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ISBN: 9781783682973
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 14
Publication Date: 30/10/2017
Pages: 264
Language: English

Breath and Bone

Living Out the Mission of God in the World


This festschrift honours Chris Wright on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The theologians and leaders who have contributed to it have all benefitted from his friendship, scholarship, and partnership in the gospel. These essays demonstrate how preachers, scholars and writers from around the world are fleshing out the mission of God and breathing new life into the bones of Chris’s thinking.

Contributions include:

  • A Life Devoted to the Mission of God
  • A Seed Bears Fruit in Latin America
  • Mission as Making (and Wearing) New Clothes
  • Election, Ethics, Mission and the Church in India
  • Preaching to Impress or to Save

CHRISTOPHER J. H. WRIGHT, the International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership, has had a long connection to the global church. Born in Belfast to missionary parents, he has taught at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India, and at All Nations Christian College in Ware, England. In his PhD studies at Cambridge, he focused on the ethics of land, family, economics, debt and slavery. He has authored twenty-eight books, including The Mission of God, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God, Sweeter than Honey, and Knowing God – The Trilogy. Recognizing Chris’s commitment to scholarship, preaching and the global church, John Stott welcomed him as a friend and as his successor as head of Langham Partnership.


• Mark Hunt, USA • Jonathan Lamb, UK • Ian J. Shaw, UK• Igor Améstegui, Bolivia • Qaiser Julius, Pakistan • Collium Banda, Zimbabwe• Danut Manastireanu, Romania • Peter Penner, Germany • Brian Wintle, India• Frew Tamrat, Ethiopia • Las Newman, Jamaica • C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell, Brazil• Paul Swarup, India • Andrea Z. Stephanous, Egypt • Dwi Handayani, Indonesia• Athena E. Gorospe, Philippines • Gail Atiencia, Colombia • Riad A. Kassis, Lebanon• Mark Meynell, UK • Greg R. Scharf, USA • Pieter Kwant, Netherlands

Author Bios

Riad A. Kassis
(Edited By)

RIAD A. KASSIS is International Director for the Langham Scholars program of Langham Partnership and the International Director of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE). Dr Kassis also serves as a member of the international board for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) and was Associate Professor of Old Testament at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon. Riad is from Lebanon where he lives with his wife, Izdihar.

Pieter J. Kwant
(Edited By)

PIETER J. KWANT is International Director for the Langham Literature programme of Langham Partnership and Publisher of Langham Creative Projects. He has a great love of books and has worked for IVP UK and Paternoster, as well as founding his own publishing company, Piquant Editions. Pieter, from the Netherlands, and his wife Elria, from South Africa, have four sons and many grandchildren.

Paul Windsor
(Edited By)

PAUL WINDSOR is Director for the Langham Preaching programme of Langham Partnership and Professor of Homiletics at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), Bengaluru, India. Dr Windsor is a Commissioning Editor for Langham Preaching Resources and blogs regularly at - The Art of Unpacking.


It is appropriate that the writers contributing to this book are representatives of the burgeoning number of theological and biblical scholars across the globe. The geographic diversity of the authors is in itself the fruit of Chris’s ministry over the years.

Mark Hunt
International Executive Director,
Langham Partnership

Through our understanding and application of God’s Word, our worldview should be integrated and coherent, and our personal, family, work and church commitments should be entirely in sync. The essays in this volume underline the many ways in which our friend Chris Wright has called the global church to think and act in such an integrated way.

Jonathan Lamb
Keswick Ministries

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword by Mark Hunt
    1. International Executive Director Langham Partnership
  2. Foreword by Jonathan Lamb
    1. Former Director of Langham Preaching, Minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries and a Vice-President of IFES
  3. 1 - A Life Devoted to the Mission of God
    1. Ian J. Shaw, UK
  4. 2 - A Seed Bears Fruit in Latin America
    1. Igor Améstegui, Bolivia
  5. 3 - The Challenges of Biblical Preaching and the Response of Langham in Pakistan
    1. Qaiser Julius, Pakistan
  6. 4 - Liberating Theology?: The Mission of God in Engagement with Public Life and Its Implications for Evangelical Theological Education in Zimbabwe
    1. Collium Banda, Zimbabwe
  7. 5 - The Impact of Langham Scholars on Theological Development among Romanian Evangelicals
    1. Danut Manastireanu, Romania
  8. 6 - Unity in Diversity: The Slavic Bible Commentary
    1. Peter Penner, Germany
  9. 7 - Developing a New Way of Thinking
    1. Brian Wintle, India
  10. 8 - Reflection on Article 9 of the Cape Town Confession of Faith: Loving the People of God
    1. Frew Tamrat, Ethiopia
  11. 9 - Creation Care and the Mission of God
    1. Las Newman, Jamaica
  12. 10 - Mission as Making (and Wearing) New Clothes
    1. C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell, Brazil
  13. 11 - Election, Ethics, Mission and the Church in India
    1. Paul Swarup, India
  14. 12 - Challenging Poverty in Egypt
    1. Andrea Z. Stephanous, Egypt
  15. 13 - The Place of Lament Psalms in God’s Mission
    1. Dwi Handayani, Indonesia
  16. 14 - Marginalizing God in the Book of Judges
    1. Athena E. Gorospe, Philippines
  17. 15 - Images of Food in Genesis: Feasts, Family Feuds and Famine
    1. Gail Atiencia, Colombia
  18. 16 - The Portrayal of Women in Arabic Proverbial Wisdom
    1. Riad A. Kassis, Lebanon
  19. 17 - Preaching to Impress or to Save: An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 1:17–2:5
    1. Mark Meynell, UK
  20. 18 - Faithful, Clear, Relevant: The Marks of Good Biblical Preaching
    1. Greg R. Scharf, USA
  21. Afterword: Of the Making of Books
    1. Pieter Kwant, Netherlands
  22. Bibliography: Works by Christopher J. H. Wright


Ian J. Shaw

IAN SHAW is CEO of the Opal Trust, a Christian ministry which serves churches in the Majority World through resourcing them with Bibles, evangelical books, and literature. He has spent over twenty years in leadership positions in theological education, including as Provost of Union School of Theology, Bridgend, Wales, and Associate International Director of Langham Scholars.

Igor Améstegui

IGOR AMÉSTEGUI is associate director for Latin America - Langham Preaching. He holds a degree in psychology and has been a staff worker and later secretary general of the Comunidad Cristiana Universitaria (a movement affiliated to IFES). He has also worked as a clinical psychologist and university teacher. He and his wife took courses in biblical studies and cross-cultural missions at All Nations Christian College.

Qaiser Julius

QAISER JULIUS earned his PhD from Melbourne School of Theology, Melbourne, Australia. He is the director of Open Theological Seminary, Lahore, Pakistan, and the Pakistan country coordinator for Langham Preaching.

Collium Banda

COLLIUM BANDA is a Langham Scholar who studied at the Theological College of Zimbabwe, the University of South Africa (Unisa) and at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, where he completed a doctoral thesis in 2016 entitled Empowering Hope? Jürgen Moltmann’s Eschatological Challenge to Ecclesiological Responses in the Zimbabwean Context of Poverty. He has held a church pastorate and military chaplaincy in Zimbabwe and lectures on systematic theology and theological ethics at the Theological College of Zimbabwe. His research interests include Christian doctrines in the African public space, African traditional religions, African indigenous knowledge systems and Christianity in African contexts of poverty.

Dănuț Mănăstireanu

Dr Dănuț Mănăstireanu (PhD, Brunel University London) is a Research associate fellow at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge and a board member of the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative.

Peter Penner

Dr Peter Penner (DTheol, UNISA, South Africa) is a lecturer at the Akademie für Kirche und Gesellschaft, Austria. He is Doctoral Studies Coordinator at CEEAMS.

Brian Wintle

BRIAN WINTLE holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and has been principal of the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, as well as the first regional secretary of the Asia Theological Association (India chapter). He was the general editor of the South Asia Bible Commentary (2015) and is currently serving as the academic coordinator of the PhD degree programme in Christian Studies offered by the Centre for Advanced Theological Studies, Sam Higginbotham University of Agriculture, Technology and Science (SHUATS), Allahabad.

Frew Tamrat

FREW TAMRAT is vice-president of the Evangelical Theological College of Addis Ababa. He holds a Master’s in New Testament Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Christian Higher Education Leadership from Columbia International University. He is a member of one of the largest evangelical denominations in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church, and is highly involved in training church leaders. He serves the Lausanne Movement, as a member of the Global Theological Education Steering Committee and the Theology Working Group. He is the country coordinator for Langham Preaching in Ethiopia and a fellow of the Global Associates for Transformational Education.

Las G. Newman

LAS G. NEWMAN is the global associate director for regions for the Lausanne Movement. He is a member of the International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation and former president of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology (CGST) in Kingston, Jamaica. He holds a Master of Arts (MA Hons) in History from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and a PhD in Mission History from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS)/University of Wales. He has spent more than thirty years working with students in the campus ministry Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union in Jamaica, and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell

C. ROSALEE VELLOSO EWELL is a Brazilian theologian from São Paulo. She earned a PhD from Duke University (USA) and taught for seven years in a cross-confessional seminary in Londrina, Brazil. She is the author and editor of various books and articles and the New Testament editor for the forthcoming Latin American Bible Commentary. She currently serves as executive director of the Theological Commission for the World Evangelical Alliance and lives in Birmingham, England.

Paul Swarup

PAUL SWARUP is a Langham Scholar who holds a ThM from Princeton and a PhD from Cambridge. He is ordained in the Church of North India and is currently presbyter in charge of the Cathedral Church of the Redemption in the Diocese of Delhi. He was a major contributor to the South Asia Bible Commentary, and one of the Old Testament editors for that volume.

Andrea Zaki Stephanous

ANDREA ZAKI STEPHANOUS is President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt, the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, and the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches. He teaches at Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, Egypt, where he lectures on political religions and the theological foundations for social change. He has a PhD in Religions and Theology from the University of Manchester, UK.

Dwi Maria Handayani

DWI HANDAYANI, a Langham Scholar, is a graduate of Asia Graduate Theological Seminary, Manila. She has taught at the Bandung Theological Seminary, Indonesia, since 2005 and is also a trainer in the Langham Preaching programme. Her published writing includes Spiritual Formation for Today’s Indonesian Churches through the Psalms of Lament, International Journal for Religious Freedom; Lament Psalms and the Persecuted Churches in Asia, in Light for Our Path: The Authority, Inspiration, Meaning and Mission of Scripture (ATA); and the chapter (co-authored) A Doxological Framework for Interpreting Discrimination, Persecution and Martyrdom in Freedom of Belief and Christian Mission (Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series).

Athena E. Gorospe

ATHENA E. GOROSPE holds a PhD in Theology (Old Testament) from Fuller Theological Seminary, USA and is Associate Professor at Asian Theological Seminary in the Philippines where she teaches in the areas of Old Testament, Hebrew language, and Theology. As an Asian scholar-activist, her research interests lie in the area of Scripture’s interface with philosophy, culture, and social transformation.

Gail Atiencia

GAIL ATIENCIA has served as a missionary in Colombia with the Latin America Mission since 1976. Initially seconded to IFES, she and her husband have, since 2001, supported the formation of Bible expositors through escuelitas in Colombia and have worked with Langham Preaching in various countries in Latin America. She has also served as coordinator of simultaneous interpretation teams at international gatherings of IFES and the Lausanne Movement. Gail holds a BA and an MBA from the University of British Colombia, a Diploma in Christian Studies from Regent College, Vancouver, and has taken numerous courses in adult education.

Mark Meynell

MARK MEYNELL is Associate Director (Europe & Caribbean) of Langham Preaching and part-time Whitehall Chaplain for HM Treasury, HMRC & the Cabinet Office. He is an ordained minister in the Church of England, and was previously on the senior ministry team of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, UK. He also has experience in theological education having taught at a small seminary in Kampala, Uganda for four years after being in student ministry for churches in the UK. Mark and his wife, Rachel, have two children.

Greg Scharf

Greg Scharf is Professor of Homiletics at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois. He previously served in pastoral roles at All Souls, Church, Langham Place, London; Knox Church, Toronto; and Salem Evangelical Free Church in Fargo, North Dakota. He is author of Let the Earth Hear His Voice: Strategies for Overcoming Bottlenecks in Preaching God's Word. Dr. Scharf has facilitated preaching seminars in many countries under the auspices of Langham Preaching. He and his wife Ruth have three married sons and five grandchildren.