Preaching Is Done
  5. Section C - How We Train for Pastoral Preaching
  6. Section D - The Challenges of Pastoral Preaching
  7. Section E - Using the Whole Bible in Pastoral Preaching
  8. Section F - Power for Pastoral Preaching
  9. Section G - The Rewards of Pastoral Preaching
  10. Conclusion

  11. Scripture Index