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ISBN: 9789966805027
Imprint: HippoBooks
Format: Paperback
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Publication Date: 14/09/2008
Pages: 176
Language: English

My Neighbour's Faith

Islam Explained for Christians


Islam and Christianity have coexisted in Africa for many years. African Muslims and Christians share kinship ties, languages and citizenship and have often lived together in peace. Yet today new forces threaten this harmony. Clashes between Christians and Muslims have become common in places like Sudan, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Why? 

John Azumah sets out to answer this question and many others in this introduction to Islam. He writes as someone who knows Islam as the faith of many of his friends and relatives. This is no demonising polemic, but rather an introduction to Muslim history and theology, rooted in the work of Muslim scholars. As a Christian theologian, Azumah identifies some of the major differences between Christianity and Islam, and shows how these can lead to conflict. When addressing contentious issues such as the introduction of Shari'ah law in parts of Nigeria, Azumah presents the view from both sides and lays the grounds for reasoned debate, rather than inflammatory rhetoric.

My Neighbour's Faith: Islam Explained for Christians is required reading for all who seek to understand and reach out to their Muslim neighbours.

My Neighbour's Faith sheds light on the beliefs and teaching of Islam by addressing matters of contemporary importance to Christians and the wider non-Muslim audience.

Author Bios

John Azumah

John Azumah is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. John did his doctoral work with the University of Birmingham, UK, on Islam in Africa and Christian-Muslim relations. He is currently an associate professor of World Christianity and Islam at Columbia Theological Seminary, USA. Before that, Dr. Azumah served as lecturer in Islamic and Mission studies and director of the Centre for Islamic Studies at the London School of Theology in the United Kingdom. He has taught in theological seminaries in India, South Africa, and Ghana and was a research fellow at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute in Ghana. John is author of The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue (2001) and My Neighbour’s Faith: Islam Explained for Christian (2008).

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgements
    1. 1. Introduction
    2. 2. The Challenges Posed by Islam
    3. 3. Islam: Its Context, Prophet and Early History
    4. 4. Mainstream Muslim Beliefs and Practices
    5. 5. Scripture (Qur’ān) and Traditions (Hadith)
    6. 6. Main Divisions and Movements Within Islam
    7. 7. Islamic Law (Shari’ah)
    8. 8. Islamic Teaching on Women
    9. 9. Islamic Teaching on People of Other Faiths
    10. 10. Jesus in Islam
    11. 11. A Christian Response to Islam
    12. 12. Key Theological and Missiological Questions
  3. Appendix
  4. Key Qur’ānic Passages, Oragnised Thematically
  5. Further Reading

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