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ISBN: 9789506832520
Imprint: One-Volume Commentaries
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 175 x 252 x 49
Pages: 1694
Language: Spanish

Comentario Bíblico Contemporáneo

Escrito por más de 100 autores de toda América Latina, este Comentario bíblico contemporáneo es un sueño que se ha hecho realidad. Contiene aplicaciones para la vida cotidiana, más de 100 artículos temáticos, y preguntas de reflexión.

Author Bios

C. René Padilla
(Edited By)

C. René Padilla is one of Latin America’s most distinguished evangelical scholars. He was a founding member of the Latin American Theological Fellowship (FTL) and of the Kairos Foundation in Buenos Aires. He served with distinction in the IFES and Tear Fund UK and Ireland, and is currently President of the Micah Network, President Emeritus of the Kairos Foundation, and Executive Director of Ediciones Kairos.

Milton Acosta Benítez
(Edited By)

MILTON ACOSTA BENÍTEZ (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is an Old Tes- tament professor at the Seminario Bíblico de Colombia in Medellín. He is the author of El humor en el Antiguo Testamento (Puma, 2009) and Old Testament editor of the forthcoming Comentario Bíblico Contemporáneo. His areas of research include rhetorical patterns in the Hebrew Bible, forced migration, and violence in the Bible. He also leads a small group of pastors and academics in Medellín who explore the issue of worship and liturgy in evangelical churches.

C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell
(Edited By)

C. ROSALEE VELLOSO EWELL is a Brazilian theologian from São Paulo. She earned a PhD from Duke University (USA) and taught for seven years in a cross-confessional seminary in Londrina, Brazil. She is the author and editor of various books and articles and the New Testament editor for the forthcoming Latin American Bible Commentary. She currently serves as executive director of the Theological Commission for the World Evangelical Alliance and lives in Birmingham, England.

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