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ISBN: 9781839730573
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 9
Publication Date: 31/01/2021
Pages: 172
Series: Global Perspectives Series
Language: English

Integrity in Nigerian Politics

An Introduction to Christian Political Ethics


Secular humanism has taken the world by storm – including the realm of African politics. Believing that religion is irrelevant, humanism asserts that men and women need no divine help in knowing what is right or wrong, valid or invalid, good or bad, as they are mature moral agents in their own rights. Integrity in Nigerian Politics challenges this assertion, providing an introduction to Christian political ethics and offering a powerful argument for its relevance in the complex moral terrain of today’s political affairs.

Rooted specifically in Nigeria’s political history, and the social, religious, and economic challenges it has faced, this study explores the role of integrity in practical politics and the implications of its neglect. Establishing that it is the character of God that is the foundation for successful governance, Dr Aghawenu demonstrates that it is ineffective, impractical, and ultimately dangerous to ignore the ethical insights Christianity has to offer the political realm.

This important work challenges the church to overcome the sacred-secular divide that so often permeates its public engagement and to recognize that it has what it needs to transform the nature of democratic politics in Nigeria, in Africa, and throughout the world.


This book is well written as it coherently articulates the moral issues prevalent in the Nigerian democratic system. No doubt, the work is one of the best texts composed with reference to biblical political ethics in several ways. It is sufficiently comprehensive, analytical, insightful, applicable, and practicable in the classroom and outside of it in scholarship engagements. This is an important book for everyone interested in Nigerian democratic ethos of biblical extraction.

Jacob K. Ayantayo, PhD
Professor of Religious Ethics, Religion and Society,
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

This highly readable book on Christian political ethics, which is focused on Nigeria, is well-thought through, insightful, well-researched, and distinctively evangelical in approach. It encompasses all that is necessary for African Christians, and indeed non-Christians in Africa, to understand ethical politics. It makes clear why the ultimate demand from God for politicians in Africa is integrity. This subject matter seems to be the major challenge in the African political process. This book challenges Nigerians in particular to think well and it provides the tools they need to serve in a God-honoring way in politics. The author articulates, and rightly so, that the man or woman who “has integrity must be of sound moral principle, honest and upright in conduct as well as in purity of the heart.” The book presents itself in a way that students of ethics and political science will particularly appreciate.

Deji Isaac Ayegboyin, PhD
Professor of Religious Studies,
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Visiting Professor,
Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Abbreviations
  3. The Concept of Morality, Politics, and Integrity
    1. Morality and Ethics
    2. Politics and the Bible
    3. Integrity in Politics
    4. Characteristics of Integrity in Politics
    5. Biblical Characters of Integrity
    6. Conclusion
  4. Politics in Relation to Ethics and Religion
    1. Politics and Ethics
    2. Moral Values in Politics
    3. Politics and Religion
    4. Conclusion
  5. A Historical Survey of Nigerian Political Society
    1. Pre-Colonial Politics in Nigeria
    2. Colonial Politics in Nigeria
    3. Formative Years of Modern Nigeria
    4. Independence Politics in Nigeria
    5. Military Politics in Nigeria
  6. New Era of Democratic Politics in Nigeria
    1. Inter-Testament Democratic Politics in Nigeria
    2. New Era of Democracy in Nigerian Politics
    3. Moral Issues in the Nascent Democratic Politics
  7. Moral Bankruptcy in Nigerian Politics
    1. Causes of Moral Bankruptcy in Nigerian Politics
    2. Effects of Moral Bankruptcy in Nigerian Politics
    3. Conclusion
  8. Inculcation of Integrity into Nigerian Politics
    1. Politicians and Integrity
    2. Political Parties and Integrity
    3. Role of the Nigerian Government
    4. Responsibility of the Electorates
    5. Enhancement of Public Opinion
    6. Christians and Nigerian Politics
  9. The Way Forward in Nigerian Politics
    1. New Orientation on the Political Process
    2. Godly Leadership in Nigerian Politics
    3. Theocentric Approach to Political Life
  10. Bibliography

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