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Publication Date: 06/05/2018
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Ministry Education That Transforms

Modeling and Teaching the Transformed Life


God clearly intends that lives of Christians and the life of the church should differ from those of the unredeemed. The Christian and the church should be “salt and light.” Preparing spiritual leaders who have the grace, credibility, and wisdom to effect such change demands more than transmission of knowledge. Equipping for transformative ministry requires a divinely empowered and educationally intentional experience that leads to transformation in the lives of students.

Ministry Education that Transforms brings together theological insight and educational research in support of practical methods that align with transformative ends. The authors’ experience with Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE) workshops, and the impact they have had with this approach to education formation, testifies that this is not a mere call for change, but a tried and tested methodology crucial to theological education.

Author Bios

Robert W. Ferris

ROBERT W. FERRIS is a Professor Emeritus at Columbia International University (CIU), South Carolina, USA. Before joining the CIU faculty, he and his wife, Sue, served for twenty-one years as missionaries in the Philippines in theological education. His specialization is in integration of theology and higher education curriculum and leadership.

John R. Lillis

JOHN R. LILLIS earned his Doctorate in Education at Michigan State University, USA. Since returning from Southeast Asia as a missionary with his wife, Gail, John has held senior positions at various educational institutions and is currently Provost at Grace College and Seminary, Indiana, USA.

Ralph E. Enlow, Jr.

RALPH ENLOW is President of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), a founding ICETE member network. Prior to assuming leadership of ABHE, Ralph served for twenty-eight years as an educational leader at Columbia International University, including six years as Senior Vice President and Provost.


I highly recommend Ministry Education That Transforms, a very valuable resource for faculty and leadership development in theological education. No other paradigm on transformative education has been presented with a strong biblical foundation, with supporting educational research, with sensitivity to contextual realities, and with carefully designed workshops for practical application.

Joanna Feliciano-Soberano, PhD
Academic Dean,
Asian Theological Seminary, Quezon City, Philippines

Having trained and coached leaders in transformational ministries, the authors have presented a well-researched and in-depth experience-based view of transformation – what it is, what is being transformed, by what process and with what results. Those who have taken the full cycle of workshops offered by Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE) will find this a valuable piece to guide them in their practice.

John Jusu, PhD
Regional Director for Africa, Overseas Council

Ministry Education That Transforms is much more than a manifesto on theological education. It is the fruit of reflection of theological educators with experience in different cultures and of their practice across cultures. It is an invitation to remember that the call of theological education is transformation, fostering the appropriation of God’s truth to shape the worldview, character and practice of seminary students and of the church. This book is a must-read for those who view education not as training, but as formation, and want to learn more about transformational perspectives and methods.

Elizabeth Sendek
Seminario Bíblico de Colombia, Medellin, Colombia

The authors present methodologies and practical examples for rethinking seminary education. Here you will find a balance between high academic requirements and focus on equipping graduates for effective ministry in the church. The book stays on solid theoretical ground, yet with a practical orientation which enables theological schools in the Majority World to avoid many mistakes.

Sergiy Sannikov, PhD
Emeritus President, Euro-Asian Accrediting Association

Into the rather placid waters of a theological educator’s teaching experience, this book tosses the question, “What for?” It demands that we rethink our reasons for teaching and asks that we re-purpose teaching towards transformation.

Havilah Dharamraj, PhD
Academic Dean,
South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies, Bengaluru, India

In Ministry Education That Transforms, Robert Ferris, a seasoned educationist and theologian, provides a vital resource for theological educators to effect transformative teaching and learning. To theological educators, who are mostly non-professional educators, this book provides the urgently needed educational theory and practice for transformational learning.

Rev Emmanuel Chemengich, DMin
Executive Director,
Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa

I am convinced it will help teachers see their role as agents of transformative learning, resulting in a future more promising and a church leadership more focused on God’s mission and ministry.

Ashish Chrispal, PhD
Senior Consultant, Overseas Council

Table of Contents

Preface: The Who, How, and Why of This Book

  1. 1) Ministry Education for a Transformed Church
  2. 2) Teaching for Transformation: Theological Foundations
  3. 3) Teaching for Transformation: The Science of Learning
  4. 4) Teaching for Transformation: From Theory to Practice
  5. 5) Modeling Transformative Leadership
  6. 6) The Role of Stakeholders in Curriculum Development
  7. 7) The Role of the Faculty in Curriculum Development
  8. 8) Planning Courses for Transformative Learning
  9. 9) Assessing Ministry Education
  10. 10) The Challenge of Transforming Ministry Education

Appendix A: A Brief History of GATE
Appendix B: GATE’s Philosophy of Teaching and Learning
Appendix C: GATE’s Workshop Curriculum
Appendix D: Year 1 Workshop Schedule Template
Appendix E: Further Reading


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