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ISBN: 9781783688913
Imprint: Langham Preaching Resources
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 7
Publication Date: 31/03/2018
Pages: 134
Language: English

Faith in the Face of Danger

An Introduction to the Book of Nehemiah


Christians the world over are under pressure, facing difficulties and dangers of all kinds. Nehemiah was raised up to lead God’s people at a critical moment, and the story of his practical realism and courageous faith is vital for Christians today. Providing an overview of the Nehemiah story, this book explains the critical importance of choosing God’s priorities and truly hearing and responding to God’s word. It tackles essential themes for Christian living, including how we can know God’s protection under pressure, how we can build Christian community, and how we must live by God’s standards.

Faith in the Face of Danger is structured with sections and subsections that provide a clear set of preaching units that will serve preachers in building a sermon series but this is also an ideal book for individual or group use with questions, discussion points, ideas for action and further study suggestions.

Author Bios

Jonathan Lamb

JONATHAN LAMB is an author and Bible teacher, and the minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries. For many years he served as Director of Langham Preaching and as a Vice President of IFES, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He frequently teaches and trains at events in different parts of the world, and is the author of several books, including a range of titles published by Langham Preaching Resources and IVP. Jonathan and his wife Margaret live in Oxford, and have three daughters and three grandchildren.


Crisp, clear and challenging. Interlaced with humour and arresting anecdote: a stimulating book.

Vinoth Ramachandra, PhD
Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement,
International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Jonathan Lamb at his heart-warming, challenging best. Life-changing stuff.

Richard Cunningham
Director, Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF), UK

We need sermons that are authentic to the text of scripture, lucid in conveying its truths, and courageous in applying the word of God to our lives today. In the expository ministry of Jonathan Lamb, you will find all of these characteristics, and the sermons contained in this book bear witness to this commendation.

Conrad Mbewe, PhD
Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church
Chancellor, African Christian University, Lusaka, Zambia

In this book, the message of Nehemiah, which is so relevant for today’s church, is explained and applied with great skill.

Ian Coffey
Vice Principal (Strategy), MA Course Leader and Director of Leadership Training,
Moorlands College, UK

Faith in the Face of Danger by Jonathan Lamb bring alive God’s Word in a clear, faithful and relevant manner. It challenges us to live consistent, authentic Christian lives in a morally bewildered and spiritually confused world, with God’s purpose and for his glory. I highly recommend it to you.

Rev Patrick Fung, MD
General Director, OMF International

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Using This Book
  1. Section 1: Choosing God’s Priorities (Nehemiah 1 and 2)
    1. 1 The Priority of God’s Call (Nehemiah 1)
    2. 2 The Priority of God’s Purposes (Nehemiah 1 continued)
    3. 3 The Priority of God’s Perspective (Nehemiah 2)
  2. Section 2: Building God’s People (Nehemiah 3 and 5)
    1. 4 The Community at Work (Nehemiah 3)
    2. 5 The Community at Risk (Nehemiah 5)
  3. Section 3: Knowing God’s Protection (Nehemiah 4 and 6)
    1. 6 When the Going Gets Tough (Nehemiah 4)
    2. 7 Remember the Lord (Nehemiah 4 continued)
    3. 8 Facing Personal Attacks (Nehemiah 6)
  4. Section 4: Responding to God’s Word (Nehemiah 8 and 9)
    1. 9 The Foundation of God’s Word (Nehemiah 8)
    2. 10 The Hunger of God’s People (Nehemiah 8 continued)
    3. 11 The Implications of God’s Grace (Nehemiah 9)
  5. Section 5: Living by God’s Standards (Nehemiah 10 and 13)
    1. 12 Commitment to God’s Standards (Nehemiah 10)
    2. 13 Promise without Performance (Nehemiah 13)

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