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ISBN: 9781783689842
Imprint: Langham Monographs
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 9
Publication Date: 14/05/2014
Pages: 174
Language: English

Missions amidst Pagodas

Contextual Communication of the Gospel in Burmese Buddhist Context


For almost 200 years Protestant missionaries have endeavoured to communicate the gospel to Burmese Buddhists in Myanmar. However, Christianity among this people group is still regarded as a ‘potted plant’ with former Buddhists being separated from both their community and culture. In this publication Peter Thein Nyunt, a former Buddhist monk, examines past and current approaches of the Protestant church among Burmese Buddhists. Based on his findings the author develops a contextual missiological strategy, with a relevant christological message and ecclesiological structure.

Author Bios

Peter Thein Nyunt

PETER THEIN NYUNT is a native of Myanmar and is one of the founders of The Rakhine Missions Band for Christ, an outreach ministry that now numbers over 2000 former Buddhists. Dr Thein Nyunt holds a PhD in missiology from SAIACS, India, an MTh from Nusantara Bible Seminary, Indonesia and an MDiv from MEGST, Myanmar. He is currently Head of Missions Studies and Director of Post- graduate Studies at MEGST, Myanmar as well as the Director of The Rakhine Missions Band for Christ. His additional responsibilities include the position of Myanmar Country Coordinator for The South and Southeast Asia Network, Country Coordinator for Langham Preaching and Joint Secretary for Myanmar Evangelical Christian Fellowship. Dr Thein Nyunt is married with three children and they live in Yangon, Myanmar.


Dr. Peter Thein Nyunt holds vital roles in Myanmar as professor, strategist and one of Asia’s significant missiologists of the 21st century. He skillfully integrates both theory and practice in his consistent ministry to the Rakhine people within his Buddhist nation. I commend Missions Amidst Pagodas for its attempt to communicate Christ in indigenous ways within the Burmese Buddhist context. This is a refreshing and stimulating book.

Dr. Alex G Smith
Buddhist World Advocate,
OMF International

This is such an important book – well-researched, cogently argued, clearly expressed. It should be read and studied by everyone who wishes to show the good news of Jesus with Buddhists in Myanmar.

Rev. Dr David Harley
Former Principal of All Nations Christian College
Former General Director of OMF International

This should be a handbook for Christian organizations, churches and mission practitioners who are being engaged in Christian communication with the Buddhist world.

Rev. Dr Mar Gay Gyi
Former President of Myanmar Council of Churches
and Myanmar Baptist Convention

My faithful co-worker, Dr. Peter Thein Nyunt has very rich experience in communicating the Good News with our Buddhist brethren. His profound missiological insights in Missions Amidst Pagodas are incredible. I recommend all disciples of Jesus Christ who have passion to communicate the gospel with the Buddhists should read this book.

Rev. Dr Aung Mang
Former Principal of Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST)
and Director of Theological Commission of Myanmar Evangelical Christian Fellowship

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