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ISBN: 9781783687060
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
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Publication Date: 14/10/2019
Pages: 320
Series: Global Perspectives Series
Language: English

African Christian Leadership

Realities, Opportunities, and Impact


Do you wish you had a better understanding of the issues and questions African Christians face as they seek to live out their faith in their cultural context? Do you wonder how Africans themselves frame these questions and their answers? Would you like access to actual research that can confirm your own experience or bring new information to your attention that would deepen and broaden your understanding?

This unique book, the product of a multiyear study and survey sponsored by the Tyndale House Foundation, offers insights into all these questions and more. Featuring input from over 8,000 African survey participants and 57 in-depth interviews, it provides invaluable insight and concise analysis of the dynamics of the development of African Christian leaders today.

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Author Bios

Robert Priest
(Edited By)

Robert J. Priest is G. W. Aldeen Professor of International Studies and professor of mission and anthropology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and holds the PhD in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. He is former president of both the American Society of Missiology (2013-14) and the Evangelical Missiological Society (2015-17). His research and writing have included a focus on race and ethnicity,sexuality, short-term missions, religious conversion, and witchcraft accusations.Among his publications is This Side of Heaven: Race, Ethnicity, and Christian Faith, edited with Alvaro L. Nieves (Oxford, 2007).

Kirimi Barine
(Edited By)

Kirimi Barine is an author, trainer, publisher, and consultant. He has served and continues to serve in various leadership capacities for organizations in Africa and around the world. He is the founding director of Publishing Institute of Africa, a Nairobi-based publishing, training, and author-development organization. He has authored or co-authored several books, among them Transformational Corporate Leadership (2010). Barine delights in training and facilitation of learning experiences as well as consulting on leadership, publishing, and writing. He holds the PhD and doctorate in business administration (with emphasis on leadership and governance) offered jointly and as a dual-degree program by SMC University, Switzerland, and Universidad Central de Nicaragua.


Illuminating and stimulating, this book helps us to understand why and how effective African Christian organizations and their leaders make a significant impact in their local context. It also challenges us to think strategically how best to invest in effective leadership in Africa.
Daniel Bourdanné, Secretary General, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

This fine book takes into account three major linguistic groups in Africa, and provides a qualitative perspective with good statistics to guide any Christian leader searching for better leadership or undertaking research in the domain.
Joanna Ilboudo, Executive Secretary, Pan African Christian Women Alliance

In an age when African Christian growth is obvious but detailed insights into that growth are too rare, these essays disclose aspects of the processes forming effective African Christian leaders and the important roles such leaders can play.
—Paul V. Kollman, CSC, President, American Society of Missiology

The vast amounts of data undergirding this book yield tools of assessment and application for pastors, donors, universities, and governments.
Miriam Adeney, author, Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Acronyms
  3. Foreword
    Tite Tiénou
  4. Contributors
  5. 1. The Genesis and Growth of the Africa Christian Leadership Study
    Robert J. Priest
  6. 2. Characteristics of Influential African Christian Leaders
    David K. Ngaruiya
  7. 3. Formation of African Christian Leaders: Patterns from the ALS Data
    Wanjiru M. Gitau
  8. 4. Connected—The Role of Social Capital for Leaders with Impact
    Steven D. H. Rasmussen
  9. 5. Leadership Responses during Armed Conflict
    Elisabet le Roux and Yolande Sandoua
  10. 6. Word and Deed—Patterns of Influential African Christian Organizations
    Nupanga Weanzana
  11. 7. African Christian Organizations and Socioeconomic Development
    Michael Bowen
  12. 8. African Women’s Leadership—Realities and Opportunities
    Truphosa Kwaka-Sumba and Elisabet le Roux
  13. 9. Empowering Leadership—A New Dawn in African Christian Leadership
    H. Jurgens Hendriks
  14. 10. Reading and Leading—Challenges for African Christian Leaders
    Robert J. Priest, Kirimi Barine, and Alberto Lucamba Salombongo
  15. 11. Developing Transformational Leaders—Curricula Implications from the Africa Leadership Study
    John Jusu
  16. 12. Engaging Africa—The Tyndale House Foundation’s Story
    Mary Kleine Yehling
  17. Conclusion: Lessons Learned through the Africa Leadership Study
  18. Appendix A: ALS Purpose Statements
  19. Appendix B: ALS Survey Results
  20. Appendix C: Africa Leadership Study: A Seedbed Resource: Website and Forum
  21. Index

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