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ISBN: 9781783681747
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 5
Publication Date: 28/02/2017
Pages: 90
Language: English


This biography tells the story of Bishop Muhindo Isesomo, DR Congo country coordinator for Langham Preaching. Following a radical conversion from a hedonistic life in his youth, Isesomo has dedicated himself to preaching the Gospel indiscriminately in a divided, war-torn nation, even to guerrilla soldiers in the jungle’s depths. Isesomo never sought high office in the Anglican church but his appointment as Bishop is recognition of his influence and integrity in a context where corruption and aggression is rife.

Author Bios

Joshua Maule

JOSHUA MAULE studied Divinity at Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia and is now an assistant minister at Jannali Anglican Church in the southern suburbs of Sydney. He is married to Sara and has previously worked as a journalist, mainly for Christian publications, including Eternity newspaper in Australia. He is the co-writer of Jesus in Congo, a documentary which explores the impact of Christian faith in Congo, available for free online at


For a society and a church addicted to comfort and afraid to love, this story of courage and grace is a welcome antidote. Joshua Maule deals impartially and deftly with events that are both confronting and chaotic. From a country sadly synonymous with bad news comes a challenging and inspiring story. Like his Master, Isesomo is bright and salty.

Michael Collie
National Director,
SparkLit, Australia

In this biography, Joshua Maule has written a significant account of one man’s conversion and ministry. This book traces how a young man with an unlikely background, became a follower of Christ and the national head of evangelism for the Anglican Church in DR Congo. In recounting the dramatic transformation of Isesomo’s life and character, Maule’s work bears testimony to the power of God to change lives. Isesomo: God’s Servant in Congo is an engaging portrayal of an inspiring leader whose life has impacted many in Africa and beyond. I commend it to you.

Malcolm Richards
General Secretary,
CMS New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

Josh Maule’s admiration for Bishop Isesomo has prompted this engaging story of his life so far. In it we view a humble, affable man preaching Jesus Christ, through war, poverty, controversy and hardship. We also gain insights into the challenges of Christian leadership in DR Congo.

Emma Wild-Wood
Lecturer in World Christianities,
University of Cambridge

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Introduction
  3. 1 - Into the Fray
  4. 2 - Yesu azali awa na biso (Jesus Is Here with Us)
  5. 3 - New Births for Butembo
  6. 4 - Missionaries, Bishops and Bombs
  7. 5 - Evangelism and Peacemaking
  8. 6 - War
  9. 7 - Neutral No Longer
  10. 8 - A Church in Crisis
  11. 9 - Bishop’s School
  12. 10 - Are You Part of the Problem, or the Solution?
  13. 11 - New Clothes, Same Man
  14. Afterword

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