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ISBN: 9781783681624
Imprint: Langham Preaching Resources
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 6
Publication Date: 03/03/2017
Pages: 80
Language: English

Live, Listen, Tell

The Art of Preaching


Live, Listen, Tell: The Art of Preaching will guide readers through the process of sermon preparation and hearing God through the Scriptures. By drawing on life and Scripture, especially the road to Emmaus narrative in Luke 24, the author illustrates that preachers are living a story, listening to a story and telling a story. This book encourages you to pay particular attention, through prayer, to the story to which you are listening. Geoff New shows how to prayerfully listen to the Scriptures in preaching preparation and how the fruit of this leads to a sermon – and impacts the way we live, listen and tell.

Author Bios

Geoff New

GEOFF NEW is a minister in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Having spent seventeen years as a pastor, he now trains pastors and lay leaders lecturing on preaching, pastoral care, and Christian formation in New Zealand and works with Langham Preaching in South Asia. He has a Doctor of Ministry from the Australian College of Theology, Sydney, Australia. Previous publications include Imaginative Preaching (Langham Global Library) and Live, Listen, Tell: The Art of Preaching (Langham Preaching Resources).


Geoff New has given the homiletic world a gift, a new spiritual paradigm, under which preachers can tune in to God’s voice with freshness, creativity and transforming power.

Jorge Atiencia
Langham Preaching, Colombia

Preachers first need to hear God from the text for themselves, something that many homiletic books assume but seldom give guidance on. This will change your sermon from merely transmitting facts to transforming lives by enabling others to listen to God as well.

Rev Maggie Low, PhD
Old Testament and Homiletics Lecturer,
Trinity Theological College, Singapore

This is a book that guides us to live, listen and tell. As we do that we ourselves as well as our listeners will experience hope and light. I have always appreciated the Ignatian Gospel Contemplation as a spirituality exercise but to link it with sermon preparation in such a creative way is Geoff New’s genius skill. This is a book that deserves listening and telling!

Rev Riad Kassis, PhD
Director, Langham Scholars
International Director, International Council for Evangelical Theological Education

Such is the effect of reading this book that I cannot now read my Bible without praying out loud. This book is unique in that it revives a long forgotten art in which believers read their Bible with a heart already surrendering to the Lord who speaks through the Bible in a living and active way throughout all the ages.

Rev Ma’afu Palu, PhD
Head of Department of Biblical Studies,
Sia’atoutai Theological College, Tonga

Geoff New’s book is not a theological book that is diffcult to read. It is instead a manual which gives preachers the joy of knowing “we can do it.” I strongly believe that this book is a hospitable invitation for settlers and immigrants to live a story, listen to a story and tell a story together. Let us accept it and enjoy having our lives shaped by God.

Rev Kyoung Gyun Han
Asian Ministries Coordinator,
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand

Before you can speak God’s word, it has to speak to you. But how do you hear it speak? That is the question Geoff New answers in Live, Listen, Tell.

Jennifer Cuthbertson
Coordinator for Trainer Development, Langham Preaching

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
    1. 1 The Story of Your Life
    2. 2 The Story of Jesus’ Life
    3. 3 Listening to the Story: On the Road to Emmaus

  2. Part 1 – Lectio Divina
    1. 4 Listening to the Story: On the Road to Emmaus

  3. Part 2 – Ignatian Gospel Contemplation
    1. 5 Listening Using Lectio Divina
      1. Preparing the Sermon – 1 Chronicles 22:17–19
    2. 6 Listening Using Ignatian Gospel Contemplation
      1. Preparing the Sermon – John 1:43–51
    3. 7 The Road to Emmaus: Where Does It Lead?

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