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ISBN: 9781783683031
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 16.9
Publication Date: 30/08/2017
Pages: 318
Series: Global Perspectives Series
Language: English

African Voices

Towards African British Theologies


Introducing an emerging academic field known as African British Theologies, this publication explores the significant presence of African Christianity in Britain. Featuring contributions from twelve scholarly African pastors engaged in ministry and theology in Britain, this book is a unique expression of theology from African Christians, contextualizing the gospel for a multicultural British society.

Under three key areas of missiology, contextual constructive theology and transformative practical theology the contributors interact with topics such as reverse missiology, African pneumatology, prosperity gospel, and urban mission. This book rigorously examines new contexts of Christianity and articulates new theological perspectives that are required to understand twenty-first-century ministry, not only in urban Britain, but also across the world.

Author Bios

Israel Oluwole Olofinjana
(Edited By)

REV ISRAEL OLUWOLE OLOFINJANA is Director of the Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World. He is an accredited Baptist minister and the pastor of Woolwich Central Baptist Church in south-east London. He is the author of Reverse in Ministry and Missions: Africans in the Dark Continent of Europe (2010), 20 Pentecostal Pioneers in Nigeria: Their Lives, Their Legacies (2011) and Partnership in Mission: A Black Majority Church Perspective on Mission and Church Unity (2015). He is editor of Turning the Tables on Mission: Stories of Global South Christians in the UK (2013) and co-editor of Encountering London: London Baptists in the 21st Century (2015). Israel has a BA (Hons) in Religious Studies from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and an MTh in Christian Apologetics from Carolina University of Theology, and has been working on a Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology at Cambridge Theological Federation/Anglia Ruskin University.


The migration to the West of large numbers of African Christians has the potential for hugely important developments within Western Christianity in the twenty-first century. This book is full of insights into both these factors, and provides plenty of food for thought.

Andrew F. Walls, PhD
Professor Emeritus,
Akrofi-Christaller Institute

This volume edited by Olofinjana pushes the scholarship on African theology forward in new and exciting directions. While much research to date has focused on theology in the context of the African continent, Olofinjana argues that diasporic African identity – especially in the UK, his own area of particular focus – needs to be taken more seriously in its own right as a distinctive milieu of theological reflection.

Joel Cabrita, PhD
Lecturer in World Christianities, Faculty of Divinity,
University of Cambridge

This is an excellent collection of reflections and case studies by scholar-practitioners who have lived and thought deeply into the cross-cultural and cross-national positioning of African Christianity. The volume provides a unique window into African immigrant churches, especially within the United Kingdom, offering ethnographic and analytical insights that add richly to what is among the most strategic fields of inquiry within contemporary church studies.

R. Drew Smith, PhD
Professor of Urban Ministry,
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

This is an important book on the journey towards developing African theologies in Britain. A variety of insider African voices alert us to what it means to be an African Christian in Britain today. They also offer us insights into howAfrican Christians can effectively engage with contemporary British culture as well as posing missiological challenges to white British churches.

Cathy Ross, PhD
Contextual Theology MTh Director,
Ripon College Cuddesdon

African-led churches are becoming increasingly important in Britain where they are growing at a time when mainstream churches are in decline. African Voices is a welcome addition to the growing literature on African Christianity in Britain. . . [and] will be of interest not only to African Christians in Britain but also to indigenous British churches, enabling a better understanding of African Christian presence in the West.

Richard Burgess, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Ministerial Theology,
University of Roehampton

This volume is ground-breaking and will surely be established as a benchmark for theologians and practitioners all over the UK and Africa examining the growing and deepening impact of the African diaspora in theological education and church leadership. It will surely provide inspiration for successive generations of theologians, pastors and students of theology and mission. All who read it will be informed, challenged and instructed.

Rev Joe M. Kapolyo
Lead Minister,
Edmonton Baptist Church, London

This volume succeeds in providing an opportunity for African scholars to share their unique perspectives and insights on an African brand of theology. This initiative allows for deeper understanding and appreciationof the extensiveness of research being done by African Christians in the field of theology. I warmly commend this book.

Deji Isaac Ayegboyin, PhD
Head of Department of Religious Studies,
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
    1. 1 Introduction: Towards African Theology in Britain
      1. Israel Oluwole Olofinjana
  2. Part I: Missiological Themes: Reverse Mission, Migration and Contested Spaces
    1. 2 Missio Dei and African Mission: Towards Reverse Missiology
      1. Israel Oluwole Olofinjana
    2. 3 A Biblical and Historical Theology of Mission: Reflections on the Flip Side of “Reverse Mission”
      1. Paul Nzacahayo
    3. 4 Church-Planting Considerations for African Reverse Missionaries in Britain in the Postmodern Era
      1. Anderson Moyo
    4. 5 African-Led Pentecostal Churches in London: Sacralizing Urban Space, Politics of Religious Networking and Creativity
      1. Babatunde Adedibu
  3. Part II: Contextual Constructive Theology: Charting Emergent Theologies
    1. 6 Pneumatology, Mission and African Christianity in the West
      1. Harvey Kwiyani
    2. 7 The Portrait of Jesus Christ in African Christianity: Elements of a Biblical and Relevant Christology in the Ghanaian Context
      1. Philip Lutterodt
    3. 8 The Shaping of African Pneumatology
      1. Chigor Chike
    4. 9 Imported Christianity: Spirit Beliefs and Practices of a Second-Generation Diaspora Church: Church of Pentecost UK
      1. Caleb Nyanni
  4. Part III: Transformative Theology: African Practical Theologies
    1. 10 Let Us Work Together: Mission Partnership between Black African Diaspora Churches and White British Churches in the UK
      1. Valerie Nkechi Taiwo
    2. 11 The Impact of North American Neo-Pentecostal Pastoral Leaderships on Their African Counterparts in British Society in the Light of Prosperity Theology
      1. Eben B. Adu
    3. 12 “We Have a Voice!” A Study of the Experiences and Challenges Faced by Black Women in the London Baptist Association
      1. Michele Mahon
    4. 13 Deepening African Christianity: A Theological Self-Evaluation of African Church Growth
      1. Freddie Adorkorbidji
  5. List of Contributors
  6. Index


Babatunde Adedibu

DR BABATUNDE ADEDIBU holds a PhD in Missiology from North West University, South Africa. He is an Associate Professor and the Provost of the Redeemed Christian Bible College, Lagos, an affiliate of Redeemer University, Ede, Nigeria. He is also Research Associate with the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, Cambridge, UK.

Freddie Adorkorbidji

FREDDIE ADORKORBIDJI held a PhD from University of Wales Trinity St David, Lampeter. He was an accredited minister of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and former minister of Grangetown Baptist Church in Cardiff, where he served for twelve years. He served as a senior lecturer and head of department of theology (School of Theology and Ministry) at the Ghana Baptist University College, Kumasi. His research interest was in the qualitative church growth of Africa and pastoral theology from an African perspective.

Eben B. Adu

DR EDEN B. ADU holds a PhD from North West University, South Africa, in Pastoral Studies/Practical Theology with a thesis entitled “Pastoral Leadership among African-Led Pentecostal Churches in the Context of British Society.” This thesis examines the leadership practices of African-led Pentecostal churches in British society using the twofold framework of servant leadership, and Kouzes and Posner’s exemplary-leadership model. The thesis constitutes a valuable contribution to the fields of practical theology, pastoral leadership, African Pentecostalism, reverse mission, leadership and Pentecostalism in British society. Eben is currently part of the pastoral team of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) King’s Temple, London, a Pentecostal/ Charismatic church.

Chigor Chike

REV DR CHIGOR CHIKE holds a BA in Theology from the University of Gloucestershire, an MTh in Practical Theology from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in Theology from the University of Birmingham. Chigor has written extensively on the areas of black and African Christianity. His book African Christianity in Britain, published in 2007, is regarded as one of the most informative books on the subject of African Christianity in the diaspora. His current area of interest is African pneumatology. Chigor’s training as a Practical Theologian has enable him to express complex theological concepts in easily understandable language. He lives in East London and is currently the Vicar of Emmanuel Church, Forest Gate in the Church of England.

Harvey Kwiyani

HARVEY KWIYANI is a Malawian theologian at the Church Mission Society in Oxford, UK, where he leads the Centre for Global Witness and Human Migration, and manages the world Christianity and diasporas programs. He founded and continues to serve as Executive Director of Missio Africanus, an intercultural mission training initiative that seeks to equip and empower the global church for mission in Europe. Having long-served in mission in Europe and North America, he writes on cross-cultural mission and leadership, and has authored several books, including Sent Forth: African Missionary Work in the West (Orbis Books, 2014) and Multicultural Kingdom: Ethnic Diversity, Mission and the Church (SCM Press, 2020). His blog is

Philip Lutterodt

REV PHILIP LUTTERODT is a theology lecturer and a Baptist pastor. He has spent over thirty years in Christian ministry in Ghana, Switzerland and England. He holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Ghana, Legon, a BD and a MTh from Baptist Theological Seminary, Zurich, and is currently a PhD candidate. He has taught Systematic Theology, Christian Leadership and Pastoral Counselling in Maranatha University College, Accra, and in Wisdom Christian College, London. His research interests are African Christianity, servant leadership and personality psychology.

Michele Mahon

REV MICHELE MAHON has an MA in Pastoral Ministry from Oasis College of Higher Education in London. She is a youth specialist serving on the London Baptist Association (LBA) Youth Forum. She also serves on a number of committees such as the editorial team for Baptists Together, Spurgeon’s College Council, the Baptist Union Council and as a trustee of Crossing London. She speaks at various national conferences and preaches at different churches. Michele is the mother of three young children and is currently training with the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS).

Anderson Moyo

DR ANDERSON MOYO holds a DMin from Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA. He is the Senior Pastor of Sheffield Community Church, South Yorkshire. As the chairman, Anderson gives apostolic oversight to Faith Ministries UK, a family of churches joined together by their DNA of missional discipleship, gospel centredness, authentic relationships, servant leadership and diversity. He is also a member of Faith Ministries International Council, which is the highest governing body for Faith Ministries, a group of churches started in Zimbabwe but now represented in South Africa, Botswana and the UK. He is happily married to Lydia and they have three children.

Valerie Nkechi

REV VALERIE NKECHI holds an MA degree in Missions with interest and specialism in cross-cultural ministry. She is a graduate of Bangor University, Wales, and Mattersey Bible College, UK. She speaks and lectures in Bible colleges, universities, churches and at conferences on various areas of multicultural ministry, cross-cultural missions, cultural integration and cohesion. She has turned her MA dissertation into a book looking at how black African churches (Nigerian Pentecostal churches and leaders) can work together with white British Pentecostal denominations, with the Assemblies of God as a case study. She is a visiting lecturer to different Bible colleges and supports students with English essay-writing and dissertation- and thesis- writing in the UK and Africa.

Paul Nzacahayo

REV DR PAUL NZACAHAYO is a Methodist minister with twenty-nine years of experience in ministry both in Rwanda and in the UK. His experience also includes cross-cultural ministerial practice; for five years he served on the World Methodist Council as a member of its Social and International Affairs Committee. He is a member of the University of Edinburgh Centre for Theology and Public Issues. Paul is currently a Methodist tutor at the Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Education, where he teaches Theologies in Global Perspective, Liberation Theology and other modules related to Practical Theology.

Caleb Opoku Nyanni

REV CALEB OPOKU NYANNI is presently the senior pastor at Elim Church Sparkbrook, Birmingham, UK. He is also a lecturer at Birmingham Christian College and a tutor at University of Birmingham. He has recently completed his MPhil with the University of Manchester and is currently undertaking his PhD research programme with the University of Birmingham. His main area of research is pneumatology, African spirituality and anything involving spirits and the diaspora church. Caleb also holds a foundation certificate in counselling with AQA and a Diploma in Film and Media Studies with Wolverhampton University. He has been awarded a certificate in Church Leadership and Pastoral Care from the Association of Christian Counsellors.

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