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ISBN: 9781839732140
Imprint: HippoBooks
Format: Paperback
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Publication Date: 30/06/2021
Pages: 248
Language: English

Expository Preaching in Africa

Engaging Orality for Effective Proclamation

How can expository preaching, rooted in a textual analysis of Scripture, be effectively utilized in oral cultures? In Expository Preaching in Africa, Ezekiel A. Ajibade engages this challenge directly, offering practical techniques for integrating African oral elements – such as myths, proverbs, folklore, dance, drama, poetry, and storytelling – into preaching that is both biblical and African. Alongside numerous examples and tools, Ajibade provides a rich overview of the nature of orality, the history and development of African preaching, and the reason biblical exposition must be central to gospel proclamation. He reminds us that it is the word of God, incarnated among us, that has the power to transform lives and revitalize nations. Contextualized expository preaching is not, therefore, one technique to be utilized among many; it is, rather, the heart of biblical teaching and the future of the African church.

While contributing significantly to studies in contextualization and homiletics, this book is immediately applicable to practitioners, especially African preachers and those working in oral contexts.

Author Bios

Ezekiel A. Ajibade

EZEKIEL A. AJIBADE holds a PhD in Christian Preaching from Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso, Nigeria, where he currently lectures. He is a former fellow of the Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and visiting scholar to Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. He has authored several books and journal articles including Treasure Mine: Living Gems from Searching the Scripture, and he served as a pastor for fifteen years before pursuing a career in theological education.


This publication that contextualizes expository preaching in the African context is innovative and exciting. The principles and techniques for effective biblical proclamation through orality, as espoused by Dr. Ezekiel Ajibade, deserve to be considered and applied to advance the Great Commission, to grow the church, and to expand the kingdom of God. I am glad to recommend and commend it to enrich contemporary homiletical scholarship and practice worldwide.

Emiola Nihinlola, PhD
President, The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso
Chair, Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA)

Every preacher preaching in an African context will benefit from this excellent work. Indeed, there is much to be learned here for any preacher in any context!

David L. Allen, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Preaching, George W. Truett Chair of Ministry Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I recommend this book for pastors, theological educators, and all who love preaching God’s word in such a manner that results in salvation and transformation.

Zephaniah Victor Madziakapita, PhD
Regional Director for Africa, International Orality Network

Dr. Ezekiel Ajibade explores African orality as a resource for developing expository preaching that will be biblical and relevant to an African audience. This book is a ground-breaking undertaking in homiletical study and praxis which will stimulate future research. I endorse the book and commend it to seminarians and preachers who are seeking for authentic Christian preaching in Africa. 

Very Rev. Sunday Ola. Onadipe, DMin
Bishop, Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Badagry
Former Rector, Methodist Theological Institute, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria

In Africa, as in most parts of the world, oral cultures are influential in shaping people’s identity, values, and preferred forms of learning and communication. This book is a thorough treatment of that neglected topic in relationship to preaching. Expository Preaching in Africa is a well-researched, well-argued, and practical exploration of the nature of expository preaching and how to contextualize preaching for an African (and thus oral) context.

Grant Lovejoy, PhD
Director of Orality Strategies,
International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, USA

This is a very important and needed contribution to the field of homiletics. This well-researched study embraces both the apostolic mandate for the faithful proclamation of biblical truth and the need for such truth to be communicated clearly and relevantly. Dr. Ezekiel Ajibade’s work is driven by a love for faithfulexpository preaching and also the desire to see such preaching meaningfully and appropriately engage the cultural context he addresses. For those involved in Great Commission work, and those who seek to preach the word outside of their own four walls, there is much to learn from this volume.

David Olford, PhD
President, Olford Ministries International, Inc., USA

Preaching in any context is extremely essential if one wants the audience to understand what God has prepared the preacher to deliver. This book is a product of dedicated efforts of the author to stress the importance and necessity for preachers to engage in the exposition of God’s word. I am so excited to recommend this book to pastors ministering among students and to the general audience – it is deep in research and thorough in its practical approach.

Ademola Ishola, PhD
Former General Secretary, Nigerian Baptist Convention

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Introduction
  3. Homiletic Theories and the Concept of Expository Preaching
  4. Form and Content in Expository Preaching
  5. Africa in the History of Christian Preaching
  6. Orality and Gospel Communication
  7. Using African Orality to Contextualize Expository Preaching
  8. Antecedents from Korean, African-American, and Ghanaian Experience
  9. Sample Expository Sermons Based on African Orality
  10. Dangers of Contextualization
  11. Conclusion
  12. Appendixes
  13. Bibliography

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