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ISBN: 9781783682188
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 18
Publication Date: 14/04/2017
Pages: 332
Series: ICETE Series
Language: English

Leadership in Theological Education, Volume 1

Foundations for Academic Leadership


The ICETE Programme for Academic Leadership (IPAL) was officially established in 2010 and arose out of the need to provide training to theological institutions in different regions of the world. IPAL provides a three-year cycle of four-day seminars for the professional development of evangelical academic leaders to help institutions in their pursuit of quality and excellence.

This publication is the first of three volumes intended to accompany and support the IPAL seminars as well as independently providing wider access to the principles required by academic leaders for institutional development.

Each chapter shares and illustrates the contributors’ expertise in and understanding of education, leadership and administration in the field of evangelical academic institutions. With an intentional awareness of a wide range of non-Western contexts this volume is a much-needed guide for senior administrators around the world.

Author Bios

Fritz Deininger
(Edited By)

FRITZ DEININGER has a ThD in New Testament from the University of South Africa and is an associate professor at Columbia International University, South Carolina, USA. He also taught at the Academy for World Mission in Germany and is the Coordinator of IPAL. With his wife, he served in Thailand from 1981 to 2008 planting churches, training leaders and as the academic dean of Bangkok Bible Seminary where he still teaches courses as a visiting professor. He has been the Coordinator for IPAL for many years.

Orbelina Eguizabal
(Edited By)

ORBELINA EGUIZABAL has a PhD in Educational Studies from Talbot School of Theology, California, USA, where she is Professor of Christian Higher Education. She serves as a visiting professor in seminaries in several Latin American countries and spent twenty years at Seminario Teolóico Centroamericano, Guatemala City, Guatemala. She has been collaborating with ICETE since 2008 and is part of the Spanish-speaking teaching team of Seminars for Academic Leaders in Latin America.


I am confident that the academic leadership in theological institutions will finally have a practical guide to enhance their noble mission in advancing theological education for the glory of God and the service of his church and world.

Rev Riad Kassis, PhD
International Director, International Council for Evangelical Theological Education
Director, Scholars Programme, Langham Partnership

The chapters cover important aspects of academic leadership and over helpful orientation to deans, presidents, and other leaders in theological schools. The book promises to be a useful tool for training seminars as well as a valuable resource guide.

Paul Sywulka, PhD
General Secretary,
Asociación Evangélica de Educación Teológica en América Latina
President Emeritus, Central American eological Seminary, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgments

    1. Introduction

    2. Part I – Foundations for Theological Education
      1. 1 Handmaiden to God’s Economy: Biblical Foundations of Theological Education
      2. 2 Developing an Operational Philosophy of Theological Education: A Primer on Moving from Philosophy to Strategy
      3. 3 Going to the Promised Land: Vision, Mission and Values and How They Shape Objectives in Theological Education
      4. 4 Factors that Contribute to Excellence in Theological Education
    3. Part II – Academic Leadership: Characteristics and Responsibilities
      1. 5 President and Dean as Partners in Theological Education
      2. 6 The Academic Deanship as Ministry: A Challenging Leadership Position
    4. Part III – Academic Leadership: Administrative Practices
      1. 7 Strategic Planning in Theological Education
      2. 8 Accreditation: Importance and Benefits for the Institution
      3. 9 The Academic Dean and Institutional Assessment: What, Why, and How
    5. Part IV – Academic Leadership: Leadership Practices
      1. 10 Academic Leaders as Change Agents
      2. 11 Academic Leadership in Conflict and Crisis: When Working Together Is Not Working
      3. 12 Practical Reflections from Academic Leadership

  3. Bibliography
  4. The Contributors


Dieumeme Noëlliste

DIEUMEME NOËLLISTE (PhD, Northwestern University) serves as Professor of Theological Ethics and Director of the Grounds Institute of Public Ethics at Denver Seminary, Denver, Colorado. A past Director of ICETE, he is president of the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association and a member of the faculty of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology located in Kingston,Jamaica. A native of Haiti, Dr Noelliste’s writings have focused on Caribbean theology and global theological education.

Lee Wanak

LEE WANAK holds a PhD in Education from Indiana University and a DMin in Missions from Denver Seminary. First coming to the Philippines in 1978 he trained rural lay church leaders in Mindanao and directed church-planting efforts. He has served as Dean of Asian Theological Seminary and Asia Graduate School of Theology and has written several articles on Philippine theological education. While at ATS and AGST he directed the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership and the Doctor of Education programs and chaired the Christian Education department. At William Jessup University he chaired the Intercultural Studies department. He and his wife Dottie currently live in Madison, Wisconsin.

Ralph E. Enlow, Jr.

RALPH ENLOW is President of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), a founding ICETE member network. Prior to assuming leadership of ABHE, Ralph served for twenty-eight years as an educational leader at Columbia International University, including six years as Senior Vice President and Provost.

Steven A. Hardy

STEVE HARDY has worked as a missionary educator since the mid-1970s and has lived in Ethiopia, Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa, the UK and the USA. His love is teaching, and he has served as an educational consultant with SIM, Overseas Council, Langham Partnership, and the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education. He is the author of a number of articles and an adult Sunday School curriculum on missions. He is married to LeAnne, a librarian, author of Christian fiction and editor of Christian books. Steve and LeAnne recently retired to northwest Wisconsin, USA. They have two grown daughters and three grandchildren.

Manfred W. Kohl

MANFRED WALDEMAR KOHL serves as Ambassador for Overseas Council International, an organization that assists theological institutions, primarily in the non- Western world. He also served as Executive Director for World Vision International in Africa and Europe. He has a ThM, DMin, and ThD. He has published articles and books in the area of institutional development,theological education, and fundraising. His material has been published in English, German, Russian, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

Bernhard Ott

BERNHARD OTT has been involved in theological education and academic leadership for more than thirty-five years. He holds an MA from Fresno Pacific University and a PhD from OCMS, Oxford. Currently he serves as the Chairman and Accreditation Director of the European Evangelical Accrediting Association (EEAA) and is the Academic Dean of the European School of Culture and Theology, Korntal, Germany. Bernhard and his wife have four adult children and live in Liestal, Switzerland. They are members of an Anabaptist-Mennonite congregation in Basel, where he serves as a lay minister.

Paul Sanders

PAUL SANDERS was born in the USA to a Swedish father (Baptist pastor) and a Lebanese mother. Paul holds a BA in History from Oregon State University, a Master of Divinity in Christian Education, a Master of Theology in practical theology from Western Seminary in Oregon, as well as the doctorate in Modern History from the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne. He is married to Agnès, French physician, and they have three adult children and two grandchildren. After twenty-five years of ministry in the Paris area in church planting and theological education, Paul and his family moved to Beirut (Lebanon) where he served for nearly fifteen years as academic dean and provost of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut (, then as International Director of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education ( and the Middle East Association for Theological Education ( The Sanders now make their home in the city of Nantes in western France.

Albert Ting

ALBERT TING serves as the Principal of Singapore Bible College since 2006. He received his DMin, ThM and MDiv from Talbot School of Theology. His interest has been on leadership and mentoring. He sat on the Board of ATA and two seminaries in his contribution to the furtherance of theological education. He was a pastor in Los Angeles before he was called into theological education in Singapore. He is happily married to Rebecca, and together they have two children, Jeremy and Adeline.

Paul Wright

PAUL WRIGHT has an MA in New Testament from Calvary Bible College and Seminary (Kansas City, Missouri, USA) and a PhD in Theological Education from the Seminario Teológico Centroamericano (Guatemala City, Guatemala). He has been involved in church-planting ministry in Argentina with Avant Ministries (formerly Gospel Missionary Union) since 1980. As one of the founders of the Instituto Bíblico Evangélico Mendoza (Mendoza, Argentina), he has served as Professor of Bible and Theology as well as rector since 1997. He has written articles and reviews for the Christian Education Journal, Revista Kairos and Apuntes Pastorales.

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